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Nothing to cry about here!

So I knew the big event I put worked so hard on last month for my office and the Greater Chicago Food Depository was a success (mostly because nobody died and I didn’t get fired) but I finally found how exactly how much of a success it was today. My department collected just shy of 2,300lbs of food to donate! That doesn’t include the cash donations (hundreds), amount of people involved (also hundreds), or time spent volunteering by our large group (3 – because hundreds would be nuts). How awesome is that? And how awesome is it that I work for a place that lets me work on stuff like this?

I’ve got more big things planned and some exciting stuff is on the horizon. Onward and upward!

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Quilted Southern

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One of my friends back home in Indiana has been working on this quilt for over a year and finally gifted it to me while I was home over the weekend! Is this not the coolest thing ever? Do I not have incredibly generous and talented friends?! These are some of my favorite shirts that I’ve had for years – I think the oldest dates to my freshman year in high school and let me just say – that wasn’t recent.

Step off, Dude!

The only issue I foresee with this involves keeping my damn cat off my blanket. He only has three dozen or so beds and resting places in our small apartment so I understand his dire need for one more but tough luck. I’m not even sharing this with Scott! And if that involves wearing it constantly as a cape whenever I’m home, so be it.

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End Rant

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I didn’t go crazy! Just got dangerously close.

And now I have a long weekend home full of visiting friends and family ahead of me so things are looking up once again! I’ll also be doing some wedding stuff, i.e. shopping for shoes and picking out cake, so of course those things will be awful and traumatic.

Not really. But I am really excited for a long weekend out of town so Megabus, here I come!

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I’m feeling hormonal and helpless and crazy and things I’ve been excited about and planning are falling apart and I’m having to start over and I don’t have any help and don’t feel like anyone wants to even talk about it let alone assist so I feel alone and stupid and stressed out and did I mention a little hormonal and crazy? And all the coffee I’ve had today probably isn’t helping nor is the fact that the winter is making me slowly lose my mind and it’s hard to be excited about any damn thing when I haven’t seen the sun in weeks and I’m pretty sure my toes have frostbite. To top that off some of my coworkers are driving me insane and I’m afraid if I open my mouth at all I might unleash a scathing tirade against each and every one of them and it’s really not their fault because they’re honestly lovely ladies but I think (again the hormones) external factors are making me want to shove them all in a conference room and lock the door on my way out.


Here’s hoping.

I’m overextended and overworked and I actually do all of it to myself so I really shouldn’t complain even though I haven’t been able to sleep more than like six hours a night in weeks and while that’s not horrible I’m not sure it’s good for me but I’m reading Stephen King’s Insomnia and at least I don’t have it as bad as the guy in the book but even on my day off I can’t relax and it’s driving me even crazier. I have too much to do and not enough time but if I can’t even figure out what it is I’m supposed to be doing how can I get anything done?

The answer is probably more coffee. Unless maybe that’s why I can’t sleep?

Shit. Oy with the poodles already!

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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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I wish I was celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans this week but I’ll have to make do with debauchery in Chicago instead. And actually, if I’m being honest – I’m not wild enough anymore to really wish I was New Orleans right now. My mom went to Mardi Gras two years in a row a few  years back and just hearing her talk about it made me tired! I know it’s a lot of good, not-so-clean fun because well, that’s the best kind to have in The Big Easy and I hope everyone down there has a blast this year too.

Image: Rex

Let the good times roll!

Traditionally, Mardi Gras is the last day of recklessness before Lent and that’s kind of why it gets so crazy. People have to cut loose before they start giving things up, right? I don’t exactly take part in Lent anymore though so I don’t have the need to go nuts before the religious stuff sets in. I choose to go nuts any day of the year! And if that means going to the gym and then having grown-up wine and cheese with a ladyfriend this evening, so be it. I guarantee I’ll be feeling better tomorrow than some of the people in this picture!

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These Old Bones…

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…are getting another year older tomorrow!

I had a surreal moment last night because I realized I really am growing up. This moment came as I was sitting at our dining room table in my sweaty gym clothes, eating a beet salad that my loving fiance had prepared. We were even listening to classical music as he handed me my plate and I looked around at him, our apartment, our cat and our little life together and just felt…everything. If you had told me when I was a kid that this would be what my life looked like at 32, I’m not sure what I would have thought. Most likely, I would have been dismayed by the fact that I now regularly go to the gym and I would probably also be confused by the fact that I was no longer wearing corduroy pants with my Led Zeppelin shirt. I would have applauded my beet salad though, because that would have been something I would have assumed old people would eat.


But still a kid at heart!

But really, I am totally happy with where I am in life. I have a job that I thoroughly enjoy and I’m getting more involved in our firm’s philanthropy efforts (I’m planning two new big things now!) and so I can say that I truly feel good about where I work and what I’m doing. This is the first time since college that I can say that and mean it, so that’s a birthday present all in itself! I’ve also got great friends all over the country and have been lucky enough to maintain friendships with some of my favorite people from high school and college. I’m planning a wedding to my best friend and while we’re going to have a super fun and awesome party and honeymoon, I’m also very excited to get to call that best friend my husband and start our married life together (and at this point my younger self would be gagging but whatever). Oh – I also found $20 on the street this week! Obviously, things are going pretty great all around.

And you know what, younger self? I still wear that Zeppelin shirt.

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