Fashionably Frigid Feet

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Fashion choices for the men out there are pretty lacking, as some of my gay dude friends have lamented.  We ladies are able to choose from a daily assortment of skirts, shorts, pants, scarves, sweaters, blouses, tops and various other accessories.  Men, while able to shop, just don’t seem to have the options available that women take for granted.  This is something I’ve been thinking about lately because I’ve noticed a trend in footwear. Winter footwear, that is.

Women's shoes can be sad too

When the temperatures drop, boots make their way back into the city.  Everywhere I look I see enough various styles on various ladies to constitute a fashion show.  Heels, flats, knee-high, ankle-short, mid-calf, fuzzy, shiny, leathery, heavy duty (but still cute) for the heavy duty snow…you name it, women wear it.  I even have a few pair myself.  And since they seem to be everywhere my gaze happens to land, I’ve taken notice.  Which led me to take notice of men’s feet and their shoes as well.  Whether I’m walking on the sidewalk, sitting on the train or taking two elevators and an escalator up to my office, I’ve become a somewhat creepy foot-starer (I swear it’s not a developing fetish).  It’s because I’ve realized that men just don’t have the options that women do and it kind of makes me sad.

It seems that when it comes to winter shoes, men pretty much wear sneakers (tennis shoes?).  Or dress shoes, which I find even sadder.  There’s a few mountain-man type boots thrown in there but not as many as one would expect.  I have a drawer of shoes in my desk and can wear whatever I want on the way to the office – boots, tennis shoes, slippers, you name it.  According to my observations, men don’t really do this.  And when there’s a sheet of ice covering everything

If you're a man who wants to wear knee-high boots, you're pretty much stuck with this

as far as the eye can see, it makes me question the safety of these men who wear fancy shoes in the middle of winter.  Since I’ve been thinking about this, I’ve decided that roughly 93% of men I’ve observed have been wearing something I wouldn’t deem seasonally appropriate.  This is based on a very specific scientific measurement that I created deep within the confines of my head and could never satisfactorily explain to anyone, ever.  So of course it’s quite accurate.

There are many reasons why I’m glad I’m a woman and while I’ve never considered myself to be extremely fashion-conscious, I am glad I have so many clothing and footwear options at the tip of my fingers.  I’ll continue to be thankful for it just like I’ll try not to laugh out loud when I see some suit slip on the street while wearing his super slick shoes.

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