More Work Perks

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Returning to work this week was made easier when a group of coworkers and I went to the United Center for a Blackhawks hockey game on Tuesday evening. Our firm has a box there and every so often some of us are able to use it for a night, complete with all of the food, drinks and most importantly, the dessert cart.

I’ll freely admit that I’d never been to a live hockey game before this week, though I have watched a few on TV. It was loud and hectic! And really hard to keep track of the puck. I also didn’t see any fights but perhaps next time I’ll luck out in that department. I actually didn’t stay for the entire game though so some violence could have happened after I left, but it was a late game on a work night and I turn into a pumpkin after a certain time. That said, I absolutely took advantage of what I could while I was there!


How sweet it is…to work where I do!

Of course, it took me a while to actually get there. My dumb ass thought it would be a good idea to make a run to Target during my lunch break to stock up on wine and champagne for the bachelorette party I’m having this weekend, because I knew I’d be taking a cab home from the game and wouldn’t have to lug everything on the train. Well. That didn’t exactly work like I planned because the minute I arrived at the United Center it occurred to me that they weren’t going to let me in there with unopened bottles of booze. And they didn’t. So I cabbed it back to the office and dropped it off then took another cab back and my plan to simplify things ended up being ten times more complicated instead. Oh well, there was an entertaining hockey match, good company, free food, an open bar and that dessert cart awaiting me when I returned!

Have I mentioned how much I love desserts? Especially when they’re free? And oh yeah something something hockey. They won that night so Go Hawks! Thanks for being a team so I could enjoy such a fun night out!


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Work Perks

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Last week was full of work-related perks and I’m not complaining!

I worked an annual conference we have on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning and since I had to be on the clock at 6am, my company put me up in the hotel where we held the conference for on Wednesday night. It just so happened to be in the Four Seasons and the room I was given just so happened to be an executive corner suite so it was quite swanky. We were allowed to have our significant others stay with us and so Scott made the trip downtown, where we were surprised with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries as a pre-wedding gift from some coworkers. I may or may not have cried. Sweet indeed!


Not bad for a Wednesday night!

Then on Friday we had a group outing to the Arlington Racetrack where we had lunch and watched horse races all afternoon. I only bet on one race and no, I did not win. It was fun though, despite the horrid service we had at the restaurant for lunch and the nightmare of an Uber ride we had through Friday rush hour traffic back to the city. But it was better than being in the office, that’s for sure! Well, maybe not…I would’ve sooner been tethered to my cubicle than sitting in traffic but we can’t win ’em all. And it was a beautiful afternoon, so we had that going for us. Plus – free lunch!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy these perks to the fullest of my ability because I’ve been fighting a cold (or multiple colds) for over a week. However I still enjoyed myself as much as I possibly could and I learned the hard way that champagne doesn’t cure a head cold – but the tequila I had at the racetrack helped!

I’m still not feeling great and I wish I could keep up the tequila diet at the office but I somehow think that my employer would frown upon that. And goddess knows I don’t want to lose these perks!


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Free, Funny Friday

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On the last Friday of the month, my company sent all of us Admins to the company box suite at the United Center to see comedian Kevin Hart. I didn’t really know much about him or his comedy but seeing as how I’d never been to the United Center (ever) and the tickets/food/drinks were free, how could I say no? I couldn’t, just like I couldn’t help myself from doing a little jig when I walked into the box and realized there was tons of snacks and booze for me to enjoy. Obviously I didn’t go crazy since I was around work people but I did have a few drinks and more than a few plates of nachos. And that was before the show even started!

Sweet indeed!

It was really fun to have an after-hours event with some of the women I work with and I’m glad I went. That said, I could’ve done without the warm-up comedy acts. Everyone made me laugh at least once but a lot of the jokes from the warm-up acts just weren’t funny. Some of them were homophobic, racist and misogynistic and it was more than a little awkward to listen to jokes about blow jobs with co-workers who are grandmothers. Just sayin’.

We made it through the openers though and Kevin Hart’s act (while also bordering on the line of comfort a little bit) was a lot funnier. He also incorporated some graphics on a huge screen behind him into his routine which were like bonus points of hilarity. I was having a pretty good time and satisfied with my Friday evening but THEN! THE DESSERT CART APPEARED! That’s right folks, a dessert cart. I had a bowl of ice cream with a huge piece of pie (that I may or may not have smuggled home in my purse…okay I did) and I wound up with a stomachache but it was totally worth it.

The show wrapped up around 10pm and it took me about another 30 minutes on top of that to flag down a taxi but I made it home safe, sound and with pie in my purse. What’s not to love about that?

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The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower

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Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago

I’m definitely still loving my new job.  There are all kinds of little perks here and there and anyone who’s worked for a company that treats their employees well knows how much all of that adds up.  For instance, I’ve never worked for a place that had any sort of company-paid-for work event (that includes holidays parties) and my new company has at least a few a year.  Score!  The first such event took place this past Saturday, where all employees in my department were treated to an evening at The Shedd Aquarium.

Beluga Whale!

Super flexible Beluga Whale!

Families and friends were welcome too so there were lots of super excited children running around, but not near as many as are there on any given day when the building is open to the public, so it wasn’t too overwhelming for those of us who are child-free.  We got to see whales, dolphins and just about every fish you can think of while enjoying cocktails and appetizers until the main courses were served.  There were five or six tables set up buffet-style and each featured cuisine from a different Chicago neighborhood.  I ate well beyond the point of being full but it was just so good.  There were pies, popcorn and pretzels for dessert and photo booths and face painting to keep you entertained if you got bored with the fish.  The whole evening culminated in fireworks (put on by the City over Navy Pier every Saturday night – we were just in the right place at the right time, with an amazing view) and after all was said and done Scott and I simply hopped the el back to our place.

That was a whole other experience in and of itself – there was a music festival called the Spring Awakening Festival going on at Soldier Field all weekend and the people who attended that were…interesting.  From what I gather, the festival played a bunch of rave type music that I guess I’m just too damn old to appreciate.  Scott and I were caught in the wave of people making their way to Museum Campus on our way to the Shedd and we felt like some ancient couple among all the whippersnappers who were wearing cropped shirts or bras with their super short shorts and glitter face paint.

Get off my lawn!

Get off my lawn!

We also walked past some groups who were blatantly pre-gaming by smoking a bunch of pot right by the lake…it wasn’t exactly surprising but we found it funny that this was happening as all of the bankers I work with were bringing their children through the thick of everything for our own event.  Everyone looked like they were on their way to some club and I guess that’s what Soldier Field turned into while we were at the Aquarium.  They were a…boisterous…bunch and their concert ended right when our evening did so we were back in the crowds on our way home.  The trains were full of these kids and while I initially tried to spend some time figuring out just what the hell they were wearing, I eventually gave up.  I’m getting too old for that shit (Danny Glover, feel my pain).

I guess my busy weeks and weekends finally caught up with me because, while I had the best of intentions of going to the gym on Sunday, I took a huge nap and ate a bunch of junk food instead.  And it was glorious.  That was the first day, weekend or otherwise, that I’ve had to myself since the first week of April and I won’t get another until sometime mid-July.  Everything has been good though (i.e. weddings and baby showers instead of hospital visits and jury duty) but it still wears a girl out!  This weekend I’m standing in another out-of-town wedding but I’m pretty sure it’ll go just as smoothly as the last one I was in.  So long as I don’t throw out any important receipts at gas stations, that is.

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