Where Have all the Postings Gone?

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So, I’ve been busy.  A little too busy to blog post.  I’d like to say it’s going to get better but it really might not, although I would like a concentrated effort to write a little more often.  And since it’s been such a while since I’ve written, I feel like I should just do a brief recap on what I’ve been up to:

  • Remember how my last post was me bitching about weddings and babies and whatot?  I just spent my entire Sunday traveling to, attending and traveling home from a bridal shower for a girl I’ve never met.
  • The other thing I spent my Sunday on was some time at the gym.  Guys, I accidentally became a gym rat.  I’ve liked going for a while now but a few weeks ago a brand new gym opened a five minute walk from home and I want to hang out there all the time.  And it has a sauna, which allowed me to feel the warmest that I’ve felt in damn near a year.
  • A brand new and amazing grocery store also opened in the same building as my gym and it has also quickly become a new favorite haunt.  I cannot even describe this place to you but I will say there are three separate booze bars plus a sushi bar, oyster bar, BBQ pit and more.  This is in an area where the only option we had before was a crappy CVS that charged $5 for a tiny box of Chips Ahoy.
  • Scott and I came dangerously closes to killing an entire regular-sized box of Chips Ahoy between the two of us last night.  This was after coming home from the new grocery store.  At least I had spent some time at the gym earlier in the day.

    My dirty little secret.

  • I didn’t spend too much time in the gym because yesterday was the most beautiful day Chicago has experienced in a long, sad while.  I think Spring really may be something that will actually happen this year.  All over the city people walked, ran, pushed babies, pulled dogs and sat around on sidewalks eating and drinking.  I almost shed a tear.
  • I did shed a tear when I dropped a bridesmaid dress I get to wear in June off for alterations.  It had three layers that each needed to be hemmed, plus the woman who was helping me told me that whoever made the dress had done it wrong and it was going to cost me a lot to fix – and that is why it looked like my panties were in a bunch both in my crotchal (I think I just made up a new word) area and around my ass every time I zipped up the dress.  Getting quoted nearly half of what I paid for the dress to begin with is what caused the tear.
  • This whole attending/being in weddings thing sure is expensive.
  • Speaking of money, at least I have a job where the people still seem to like me.  They installed a vending machine that gives us free soy milk.  Oh, and I was given a bunch of free tickets to Cubs games last week and when I went the seats were the best that I’ve ever had in Wrigley Field – by far.  Suffice to say, it’s a step up from the place that took away our coffee and confiscated our water cooler.
  • My new job gives me Good Friday off as well, which is good (see what I did there?) because I’m going home this weekend to help my mom celebrate a milestone birthday – I will not be saying which milestone.
  • I will also be celebrating my time as a volunteer at The Field Museum one night this week.  It’s our annual volunteer dinner and the museum will be wining and dining those who donate their time all evening.  I plan on taking full advantage.
  • Sort of like how I took advantage at that bridal shower today and helped myself to a not insignificant amount of spiked punch and a few chocolate covered Oreos to sneak home for desert throughout the week.  I don’t feel too bad because they didn’t have many lunch options for vegetarians and I was hungry.

It appears that I’ve come full circle.  Until next time!

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Fun and Fancy Free

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Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Perhaps Bill Gates or Donald Trump don’t search out great deals but most everyone I know loves a freebie.  And luckily for me, this week has been full of them!

I love free stuff!

I love free stuff!

I guess technically my streak started on Friday and Saturday, since I got those weird free issues of Forbes (thankfully, no more since then).  However since I didn’t really want them, I’m not counting it.  Officially (in my book), things began on Sunday when I went to the annual Volunteer Brunch for the food pantry I help out at.   It was held at an Irish restaurant and the food was delicious, as always.  I enjoyed fruit, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, muffins and some more fruit, all without shelling out dime.  Then on Monday a coworker gave me a Valentine’s Day cookie she made over the weekend.  It looks store bought (as you can see for yourself) and tasted better than most anything I could have purchased.  She also used the healthiest ingredients possible so I feel just a tad less guilty for enjoying it so much!

