Pale Blue Dot

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My wedding was perfect and magical and wonderful and beautiful and everything that Scott and I could have asked for and more. I’ll probably write more about it later so you can share in our excitement! We were euphoric and oh so happy, floating idyllically on Cloud 9 for days…well, for four days, to be exact. Because not long after we got back, the election happened.

I know people have different viewpoints and opinions and I really, truly try to abide by the whole “live and let live” ideology. That said, I take offence when others try to shove their own personal beliefs down my throat and I take even greater offence when the newly elected President of the United States is…well, who he is. And has done the things he’s said he’s done with little to no remorse. I honestly feel like our President-elect is a misogynistic, racist, narcissistic, arrogant, ignorant terror of a “man” and he scares the hell out of me. So I’m trying to process the roller-coaster of emotions I’ve felt over the last few days and it’s proving to be difficult. It’s even more difficult to imagine what the next four years will be like but I’m trying to stay positive. When that doesn’t work, I think about this:


If you can’t read this, Google “Pale Blue Dot” by Carl Sagan. Better yet, watch on YouTube.

This isn’t the best time in the world but it’s certainly not the worst. And no matter what happens, no matter what is or isn’t done to our planet and for our future, this pale blue dot will continue to be a pale blue dot for a long time to come. The types of mammals around to witness it might be in question, but this Earth will be just fine. At least that’s something.

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Here Comes the Bride!

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Thetimehascomeandournearlytwoyearengagementisoverandherewego – I’m getting married on Saturday!

As someone who never really thought I’d get married and figured I’d elope to Vegas if I did, the fact that I’m having this relatively traditional wedding and reception is a little strange to me. But I think we made the right choice and I am so excited to marry my best friend in a room full of our loved ones!


Not our wedding cake but it should be!

This blog has come a long way from when I started it, back when I had just been dumped and was lonely and trying to fill some time. Now I’m so busy I can barely even post! Though you can be sure I’ll have a nice wedding-related post when I return.

And I’ll return a married woman! Also – GO CUBS!!!

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Whirlwind Weeks

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It is now 11 days until I get married. IT IS NOW 11 DAYS UNTIL I GET MARRIED! Holy crap!

And really, I think most everything is finished and ready to go! Final payments have mostly been made, confirmations are set and the sorry little shell of a man who almost messed with my hotel bookings will burn in hell for eternity. All is good to go!

On top of this whole wedding-planning business, I’ve also been running a few weekend volunteer events for my office, hosting various friends and family members for entire


My life.

weekends, training for the new Tattoo exhibit at The Field Museum, attending fancy parties also at The Field Museum, volunteering at the food pantry, watching actor Bryan Cranston give a talk about celebrity, acting and life in general, watching in disgust at the debates and current state of American politics, attending two book clubs, cheering for the Cubs as the go to the WORLD FREAKING SERIES and trying to get bits of sleep when I can. Oh and that list is just from the past few weeks. In fact, this coming weekend is the first one I don’t have booked completely solid since September 3rd. So I’m going to take it easy, wrap up some wedding stuff and hopefully catch up on some sleep because oh yeah, next weekend I’m getting married!

I’d like to write individual posts for many of the events I mentioned above and maybe one day I’ll get around to it. Suffice to say, most everything I’ve been doing is good and/or fun so I don’t have too many complaints, other than I do this to myself. What’s up with that? Oh well, as my momma always says, “I can sleep when I’m dead”


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More Bridal Business

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But this time it wasn’t mine!

Scott’s little sister Stephanie got married over the weekend (yes, his poor parents are dealing with helping to plan two weddings in about a six week span). Steph and her now husband got engaged about six months after Scott and I and are apparently ready to hop on the baby train because they wanted to get hitched asap. They had their ceremony in a small town about three hours away from Chicago, which was in-between her family and his. Scott and I arrived on Friday for the rehearsal (Scott had a reading so he had to practice) and then their big day was Saturday. I was not a bridesmaid or anything and that was honestly fine by me because I spent Saturday relaxing in a way that I know I won’t the morning of my own wedding. I went to the gym at the hotel, did some laundry, took a walk and watched a movie in bed. It was great! I guess I could probably do all of that on my own wedding day but I’d have to forego sleep in order to do it and we all know that’s not going to happen.

