Rain Day

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When I left my apartment this morning, it looked like it had recently rained but the sun was starting to come out and it looked rather nice.  Like any dutiful Chicagoan, I packed an umbrella just in case then headed on out, happily wearing my sandals and jeans.  Not 3 minutes into my walk, the skies darkened and the heavens opened up to pour an Olympic sized swimming pools’ worth of water onto my head.  My umbrella was totally useless as the water accosted me from all sides.  It was a nightmare and not the way I wanted to start my Friday.

Trust me, my morning was NOT like this.

As anyone who has ever worn wet jeans can tell you, those suckers do not dry very quickly.  I tried to use the blow dryer in the bathroom when I got into our building but there was a line of other women attempting to do the same damn thing and no one was having great results.  So I trudged around my super-cold office and shivered all day long.  My back was wet, as were my sides and just about everything else that had been exposed to the air on my walk to work.  I had to borrow a sweater from a coworker to stop the shivers and after my fourth cup of tea, oatmeal and coffee I finally began to warm up.  Just in time to put on my still-wet sandals and head back out this afternoon.

My dad is flying in to visit for the weekend so I can only hope the rain doesn’t delay his flight.  And I can only hope we don’t get caught in another downpour on our way home.  I’ll be packing umbrellas once again but I’m now wary of their ability to really help in the rain.  Perhaps I should invent an umbrella that will keep one dry in all sorts of rain (cue Forrest Gump listing all the types of rain there are out there).  Then I could sit at home in my pj’s and collect my money without ever having to commute in it, ever again!

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