Tuesday started off with another free treat as the Corner Bakery, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have all been handing out free beverages in the lobby of our building this week.  It’s a “sweet treat” also in honor of Valentine’s Day and I’m not complaining.  I would’ve grabbed something Monday morning but my train ran a little late and I didn’t have the time; however, I made up for that yesterday and today.  I nabbed a delicious hot chocolate yesterday morning and it was one of the very last they had left, so it was extra chocolate-y since it had been at the bottom of their thermos.

Last night, Scott and I went to a couples massage class at a local massage therapist’s office to learn some techniques and strategies for good, old-fashioned back rubbing.  It was all PG, I promise.  We, along with a few other couples besides ourselves, picked up some good tips in the hour and a half long class, all for the low low price of nothing.  Again, score!

Today I managed to get a free Starbucks hot tea from the gal in the lobby (though to be completely honest, it was kind of gross).  Then my lovely coworker gave me another heart-shaped cookie, which is definitely not so gross.  All in all, not a bad haul for it being only Wednesday!  Now if only I could somehow manage to get a free envelope containing hundred dollar bills…

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Love Love

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In honor of Valentine’s Day (the history of which you can read here – it’s not some Hallmark holiday like Sweetest Day.  Seriously what the hell does that even mean?), below is a list of things that I love (in no particular order):

  • My momma
  • Cheese
  • My roommate/boyfriend (cue aww)

    Celebrate in your own way

  • My sister, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of my wacky family
  • All of my beautiful lady friends who constantly inspire and enlighten me.  They are all wonderful
  • My guy friends, who are awesome and pretty wonderful too
  • Getting into bed with freshly shaved legs and super clean sheets
  • Netflix
  • Wine
  • Lists (surprise!)
  • The fact that our new kitty is acclimating well and followed me around like a shadow this morning while I got ready
  • Being a grown up (sure, taxes and bills suck but so does puberty)
  • The way my ass looks in the skirt I’m wearing
  • My blankie and stuffed monkey, George
  • Watching it snow from the comfort of my living room
  • Being right
  • Ice cream and cookies
  • Especially E.L. Fudge cookies
  • Did I mention my awesome family and friends?
  • The fact that it’s staying lighter a little longer each day
  • Days where I get to sleep in late
  • My momma

Clearly, I have a lot in my life to love.  This day means exchanging valentines and candy during classroom parties when you’re a kid and then somehow it turns into something that we’re supposed to splurge and spend on…I think it’s a day to remind those we love that we love them.  Not to say I won’t be enjoying a nice sushi dinner out with my significant other, but that and a card will about cover it.

I’ll spend the rest of the night telling my pillows and cookies just how much they mean to me, too.

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April Book Club Review!

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You may have noticed the lack of book club reviews over the last few months (though I’ll forgive you if this escaped your attention).  It’s not because I’ve suddenly turned illiterate or have begun burning books left and right, but rather because the fabulous ladies in my club are just so awesome that our schedules have been too busy for us to get together.  Luckily, we rectified that last Thursday with a trip to Bad Dog Tavern.

But first – the reason behind the eating/drinking/hanging out – the book.  For April we

Not just a kid's book, I promise

read a book that has been suggested to me numerous times over the years by some very reputable sources.  Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is typically billed as a young adult sci fi book and not something you would normally see a bunch of 20 and 30-something women bring to the book club table.  However, I’m glad we did because we all really enjoyed it and there was more than one of us in the group who intends to continue the series that this book began.

I’d describe it as Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games meets…Star Wars?  Actually I don’t really know how to describe it other than to say that it’s about a group of children who are chosen to save a futuristic world.  And I know how it sounds but trust me, it was unlike anything I’ve read before and actually quite thought-provoking and worthwhile.  Thankfully I wasn’t alone, because suggesting a book to read that everyone winds up hating isn’t really so much fun.

As I mentioned, we enjoyed beer and food at Bad Dog Tavern, which resides in a neighborhood quite close to my soon-to-be new one.  The decor is dog-themed (shocker!) and it was a comfortable family place that turned into a fun little bar once they brought out the trivia.  Our book club decided to play along and we appropriately named ourselves Ender’s Team.  We didn’t stick around for the whole game but we were definitely holding our own at the time of our departure – which could’ve had something to do with one bookish gal knowing that the theme song from Unsolved Mysteries was voted creepiest theme song ever.  See, we’re a quite well-rounded group of women.

