Summer Recap

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I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone without posting since I began posting, way back in the day. I’m sure you’ve missed me and I’ve missed posting too but I’ve just been so damn busy. And I know how lame that sounds because everyone is always busy, all the time, so I need to just get back in habit of writing. Well the road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that jazz but at least I’m posting today, right?


Wave Goodbye

So what’s been keeping me so busy? Life, basically. I thought things would calm down this year after the whole planning-a-wedding-thing last year but boy was I wrong about that. And just because I love my lists, I’m going to rehash some of the stuff that’s kept me the absolute busiest this year:

  • My dad – I haven’t written much about this here but in January, my sister and I began the process of becoming Power of Attorney for our father and we moved him from Louisiana, where he’d been living with his parents, to Indiana, where he now lives in an assisted living facility. Dad has been having some health issues for a while and can’t exactly live on his own so this was decided to be the best thing for him, because if he moved in with my sister or I we would likely end up killing him and that’s just messy for everyone involved. Anyway, I spent the first few months of the year hiring lawyers, drafting documents and learning everything there is to know about Medicare, Medicaid and “retirement communities”. I also got to dig through dad’s financial and medical records, which was an absolute blast. We eventually found a place for him and moved him in April – he’s settled in fairly well and hasn’t tried to escape yet so I guess that’s all working out for the time being.
  • Speaking of moving, Scott and I moved into a new apartment (which I chronicled in a different post so won’t belabor here). Suffice to say, it kind of sucked.
  • Then I sprained both my ankles, also chronicled in a different post. That also sucked, twice as bad.
  • While I was dealing with the sprains, I was part of a crew at my office helping to move over 1,000 employees into a brand new building. We pulled it off and the new space is great but it wasn’t easy and I’m super glad it’s over.
  • And speaking of work, it’s been keeping me busy in its own right. Right after our office move, I began working for the head of our department as his admin is out on maternity leave. He’s kind of a big deal at the company and she did a lot of other things besides supporting him so I’ve been maintaining her workload and trying not to let things slip through the cracks. Her job alone is a full-time gig but since I’m a crazy person, I’ve also been doing the following:
    • Co-created our newest business resource group, called Pride Alliance. It’s to support the LGBTQ+ employees and allies in our firm and also enhance our recruiting and retention efforts, employee culture and community engagement initiatives. We officially launched with a big Open House in August and have our next event this week, for National Coming Out Day. It’s been extremely rewarding to be a part of all this but also just a little time-consuming.
    • Along with the Pride Alliance, I’m also now on the Board for our business resource groups and have attended trainings, seminars, and most recently a photo shoot (insert eye roll here) to help promote and inform about what we’re doing for the firm.
    • I also organized and led five different offsite volunteering events for employees at local Chicago Public Library branches this summer and we helped give out hundreds of thousands of free books to thousands of Chicagoland kids – this was seriously one of the highlights of my summer, even though it kept me seriously busy.
  • In a very exciting turn of events, everything I’ve been involved with at work led to a promotion! I feel like I’ve been working almost two jobs for a while now and while I won’t begin my new position at the firm until the beginning of November, I’m very excited to be moving into community engagement full time. The hours will be longer but the work will be more gratifying and while I’m a little nervous and intimidated to begin the position, I’m also pretty pumped!
  • Travel:
    • Now that Dad is living closer to my sister and my mom, there are more people for me to visit everyone when I travel back to Indiana, which I’ve done a few times this summer and will be doing again this weekend for a family wedding. Not going to lie – it’s challenging to see everyone I want to see and spend time with all my loved ones and it’s also pretty awkward taking dad along to family functions full of his ex-in-laws, but it’s better than nothing. I guess. My mom and her entire side of the family have been great with all of this and for that I’m really thankful – it’s all been hard enough without having family drama making things worse.
    • Scott and I did manage to take a long weekend trip to Colorado and it was rejuvenating, invigorating and just what the doctor ordered. Of course, it feels like eons ago now but we had a great time and would love to go back.
    • I’ve also hosted some people at our new place this summer – my two best high school girlfriends came to town, as did my mom and my best college friends – thankfully, not all at the same time.
    • I went to Louisiana last weekend to help go through and pack up my grandparent’s house, as they just moved into an assisted living facility as well. Looks like Thanksgiving will be pretty different this year.
  • In addition to everything I’ve mentioned, I’m still doing my volunteer thing at the pantry and the Field Museum (where I’m currently writing a public tour), Scott’s sister had a baby so I’m an Aunt again, Scott got accepted to and started the food science and nutrition program at UIC that he’s been working to get into for years, and we adopted a kitten named Scout (because we don’t have enough going on). The Dude and Scout seem to get along for the most part but I’ve decided that if having kids is anything like having a kitten, it’ll be a long while before I procreate.
  • Lastly, I’ve been dealing with everything above with the horror of a Trump presidency looming over every single thing in my life. Seriously, the administration is a shit-show and I’m surprised and saddened that it’s lasted this long. I’m still making my calls, sending my emails and raging my rage but it’s hard not to feel exhausted when we’re constantly having to demand that our rights be kept safe. Also the threat of nuclear war within reach of a small-handed, small-minded, racist bigot is just a little concerning. Honestly, some days I feel lucky to just get out of bed.