Their ceremony was short and sweet and then we danced (and drank…oh, did we drink) the rest of the night away. I met some of Scott’s family whom I had never met before and that was really fun, especially since most of them will be traveling up for our wedding too. Everyone had a blast if anything at all went wrong, no one could tell. Hopefully the same will be said for mine and Scott’s big day, which will be here before we know it!

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Loving Love

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Since my last post talked about love, I figured this one would too. Especially since I spent the weekend surrounded by people I love and doing things for my wedding, where I’ll be marrying the man I love!


My original wedding check list…it is now just a little bit longer

I thought I had sooooo much time going into this trip home, since I left Wednesday morning and didn’t return until Sunday afternoon. Well, as always, time flies when you’re having fun! I managed to see just about every family member I have (and some multiple times!) and I spent some quality beer-drinking time with a couple aunts and a couple of cousins . I also visited with a couple of my best high school gal pals, which was much-needed.

And I did a TON of wedding stuff! Because I feel so productive and accomplished, I’m going to give a brief breakdown here:

  • Bought two pairs of wedding shoes, decided on flats vs. heels in the name of dancing in comfort and thus returned the heels
  • Bought my corset/bra thingy for my wedding dress so I could wear it to my fitting. Then had a complete brain fart and agreed to let them send it to my house since they didn’t have my size. Then went to my dress fitting, realized I didn’t have the one garment I needed for it and went back to the store to buy one in my size but the wrong color. I now have two corset/bra thingies and will be returning the wrong-colored one sometime. Eventually.
  • Had my dress fitting. Actually, had three dress fittings in as many days and picked up my finished dress the morning I left town. It’s hemmed! And no longer four sizes too big! And it has a train and a million bustle points which I didn’t even know were a thing but hey I guess they are. And the dress is finished!
  • Had a boudoir photo session with a professional photographer. This is going to be Scott’s wedding gift and he has no idea I did it. It was like a sexy Glamour Shots session and I won’t lie – it was pretty fun! Of course I may feel differently when I actually see the photos…
  • Confirmed the hotel we’re using for our wedding guests and checked in on their renovations
  • Had a trial run of my wedding day hair and makeup (gorgeous!) that I conveniently timed right before those boudoir pictures. When I plan something, I plan all out!
  • Chose and purchased the beautiful silk flowers for the wedding bouquets
  • Found the jewelry I’m going to wear! I was actually going to commission a friend to make something but when I explained to my mom what I was looking for, she basically pulled a perfect earring and necklace set (along with a matching vintage ring) out of her jewelry box. Apparently my dad gave the earrings and necklace to her a long time ago and it was exactly what I’m looking for! And yup, we cried.

And I think that’s it. Holy crap, this wedding stuff is getting serious!


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Time Flies

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It seems like only yesterday that I met my future husband, Scott. That’s not true though because we’re celebrating our five-year anniversary in a couple of months and HOLY CRAP WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IN EXACTLY SIX MONTHS FROM TODAY!


This is your brain on a wedding.

We’ve been engaged since January 2015 so it’s felt like I’ve had eons to plan and prepare for the wedding. But since I’m me, I’ve had most everything done or at least planned for a while now. However, this is the time things really start happening and I’ll be walking down the aisle to meet my best friend before I know it! It’s a crazy, exciting, daunting time and I’m trying to enjoy it while I can. I’m nervous too – not to marry Scott but to stand in front of so many people while trying to speak meaningful, coherent words is a bit intimidating. I’ll be lucky if I don’t sweat through my dress! But it’s sleeveless, so at least I can avoid pit stains.

We even mailed our Save the Dates last night (apologies if you don’t get one but…well, not everyone I know is getting one). As an aside – the abbreviation you see everywhere for Save the Dates is ‘STDs’ and I think that’s just wrong. Anyway, Scott and I walked them to the corner mailbox together and while we didn’t mark the occasion with a selfie or anything like that, we did jokingly call each other husband and wife after sharing a little celebratory kiss. And before I know it, that’s what we’ll be doing in front of everyone we know!

Well, not everyone. But you get the idea.

Let the official countdown begin!


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