Anyway, the re-emergence of book club was a success, though we do need some new members (only Chicagoans need apply).  Requirements: must be literate and full of sass.  I’m accepting applications in the form of cupcakes and cookies so feel free to hit me with your best shot.

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This is one of this week’s Post Secret post cards.  It really struck me and I wanted to share.

I firmly believe this to be true.

Unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Post Secret?  It started off as a blog where some guy would post anonymous postcards revealing people’s silly, shocking and otherwise true confessions.  Feel free to check out their website, which is updated every Sunday.  These postcards will make you laugh, cry, rage, squirm and just about everything in between.  If that weekly fix isn’t enough for you, consider the Post Secret Archive.  And if that’s still not enough, there’s more than one book out there full of secrets waiting to be read.  As an added bonus, many people stick their own secrets in the pages of the books while they’re still in the store.

What’s my latest secret?  Okay, I’ll spill…I’ve eaten almost an entire package of E.L.Fudge cookies in just two days.  Those delicious little bastards don’t last long when they’re in my house.  Now, what’s your secret?

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Free Food in the Hallway

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Since I moved into my apartment building last year, I’ve noticed that someone who shares my entrance is a messy eater.  My building isn’t super small but the way it’s set up sort of makes it seem that way.  There are three separate entrances and the only door we tenants have access to is the one that leads to our own respective apartment.  This means that while there are probably 20 or so units in the whole building, I only share my entrance with two others.  The woman below me is an older lady who lives with her twenty something son and then there’s the guy above me (so I guess technically I share with three other people).  Anyway, one of those three is sloppy as hell and I’m betting it’s not the sweet old lady.

Whoever this mystery food dropper is, I don’t think they follow the five second rule.

The first time I noticed food in the hallway, it was in the form of a half-eaten candy bar.  It sat in its wrapper on the post to the handrail leading upstairs, and it sat there for days.  Who doesn’t finish a perfectly good candy bar?  I thought about taking it for myself but yeah, that’s kind of gross.  We have someone who comes to clean the interior of the building once every couple of weeks, so they must’ve found it and either eaten it or thrown it out.

The next time, it was part of a taco.  The lettuce and sauce blob was on the stairs in between the first and second floor, so my powerful deductive skills tell me that the offender is the guy above me.  As a slight neat freak, the blob bothered me but my hereditary stubbornness prevented me from cleaning it up myself.  I waited for the cleaning person to take care of it but that actually never happened and so I’ve watched with interest as this tiny bit of food has molded itself into the floor board.  If you look closely, you can still see lettuce.

This mysterious food perp has also left entire boxes of leftovers in the mail bin below our boxes.  I’m sure our mail person didn’t appreciate it.  Seriously, who does something like that?

I’ll tell you who.  The same person who left a giant pile of Chinese food on the sidewalk outside our front door sometime  in the middle of last night.

I walked out the door this morning, head held high and enjoying a bit of sunshine and fresh air, and promptly stepped in some sort of noodle concoction.  I mildly freaked out, as I was wearing sandals like the guy in this picture and for some reason I have a fear of stepping on dead animals, so that’s immediately where my mind went.  Upon seeing it was Chinese food, I was first relieved and then grossed out (but not as grossed out as I would’ve been if I had stepped on a deceased pigeon).  To be fair, the mess didn’t necessarily have to come from someone who lives in my building – it could’ve been any slob walking by our front door.  However, given the food I’ve already found lying around, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume it was the guy above me.  This also leads me to an interesting notion, because he is a rather hefty guy and I had always assumed that larger people were more careful about ensuring their food goes into their stomach and not onto the ground (I’m not trying to be shitty, just factual).  So – could it be him?  As I said, the only other possibilities include the little old lady (and I like to think that a Mom wouldn’t be so messy and wasteful) or her son, whom I rarely even see.  I really do think the big guy upstairs is to blame.

Or perhaps it’s me?  Maybe I sleepwalk to late night dining establishments all over town, only to bring the food home and trail it around my building.  I mean, I can’t prove I don’t.  However, the Chinese stuff this morning clearly had chicken in it so if it’s me, I must be carnivorous in my sleep.  Hmm.

Regardless of who’s doing it, I hope the noodles and fortune cookies are gone when I get home.  And the next time some food is left around my building, I hope it’s a bunch of freshly made cookies, wrapped up neatly and sitting in a box outside my door.

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