Ok, I think that’s a good summary of what’s been going on with me over the last few months. This has been written with the intention of not going another two months before writing again! But again, remember what I said about good intentions…

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Busy Busy Me

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So I’m working a conference for my company this week and it’s something I’ve never done before.  I’ll be on-site at a downtown hotel most of Wednesday and into the evening hours, then I’ll be staying in said hotel (thanks, job!) since I have to be up so bright and early for the next day of the conference.  It seems like it’s going to be a hectic few days but since it’s something new and different – and away from my cubicle – I’m excited nonetheless.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m also excited to order room service on the company’s dime!

The conference ends Thursday afternoon and I have Book Club Thursday night.  On Friday, the women I work with and I are all being treated to a luncheon on a cruise boat on the lake (thanks again, job!).  It’s a once a year type of thing and the weather looks like it’ll actually cooperate, which is great.  We’ll be served food and will each have four drink tickets, which will likely all be used on alcohol – this is also great.  After lunch I get to go on home, which is the greatest thing of all considering the busy week I’ll be having!  Then on Saturday, I’m going to a Cubs game with Scott and some friends, since my company had some extra tickets that weren’t being used.  Have I mentioned that my job has amazing perks?  And no, I don’t work for Google.  Anyway, the game should be a blast because we’ve got incredible seats and the weather looks halfway decent for the weekend, too.  On Sunday, a friend of mine is having an art show that I intend to check out so that’s going to be exciting.  After all that, it’s just one week until my Vancouver/San Diego vacation!

At least I don’t have children!

This is all super awesome stuff and I’m very lucky/excited to be experiencing it but I’m NOT excited to be feeling sickly today.  Why oh why does this have to happen when I’m super busy and have fun stuff to attend to?  Did I piss off some karmic gods or something?  I guess I’ll spend my lunch break today helping little old ladies cross the street so I can hopefully boost that karma and start feeling better.  Or perhaps I’ll take some medicine and let the old ladies fend for themselves.

Anyway, bring on the week, bring on the fun and bring on the cough medicine!

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Where Have all the Postings Gone?

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So, I’ve been busy.  A little too busy to blog post.  I’d like to say it’s going to get better but it really might not, although I would like a concentrated effort to write a little more often.  And since it’s been such a while since I’ve written, I feel like I should just do a brief recap on what I’ve been up to:

