Walk the Walk

June 30, 2016 at 12:56 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Here’s a dose of inspiration for you. I came across this story today and it nearly made me cry. The woman in the story just completed a two-month walk from Mississippi to Washington, DC in order to speak to lawmakers about our broken healthcare system – topless. She’s the survivor of a double mastectomy and wore her scars openly to show exactly what she’s had to go through. She lost her breasts, her home, her cars and her job during her battle with cancer and she’s trying to raise awareness about what kind of toll battling an illness can really take on someone’s mental, emotional, physical and fiscal health.

We’re all aware of brands trying to raise awareness about breast cancer or how to “Save the Tatas” but this story goes to show that women can live just fine without their tatas. Hell, my mom’s had just one for most of my life and is still one of the strongest and most beautiful women I know. This article goes to show that we don’t need to support the tatas or raise awareness about breast cancer so much as to support the women (and men!) going through the treatment and recovery and also raise awareness about the ramifications that having this disease can have. Clearly everyone knows about breast cancer but not everyone understands all of the dire consequences that come with it. And hopefully after this courageous woman meets with Congress, they’ll at least get the picture. Because her picture is absolutely worth a thousand words.

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