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This weekend, I got to relive my bachelorette days.


Scott went out to the burbs to spend some time with his family for his dad’s birthday on Friday night, which was nice because I had a good friend over for dinner and we were able to have girl talk completely uninterrupted.  He was supposed to be back late on Friday night but would up staying over with his parents, which didn’t entirely surprise me given how late they stayed up around the bonfire in their backyard.  I was expecting him home sometime Saturday after I got finished with my shift at the museum but he called early in the afternoon and wound up going camping for the night with and old friend he hardly ever gets to see.  It was all fine by me because he doesn’t get to see some of his friends and family as often as he would like and I also don’t mind having the apartment all to myself every once in a while.  I go home to visit my mom for the weekend every now and then and he gets to play house all by his lonesome, so it was my turn.  And what did I do while he was gone?

Eat and sleep, mostly.  Apparently Scott’s a good influence on me.

I took a huge nap after the museum yesterday and totally managed to sleep through my grand plans to go to the gym.  I did manage to drag my ass to the grocery though, where I bought frozen pizza and root beer.  Then I pretty much demolished said pizza and soda with an unhealthy amount of Cheeze-Its.  It was glorious.  I watched a movie that I wanted to watch and then after that I stayed up stupidly late watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls.  I also ate way too much chocolate leftover from Easter but hey, it happens.

Today I did actually make it to the gym and I also took another wonderful nap.  Besides a little reading, I really didn’t do much other than that.  Oh, I did make dinner so that’s something.  And I will be snacking on more chocolate soon, so that’s something else.  This was the most laid-back weekend I’ve had in forever and while I did miss Scott, I also enjoyed sleeping on his side of the bed and stretching out to my heart’s content.  I just have to make sure to get the Cheese-It crumbs out of the sheets before he gets home!

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Where Have all the Postings Gone?

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So, I’ve been busy.  A little too busy to blog post.  I’d like to say it’s going to get better but it really might not, although I would like a concentrated effort to write a little more often.  And since it’s been such a while since I’ve written, I feel like I should just do a brief recap on what I’ve been up to:

  • Remember how my last post was me bitching about weddings and babies and whatot?  I just spent my entire Sunday traveling to, attending and traveling home from a bridal shower for a girl I’ve never met.
  • The other thing I spent my Sunday on was some time at the gym.  Guys, I accidentally became a gym rat.  I’ve liked going for a while now but a few weeks ago a brand new gym opened a five minute walk from home and I want to hang out there all the time.  And it has a sauna, which allowed me to feel the warmest that I’ve felt in damn near a year.
  • A brand new and amazing grocery store also opened in the same building as my gym and it has also quickly become a new favorite haunt.  I cannot even describe this place to you but I will say there are three separate booze bars plus a sushi bar, oyster bar, BBQ pit and more.  This is in an area where the only option we had before was a crappy CVS that charged $5 for a tiny box of Chips Ahoy.
  • Scott and I came dangerously closes to killing an entire regular-sized box of Chips Ahoy between the two of us last night.  This was after coming home from the new grocery store.  At least I had spent some time at the gym earlier in the day.

    My dirty little secret.

  • I didn’t spend too much time in the gym because yesterday was the most beautiful day Chicago has experienced in a long, sad while.  I think Spring really may be something that will actually happen this year.  All over the city people walked, ran, pushed babies, pulled dogs and sat around on sidewalks eating and drinking.  I almost shed a tear.
  • I did shed a tear when I dropped a bridesmaid dress I get to wear in June off for alterations.  It had three layers that each needed to be hemmed, plus the woman who was helping me told me that whoever made the dress had done it wrong and it was going to cost me a lot to fix – and that is why it looked like my panties were in a bunch both in my crotchal (I think I just made up a new word) area and around my ass every time I zipped up the dress.  Getting quoted nearly half of what I paid for the dress to begin with is what caused the tear.
  • This whole attending/being in weddings thing sure is expensive.
  • Speaking of money, at least I have a job where the people still seem to like me.  They installed a vending machine that gives us free soy milk.  Oh, and I was given a bunch of free tickets to Cubs games last week and when I went the seats were the best that I’ve ever had in Wrigley Field – by far.  Suffice to say, it’s a step up from the place that took away our coffee and confiscated our water cooler.
  • My new job gives me Good Friday off as well, which is good (see what I did there?) because I’m going home this weekend to help my mom celebrate a milestone birthday – I will not be saying which milestone.
  • I will also be celebrating my time as a volunteer at The Field Museum one night this week.  It’s our annual volunteer dinner and the museum will be wining and dining those who donate their time all evening.  I plan on taking full advantage.
  • Sort of like how I took advantage at that bridal shower today and helped myself to a not insignificant amount of spiked punch and a few chocolate covered Oreos to sneak home for desert throughout the week.  I don’t feel too bad because they didn’t have many lunch options for vegetarians and I was hungry.

It appears that I’ve come full circle.  Until next time!

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