  • Remember how my last post was me bitching about weddings and babies and whatot?  I just spent my entire Sunday traveling to, attending and traveling home from a bridal shower for a girl I’ve never met.
  • The other thing I spent my Sunday on was some time at the gym.  Guys, I accidentally became a gym rat.  I’ve liked going for a while now but a few weeks ago a brand new gym opened a five minute walk from home and I want to hang out there all the time.  And it has a sauna, which allowed me to feel the warmest that I’ve felt in damn near a year.
  • A brand new and amazing grocery store also opened in the same building as my gym and it has also quickly become a new favorite haunt.  I cannot even describe this place to you but I will say there are three separate booze bars plus a sushi bar, oyster bar, BBQ pit and more.  This is in an area where the only option we had before was a crappy CVS that charged $5 for a tiny box of Chips Ahoy.
  • Scott and I came dangerously closes to killing an entire regular-sized box of Chips Ahoy between the two of us last night.  This was after coming home from the new grocery store.  At least I had spent some time at the gym earlier in the day.

    My dirty little secret.

  • I didn’t spend too much time in the gym because yesterday was the most beautiful day Chicago has experienced in a long, sad while.  I think Spring really may be something that will actually happen this year.  All over the city people walked, ran, pushed babies, pulled dogs and sat around on sidewalks eating and drinking.  I almost shed a tear.
  • I did shed a tear when I dropped a bridesmaid dress I get to wear in June off for alterations.  It had three layers that each needed to be hemmed, plus the woman who was helping me told me that whoever made the dress had done it wrong and it was going to cost me a lot to fix – and that is why it looked like my panties were in a bunch both in my crotchal (I think I just made up a new word) area and around my ass every time I zipped up the dress.  Getting quoted nearly half of what I paid for the dress to begin with is what caused the tear.
  • This whole attending/being in weddings thing sure is expensive.
  • Speaking of money, at least I have a job where the people still seem to like me.  They installed a vending machine that gives us free soy milk.  Oh, and I was given a bunch of free tickets to Cubs games last week and when I went the seats were the best that I’ve ever had in Wrigley Field – by far.  Suffice to say, it’s a step up from the place that took away our coffee and confiscated our water cooler.
  • My new job gives me Good Friday off as well, which is good (see what I did there?) because I’m going home this weekend to help my mom celebrate a milestone birthday – I will not be saying which milestone.
  • I will also be celebrating my time as a volunteer at The Field Museum one night this week.  It’s our annual volunteer dinner and the museum will be wining and dining those who donate their time all evening.  I plan on taking full advantage.
  • Sort of like how I took advantage at that bridal shower today and helped myself to a not insignificant amount of spiked punch and a few chocolate covered Oreos to sneak home for desert throughout the week.  I don’t feel too bad because they didn’t have many lunch options for vegetarians and I was hungry.

It appears that I’ve come full circle.  Until next time!

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Security Now!

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I am officially no longer a temp!

I accepted the job I’m currently working on a temp to hire basis, which initially made me nervous because I’ve never been anything other than a direct hire before.  I was told I would be a temp for no more than 90 days so when I was offered the chance to be a regular employee a mere three weeks after my start date, I pretty much freaked right on out.  Apparently I am just so amazing and wonderful they couldn’t help but bring me on.  Or they wanted to do so before the end of the first quarter for payroll purposes.  Either way, today marked my very first day as an actual employee – I had the orientation on benefits and health insurance to prove it!

Welcome to the office.

This is a pretty awesome thing.  I will be saving hard earned cash on my commuting fees, I will become eligible for vacation and paid holidays (the first of which is Good Friday – woo!) and I will be saving even more money on health insurance.  I’ve been paying for an out of pocket plan since long before my last company tanked (because they tripled our payments out of nowhere) and it is NOT cheap.  So I am all about being an actual, regular employee.

Besides all of that there are small random perks I’ve never experienced with any job before, ever.  Such as the fact that last Thursday our company let us wear jeans and tshirts to show off our favorite basketball teams in honor of March Madness, then opened up a conference room to play the ball games on a projector.  Oh, and provided us with snacks, beer and wine.  So THAT was awesome.  Then today they ordered some fancy schmancy donuts from a boutique donut place (apparently they exist) downtown to celebrate the fact that I’m joining the team.

Incidentally, if I’m not careful I’m going to gain 100lbs.

