Open Road

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(First things first – Dad’s initial chemo treatment went better than expected so thank you all for the positive thoughts and energy – keep them coming!!)

Now.  I took a trip home this weekend on ye olde megabus, which significantly lacked proper air conditioning on both of my trips.  You can imagine how awesome that was – sitting on a jam-packed, double-decker bus in the steamy afternoon sun for three hours.  Each way.  While that was not the most pleasant of rides that I’ve had, I was able to drive a bit around my mom’s and I was reminded how much fun some (non bus) rides can be.

I usually drive mom’s little Saturn when I streak through the small streets of my hometown and this trip was no different.

Just drive it off

It’s a fun car to drive and I consistently surprise myself with how fast I can get on the interstate without even realizing it.  No tickets were earned this time but I’ve had enough in my day to last for quite a while so I was okay with that.  Besides driving my mom’s car, I was also given the keys to my sister’s Jeep, which does not happen often.  Luckily my aunt was in town with her flashy red convertible and my sister wanted to ride in that, so I was left with the freedom of four-wheel drive.  I briefly considered going off-road but didn’t fancy washing a bunch of mud off the car later on so I kept my impulses in check.  Rather, I rolled down every window, opened the sunroof and blasted all kinds of random rap and rock music from the mid to late 90’s.  I sang, I danced, I accrued more than a few questioning glances during my ride home and it was awesome.  Spending most of my days walking around sidewalks (and if I’m lucky, a park) has caused me to forget how much fun it is to sing along to the radio with the wind in your hair.  I could try doing that on sidewalks too but I think I’d encounter even more looks if I took my boombox for a walk down the street.  Also, I still use the phrase boom box.

Sure, I save on gas, car insurance, maintenance and car payments but when I’m sweltering on a mega bus ‘o heat, it seems that there are some things that money can’t buy.  Like borrowing a car for a road trip.

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