Stupid Cubs Games

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I’m just going to say this now – I have no particular alliance to any baseball team here in Chicago.  I realize that’s grounds for revoking my Chicago citizenship, but it’s the truth.  I’ve been to a game at Wrigley Field and I had a good time, but I’m sure I would also have a good time if I were to ever go to a game for the Sox.  If I can drink a beer and sit outside, I’m cool watching just about any team play.  That being said, I’ve had people give me flak for living on the North Side and not being a die-hard Cubs fan.  However, I don’t know if I could ever be a full-blown fan for a team that makes my commute a living nightmare.

Yesterday’s commute may not have been quite this bad, but it was close.

I knew I was in trouble when I caught the bus home.  I was in a hurry, as I had a finite amount of time to get home, shower, gather my pasta salad and get to my book club meeting (which would’ve taken close to 40 minutes on a good day).  I don’t always follow the Cubs schedule but I know there’s a game when there are drunken twentysomethings on my train ride from the ‘burbs to the city and I saw a group yesterday that helped me realize I’d be battling crowds all night long.  The bus I caught wasn’t too packed but I knew it would get worse the later it got, and as my book club meeting and the beginning of the game happened to be at the exact same time, I knew it was going to be messy.  I got home, intending to take the quickest shower known to woman, and was promptly denied by my shower faucet.  It decided to quit working out of the blue, and so I cussed and banged around and was generally displeased for the ten or so minutes it took me to get it functioning again.  So, right there, I was running a few minutes later than I had hoped.  I proceeded to take a lightning fast shower and get everything together and then I was out the door.  And waiting for another bus.

I happen to live a few miles from Wrigley Field and the main bus that takes game-goers in passes right by my apartment.  This was the route I needed to take to get to my book club host’s apartment, so I sucked it up and prepared for the worst.  I didn’t prepare myself enough, because the bus that stopped resembled a can of sardines.  I managed to squeeze on and then the driver decided he couldn’t fit any more people.  Of course, he still had to stop at every stop to let those waiting know that, so the drive was not as quick as I would’ve liked.  About halfway to my stop (which would’ve also been the stop for those going to the game, as my bad luck would have it), the driver pulled over to let someone off.  Then some idiot at the back of the bus pulled an alarm, which began to shriek, loudly and incessantly.  The driver tried to tell the idiot how to turn it off and when that failed, he got off the bus and walked around back to fix it himself.  That failed too.  While he was trying to shut the damn thing up, a few people who apparently don’t know how a bus works tried to board using the rear doors.  They were (not so kindly) told by others on the bus that they couldn’t do what they were trying to do, and so they boarded the front.  Funny side note – it was the same group from my train ride home from the ‘burbs.  Yup same exact people.  It looked like they had stopped in a bar along the way, as they were much drunker than they were the last time I had seen them (and they weren’t sober then).  Anyway, right about the time they boarded the driver announced (over the still shrieking alarm) that he couldn’t fix it and we were all going to have to catch the bus behind us.  Right, because a double-sized bus crammed full of people will all fit on another, equally crowded bus.

At this point I decided to walk.

Now, because I have that super fancy smarter-than-I phone, I was able to reroute my trip in such a way that I could avoid Wrigleyville altogether.  Huge relief.  Until I started to get harassed by some guy on the train.  He wouldn’t stop talking to me and trying to get me to go to a bar with him, and of course he happened to get off at my stop.  We were set to walk in the same direction too, until I realized that and walked the other way for a few minutes to lose him.  Of course, that mean I was even later to book club.  It was only about 20 minutes total, which is not a big deal, but I was crazy exhausted by the time I got there.

The apartment of the girl who was holding the meeting was near the lake, and it was amazing.  I don’t think I’d ever been in an apartment building with an actual elevator button for the Penthouse before, but I was last night.  Her place was very nice and we all brought a dish and some wine so we quickly got down to business.  The book we read was our first foray into erotica, and it was a collection of short stories.  I’m going to ‘fess up now – I didn’t read the book.  I tried, in vain, to find it but forces beyond my control kept it out of my grasp (I’m looking at you, Amazon).  I listened to everyone discuss it though and it seemed that, while it wasn’t as steamy as some were expecting, there were at least a few good stories.  If I end up borrowing it from one of the ladies, I’ll be sure to post my own review.

So we ate, talked and were generally merry.  The women in my club are all intelligent, driven and funny so I always enjoy our meetings.  I wish I could’ve stayed longer last night but I knew I would be battling all of the Cubs fans leaving the game on my way home and so I left a little early.  Sadly, it didn’t help.

I managed to get to the top step of the train platform as my train pulled away, so I sat and waited for about ten minutes.  I took the next train to the bus stop, where I knew drunk Cubs fans would be joining me.  After waiting another six minutes or so for a bus, we all got excited to see one approach.  It slowed down, we were able to see how full it was and it just kept on moving.  Awesome.  I waited another ten minutes for the next bus and when it still didn’t show up, I started walking.  Mind you, I was not wearing footwear appropriate for this endeavor.  I eventually caught a bus and didn’t have to hobble all the way home and even though this bus was insanely packed with drunken fools as well, at least it was transport.

Sigh. Due to all of this (and more) craziness, I was unable to fall asleep last night.  I forced myself to quit checking the clock at 2am because it was doing nothing but pissing me off, and I know I was up for a good long while after that.  When my alarm went off at 6 I almost cried, but being the good employee I am I hauled myself out of bed.  Some of you might be able to function on 3 hours of sleep – I am not that kind of person.  I’m hoping to become one with my bed as soon as I can tonight, and I’m also hoping to avoid the crowds around Wrigleyville on game days for a long, long time.

Holy crap. I just noticed how long this post is.  If you made it this far, thanks for sticking around for my vent.

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