Anyway it’s a pretty solid time in my life and I actually think that whole getting laid off thing was a blessing in disguise.  People tried to tell me that when it happened but I was all like “Bitch you crazy” – however now I’m beginning to believe it myself.  Of course it all seems too good to be true and since I still feel like I’m dealing with post traumatic stress from everything I experienced at my last job, I kind of keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and to wake up unemployed and living in a box under a bridge somewhere.  But for now – well, I’m going to enjoy all the booze and free donuts I can!

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Walk This Way

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Apologies for the sparseness of my blog posts recently…I’ve just been busy.  There’s no other excuse.  I did manage to get my trip pictures on my laptop so that’s a big step in writing a wrap up post, but it’s just the first step.  It’ll happen eventually, I promise!

One thing that kept me busy all this last weekend was the fact that my father came in town.  He’s only been in Chicago twice before (and once doesn’t count because he left like 8 hrs after he got here) and this was the first time he got to see the new (to him, I’ve been there 3 years) neighborhood Scott and I live in and our apartment.  He also go to meet the Dude for the first time and since he’s not too fond of cats, that was fun.  Anyway, he came in town Friday and left Monday morning.  I picked him up from and dropped him off at the airport and even made friends with an 81-year-old immigrant who was waiting on his grandkids to arrive while I was waiting on Dad.  He told me I was beautiful and I should hurry up and give my parents grandkids of their own.  Thanks, old guy, because it’s not like I don’t get enough of that from my family already.  Anyway, Dad and I had a good visit and I showed him around my office and The Field Museum, plus we took him to the beach, the park and quiet a few restaurants as well.  I planned things as I normally do when visitors arrive but there’s something I often forget to take into consideration – and that’s that not everyone is used to walking as much as I am.  I kind of wore my dad out without really even trying and the poor guy took more naps over the weekend than I have over the last few months.

Southern-styled deliciousness!

For example, the day I took him to my office we walked to the train (15 minutes, since we walked slower than I normally do) and then navigated the two elevators and escalator to get up to my floor.  After that we walked to the train stop by the library (10 minutes) and then we walked home from the train after that (15 minutes).  We were going to walk to dinner that night (25 minutes each way) but dad was simply not having it.  Which was okay actually because that actually is a lot of walking.  But instead of walking to the trains and the museum the next day, I just drove us and used my special super awesome Field badge to get into the parking lot.  I was worried Lollapalooza was going to cause downtown driving nightmares but we managed to get around relatively unscathed.

One of the places Scott and I took Dad was the Wishbone restaurant.  And it was amazing – as in, I’m kind of ashamed I’ve walked by it so often without ever really going there before.  I think I went in one night after a street fest when we got caught in the rain but all I remember eating were the hush puppies, which were admittedly great.  Anyway, I may do a review of that place on its own sometime.  If not, take my word for it that it was awesome.

It was a good visit with Dad and he was here on his actual birthday, so we got to celebrate together.  It was also my actual half-birthday, but I’m trying not to think about how close to 30 I’m really getting.  But as long as I’m able to continue to walk around Chicago as much as I do now, I guess I’ll be okay!


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Rain Day

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When I left my apartment this morning, it looked like it had recently rained but the sun was starting to come out and it looked rather nice.  Like any dutiful Chicagoan, I packed an umbrella just in case then headed on out, happily wearing my sandals and jeans.  Not 3 minutes into my walk, the skies darkened and the heavens opened up to pour an Olympic sized swimming pools’ worth of water onto my head.  My umbrella was totally useless as the water accosted me from all sides.  It was a nightmare and not the way I wanted to start my Friday.

Trust me, my morning was NOT like this.

As anyone who has ever worn wet jeans can tell you, those suckers do not dry very quickly.  I tried to use the blow dryer in the bathroom when I got into our building but there was a line of other women attempting to do the same damn thing and no one was having great results.  So I trudged around my super-cold office and shivered all day long.  My back was wet, as were my sides and just about everything else that had been exposed to the air on my walk to work.  I had to borrow a sweater from a coworker to stop the shivers and after my fourth cup of tea, oatmeal and coffee I finally began to warm up.  Just in time to put on my still-wet sandals and head back out this afternoon.

