January Book Club Review

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Our book club met for brunch last Sunday, the day after the bachelorette party.  I was worried I wouldn’t be in tip-top shape for literary discussions but I was feeling decent and braved the cold to go to Old Town Social, a restaurant on North Avenue.  The turnout was one of the best we’ve had in recent months and we even had a new member, so there was a grand total of seven of us there.  That makes it a little more difficult to hear everyone out (or merely hear everyone at all) but is also a little more entertaining, so we were all chatty and content.

Good, clean fun!

I’d never been to the restaurant and I have to admit, it was kind of a let-down overall.  Our server took our drink orders before reappearing with another server who made a comment about how the first girl was training but almost finished (I’m not sure how she managed this but the comment sounded kind of snotty and sort of made us uncomfortable).  We all ordered and then the waitresses disappeared for a while before some dude we’d never seen before brought out the food (which isn’t uncommon).  Most of us had some sort of biscuit or bread as a side and there was one little dish of jam, so we requested more.  He gave us attitude and rolled his eyes so we didn’t figure we’d get it and asked our waitress for it when she came back.  She did indeed bring us two more little cups of jam (for the table of 7) and then when we got the bill we noticed that we’d been charged 50 cents for each little cup.  It’s not like it was a hundred dollars or anything but really?  Charging for something to top our biscuits with?  Whatever.  The food was decent enough but there sure wasn’t much of it for the $12 I paid – and I ordered the “big” breakfast!  It came with a biscuit, two eggs and a hash brown casserole.  It was all tasty but the portions were just lacking and nothing I couldn’t have made at home.

At least the company and the book were better!  We read Where’d you go, Bernadette?, a novel by Maria Semple.  The book was told through a series of letters, emails, faxes, notes and  text messages and focuses on a teenage girl who’s trying to find her mother after her mother had a bit of a psychotic break.  Really, though, the mom was always a little eccentric and circumstances made it seem like she had less of a grasp on reality than she actually did, so she up and disappeared.  The reader doesn’t know where she went until the daughter figures it out and the mom’s around for the first two-thirds of the book so it’s not a whole mystery novel.  It was quick and easy though and very entertaining.  I honestly didn’t see many of the plot points coming and I really liked the characters of both the mom and daughter.  The dad was someone who was hit or miss and while I liked him initially, I felt a few things he went through were out of character for the way they set him up.  Regardless, I really enjoyed the whole book, as did many of the girls in the club (those who had finished, at least).  Definitely one I recommend and an especially good book club book!


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