Hospital Happenings

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So today I’m hanging out in a hospital.  Everything’s fine and I’m not even here for myself – apparently having a significant other means taking the day off of work when they have an outpatient procedure done and spending that well-earned vacation day in a sterile reception room.  Not that I’m complaining, because if the tables were turned I would damn well expect my boyfriend to be here for me.  Besides, he’s getting all doped up and for some reason the law prohibits him driving in that condition.  His procedure is very basic and just being done as a precaution but that doesn’t make my day in the hospital any more enjoyable.  In fact, it reminds me just how much I hate hospitals to begin with.

This would be more entertaining if I had some Legos

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my sister actually works in one of these places.  She’s not the only person I know who’s crazy enough to do such a thing.  This means that they voluntarily wake up each day and spend all of their time around gurneys, needles, antiseptics and those indecent hospital gowns.  I understand that about as much as I understand the desire to stick metal hooks in someone’s back and hang from the ceiling but I guess since hospitals are not a part of my chosen career path, it doesn’t really matter.  Besides all of the stress, anxiety, pain and worry I feel in these places, the food in the cafeteria just plain sucks.  I just had eggs, two biscuits and some hash browns and I’ll just say that the taste left something to the imagination.  In fact, it left everything to the imagination and lots and lots of pepper.  I guess that’s what I get for $4.

So here I sit, watching the Wendy Williams (who is this broad?) show in the waiting room.  In a pleasant surprise, the chairs here are actually recliners and if I weren’t so keenly aware of being in a building where people are losing and restoring their lives, I’d probably try to take a nap.  Instead, I’ll play on my laptop and enjoy my new book club book while trying to avoid going back to the cafeteria.  And listen to Wendy Williams dish about Kim Kardashian in the background (by the way, the sassy black lady next to me is convinced Wendy Williams is a drag queen).  Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a morphine drip!

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