Moving and Shaking

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Scott and I were struck by some kind of invisible rearranging monster on Monday night and we decided to completely move around the living room.  This was a bad idea.  We had a grand plan of moving the couch and armchair to totally different walls, incorporating a new(ish) coffee table and placing the TV in an entirely different location.  We were pretty pumped because we really thought it would look good, plus it’s been about 2 years since we rearranged anything and it felt like it was time.  So I came home from a long day of work and started shuffling stuff around.

Been there.

Perhaps it was because it had been 2 years since we had done anything like this that we forgot just what a pain in the ass it is to entirely shift a living room.  We managed to move the furniture to its intended spot (vacuuming mounds of cat hair and throwing out whatever trash had accumulated under our couch along the way) and at that point I was ready to hook up the TV and relax.  Scott was in a frenzy and unplugged the cable, TV, DVD player, computers and internet in one fell swoop and we braced ourselves to move the screen.  That’s when we noticed the cable cord wouldn’t extend another two inches, let alone the 10 or so feet we needed it to.

Oh, that’s right.  There was a reason the TV had always been in the same basic spot and the shortness of the cable cord was it.

So Scott called Comcast to see if they sold longer cords but they don’t.  He then asked me to get online to look up the number to the nearby RadioShack (yes, they still exist), having completely forgotten that he had just disconnected the internet and the cord to hook it back up was in a nightmare of a tangled cord web.  Luckily in this age of smartphones we were able to find the number we needed but they also didn’t have a long enough cord.  So we tried the Sears down the street but they transferred Scott to the national line and that certainly didn’t help.  In the end he found the cord at Best Buy – for $60.  Totally not worth it just to move the stupid TV.

By this point it was about 2.5 hours after we started and I was completely over it.  After bickering for a little while we decided it would be dumb to move everything back exactly how we had it so we settled on some furniture rearrangement instead.  It’s not perfect for viewing the TV but it works for now and it does seem to make the living room larger.  Also, there is lots of space between the armchair and the couch which came in handy because by the time we finished putting everything in its new place and cleaning up, we needed to have some distance between us.

The biggest perk from the whole experience?  Finding the watch I lost about a year ago in the folds of the couch.  At least it was all good for something!

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