Home Alone

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This weekend, I got to relive my bachelorette days.


Scott went out to the burbs to spend some time with his family for his dad’s birthday on Friday night, which was nice because I had a good friend over for dinner and we were able to have girl talk completely uninterrupted.  He was supposed to be back late on Friday night but would up staying over with his parents, which didn’t entirely surprise me given how late they stayed up around the bonfire in their backyard.  I was expecting him home sometime Saturday after I got finished with my shift at the museum but he called early in the afternoon and wound up going camping for the night with and old friend he hardly ever gets to see.  It was all fine by me because he doesn’t get to see some of his friends and family as often as he would like and I also don’t mind having the apartment all to myself every once in a while.  I go home to visit my mom for the weekend every now and then and he gets to play house all by his lonesome, so it was my turn.  And what did I do while he was gone?

Eat and sleep, mostly.  Apparently Scott’s a good influence on me.

I took a huge nap after the museum yesterday and totally managed to sleep through my grand plans to go to the gym.  I did manage to drag my ass to the grocery though, where I bought frozen pizza and root beer.  Then I pretty much demolished said pizza and soda with an unhealthy amount of Cheeze-Its.  It was glorious.  I watched a movie that I wanted to watch and then after that I stayed up stupidly late watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls.  I also ate way too much chocolate leftover from Easter but hey, it happens.

Today I did actually make it to the gym and I also took another wonderful nap.  Besides a little reading, I really didn’t do much other than that.  Oh, I did make dinner so that’s something.  And I will be snacking on more chocolate soon, so that’s something else.  This was the most laid-back weekend I’ve had in forever and while I did miss Scott, I also enjoyed sleeping on his side of the bed and stretching out to my heart’s content.  I just have to make sure to get the Cheese-It crumbs out of the sheets before he gets home!

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The Importance of Reading Labels

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Welcome to the inside of my head last night during the break in my 3 hour-long class.  As a preface, you should know that my professor (who’s British) usually brings us in a snack for the break and last night it was bagels and cream cheese.

Mmm bagels.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a bagel.  I should get some the next time I go shopping OH and I need toilet paper.  REMEMBER TOILET PAPER.  Ok grab that bagel and what’s this?  Two types of cream cheese?  What decadence.  I guess I’ll go with the strawberry so I can get my daily allowance of fruit.  Maybe if I use enough it’ll count for two days.  Yeah, that works.  Mmm that bagel really looks good.  Time to devour it but must still pay attention to the conversation I’m having with the girl next to me.  Aim for the mouth and…wait.  What the #*%@?  What’s that smoky flavor?  Is that BACON?  Who the %^&# would put BACON in CREAM CHEESE?  Am I crazy?  Don’t spit it on the table don’t spit it on the table don’t spit it on the table.  Oh wow that’s gross.  Try not to look so appalled.  Excuse me from this conversation I have to know what just happened in my mouth.  Get up.  Read label.  Stuff I understand, stuff I don’t understand….and SALMON??!?!!  Why does this flavor even exist?  Who in their right mind…oh yeah.  She’s British.  This must seem like lox or whatever the hell that is for her.  Oh cream cheese on a cracker I need to get this taste out of my mouth.  Good thing I have water at my desk.  Ugh but that bagel is still sitting there too.  I can’t throw away a perfectly good bagel right in front of the teacher…and now I’m back in elementary school.  Awesome.  Okay just cover it up with a napkin…there.  But I can still smell it.  And now I think it’s watching me…

I think it’s best if I stopped there.

Never Again.

No matter how smooth I thought I was, the girl sitting next to me knew something was up.  I convinced her to try the aforementioned bagel and the look of disgust on her face was enough to make me laugh out loud and temporarily forget the awful fishy taste in my mouth.  I really try not to freak out when I ingest bits of meat (and this was a minuscule bite) and I also know that it probably happens more often than I’m even aware of but that taste.  So.  Bad.  However I will admit that my lesson has been learned and I’ll be reading labels more carefully from this day forward.

Though it might be a while before I can have another bagel.

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