My dad is flying in to visit for the weekend so I can only hope the rain doesn’t delay his flight.  And I can only hope we don’t get caught in another downpour on our way home.  I’ll be packing umbrellas once again but I’m now wary of their ability to really help in the rain.  Perhaps I should invent an umbrella that will keep one dry in all sorts of rain (cue Forrest Gump listing all the types of rain there are out there).  Then I could sit at home in my pj’s and collect my money without ever having to commute in it, ever again!

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Get Me Out of Here!

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So, I was briefly trapped in our building’s elevator yesterday.  Since we’re 51 floors up, I must take two separate elevators and an escalator in

Thankfully I didn’t have to resort to this. Yet.

order to reach my office every day.  At the end of the work day yesterday, all I wanted to do was get out of the building and on with my night but nooo, technology didn’t want to cooperate.  I was the only person in the first elevator ride down which in itself is unusual for 5pm on a work day, and then when we arrived at the floor the doors didn’t open – also unusual.  I made some disgruntled noises, hit the ‘Open’ button a few times, jumped up and down in hopes of dislodging whatever was keeping the doors shut then realized if there was a serious mechanical issue jumping up and down might not benefit me in the long run, and then began frantically jamming the ‘Open’ button.  A few (long) minutes passed and I was almost to the point of hitting the ‘Help’ button when I decided to go for broke and choose a random floor instead.  Lo and behold, the blasted thing moved and the doors opened when we arrived at the floor in question.  Since I’m a risk taker, I stayed put and hit my original destination once again.  It worked that time and I was able to make a graceful exit, even though on the inside I was hollering and creating a scene from my near-stuck experience.  I’ve mentioned before that they always seem to be doing work on the elevators here and it’s not exactly comforting.  I didn’t have any mishaps this morning but who knows what lies ahead in my future.

I should probably start packing snacks, just in case.

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Ode to My Old Office

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We were so close but for barely over a month

and then you were taken from my life much too soon,

it wasn’t my choice, please believe that

for I’d never have willingly given up our old room.

Now I’m next door in what is technically the corner office

yet I’m not as excited as I was on my own,

as I’m sharing this space with two dudes who are “bros”

and when they’re not beat-boxing, singing or humming – they’re yelling into the phone.

Their job is sales so they’re supposed to be making calls

but I miss the peace and quiet we used to share,

I’ll be using my headphones more than ever before

because their noise is a little hard for me to bear.

It’s true that I now sit in the office once reserved for the founder of the firm

and I even have his old fancy chair and huge desk made of glass,

so I shall lord over my sales subjects until they move us again

or until I leave and tell this company to kiss my ass!

At least this isn’t the case.

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Dirty Jobs

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I encountered the above sight as I walked to the restroom earlier today.  I’m not really sure what this guy’s job is but it appeared to me that he was painting/tarring/shellacking part of the roof of The Tower Formerly Known as Sears.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m on the 51st floor so this guy’s task was nothing to laugh at.  I was really glad to see that he was tethered to the building because I probably would’ve wet my pants if he wasn’t.  I had a hard time even looking at him and I can only imagine that his balls of steel and  apparent lack of fear of heights helped him to finish his job, whatever exactly it was.  A strong gust of wind, such as what this city is known for, could have easily knocked him off his little perch and then what would he do?  Such is the type of thought that ran through my head as I stood, creepily staring at him and giving thanks for the fact that I could turn around and sit behind my desk.  I might climb to his height for the sheer thrill of it but I would rather not have to do so all day long in order to get a paycheck.  Give me my cubicle, any day.

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Case of the Mondays

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I had a great weekend but today sure does suck so here’s a picture of a calf that I took on my friend’s farm Saturday:

What are you looking at?

Perhaps I’ll get to update on my trip and more later this week.  If I’m lucky.

Can I retire yet?

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