Things I Love

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  • My husband (we’re lovingly spending our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple apart – he’ll be in class all night so I’ll be cuddling with the cat – welcome to marriage!)
  • My family – even the crazy ones (and even my sister who is on a cruise to Bermuda right freaking now)
  • My wonderful, freaky, nerdy friends
  • My sickly, silly cat
  • My job (most days)
  • The country I live in (most days)
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Pizza
  • Wine
  • Museums, volunteering at museums and staying the night at museums with tons of kids and their families
  • Books and reading
  • Journals and writing
  • Also – Netflix
  • That feeling when you have freshly shaved legs and put clean sheets on your bed and jump in
  • Traveling and experiencing new places, people, ideas and things
  • Panko – this is a new discovery and I’m obsessed
  • Sunshine
  • My purple hoodie
  • My couch
  • The view of Chicago from the Field Museum (and the view of the city from just about anywhere else)
  • The fact that I’m getting better at yoga and can now kick my foot up over my head without falling and busting my ass
  • Being vegetarian
  • The fact that I can feel strongly about things, find like-minded people and then take action to do what we feel is right – without getting beaten up or jailed
  • Did I mention wine?

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Obligatory (albeit late) Valentine’s Day Post

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This year’s lovey dovey holiday was a day much like any other.  I had a couple of phone interviews (which resulted two in-person interviews this week so fingers are crossed!) and I went to the gym.  Not exactly exciting but Scott and I aren’t exactly in a position to buy each other fancy jewels and expensive dinners this year.  However, we still managed to give each other something. I received some purple mums from Trader Joe’s and two bags of Reese’s Cups in the shape of hearts (by the way, so damn dangerous) while Scott got some non-generic shaving gel that he’d had his eye on. Yup, we’re crazy.  And we ordered pizza, which was basically the most romantic thing ever.  At least to me, because I sure do love pizza.

Not hard for the vegetarians among us

Not hard for the vegetarians among us

It would have been nice to get dressed up and go someplace out of the ordinary but the weather is still extremely miserable here, plus Valentine’s Day falls right on the heels of Scott’s Birthday, Christmas and my own birthday.  I brought up the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day in August so we could actually show some skin on our date and not have to worry about battling the masses for reservations, so that’s something we may consider.  I should have a job by then, right?


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Love is in the Air

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My heart is just so full of happiness and mush that it could very well burst and spew gooey redness all over the place!

Why?  Well, my best friend since freshman year in high school just got engaged!  Her ahem fiance organized a flash mob with a local radio station this morning and surprised her outside of her office with a song and dance routine.  It was ADORABLE.  And it couldn’t happen to a better girl.  Both she and her man spent a few years battling a serious addiction problem but they both came out on the other side and are doing better than ever.  It seriously makes me want to cry when I think about what she’s been through and how much better off she is now.  I couldn’t be prouder of her and the relationship she’s in has endured a decade’s worth of addiction and illness (even cancer) but thankfully they are both sober and healthy and now they’re engaged!  I’m about to vomit from the cuteness.

Also, another close friend of mine will be getting married in exactly 9 days in Florida.  Scott and I really want to be there but since it’s not in the financial cards for us right now, we’ll be sending our well wishes from afar.  I spent a few hours last night helping the soon-to-be-bride with some wedding stuff and I’m super excited for her as well.  Insert more gooey sentimentality here.

Seriously though, it makes me happy when those I love are happy and that’s all I want for my friends and family.  And while I’m in no hurry to walk down the aisle anytime soon, I know I’m lucky to have someone in my life who genuinely wants to listen to how my day went and will clean the toilet if I ask.


ALSO – Illinois is voting to legalize gay marriage TODAY!  If this happens, my heart might legitimately explode.  And I’d be happy to let it!

And here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is more enjoyable than cleaning toilets!

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Fun and Fancy Free

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Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Perhaps Bill Gates or Donald Trump don’t search out great deals but most everyone I know loves a freebie.  And luckily for me, this week has been full of them!

I love free stuff!

I love free stuff!

I guess technically my streak started on Friday and Saturday, since I got those weird free issues of Forbes (thankfully, no more since then).  However since I didn’t really want them, I’m not counting it.  Officially (in my book), things began on Sunday when I went to the annual Volunteer Brunch for the food pantry I help out at.   It was held at an Irish restaurant and the food was delicious, as always.  I enjoyed fruit, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, muffins and some more fruit, all without shelling out dime.  Then on Monday a coworker gave me a Valentine’s Day cookie she made over the weekend.  It looks store bought (as you can see for yourself) and tasted better than most anything I could have purchased.  She also used the healthiest ingredients possible so I feel just a tad less guilty for enjoying it so much!

Tuesday started off with another free treat as the Corner Bakery, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have all been handing out free beverages in the lobby of our building this week.  It’s a “sweet treat” also in honor of Valentine’s Day and I’m not complaining.  I would’ve grabbed something Monday morning but my train ran a little late and I didn’t have the time; however, I made up for that yesterday and today.  I nabbed a delicious hot chocolate yesterday morning and it was one of the very last they had left, so it was extra chocolate-y since it had been at the bottom of their thermos.

Last night, Scott and I went to a couples massage class at a local massage therapist’s office to learn some techniques and strategies for good, old-fashioned back rubbing.  It was all PG, I promise.  We, along with a few other couples besides ourselves, picked up some good tips in the hour and a half long class, all for the low low price of nothing.  Again, score!

Today I managed to get a free Starbucks hot tea from the gal in the lobby (though to be completely honest, it was kind of gross).  Then my lovely coworker gave me another heart-shaped cookie, which is definitely not so gross.  All in all, not a bad haul for it being only Wednesday!  Now if only I could somehow manage to get a free envelope containing hundred dollar bills…

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Love Love

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In honor of Valentine’s Day (the history of which you can read here – it’s not some Hallmark holiday like Sweetest Day.  Seriously what the hell does that even mean?), below is a list of things that I love (in no particular order):

  • My momma
  • Cheese
  • My roommate/boyfriend (cue aww)

    Celebrate in your own way

  • My sister, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of my wacky family
  • All of my beautiful lady friends who constantly inspire and enlighten me.  They are all wonderful
  • My guy friends, who are awesome and pretty wonderful too
  • Getting into bed with freshly shaved legs and super clean sheets
  • Netflix
  • Wine
  • Lists (surprise!)
  • The fact that our new kitty is acclimating well and followed me around like a shadow this morning while I got ready
  • Being a grown up (sure, taxes and bills suck but so does puberty)
  • The way my ass looks in the skirt I’m wearing
  • My blankie and stuffed monkey, George
  • Watching it snow from the comfort of my living room
  • Being right
  • Ice cream and cookies
  • Especially E.L. Fudge cookies
  • Did I mention my awesome family and friends?
  • The fact that it’s staying lighter a little longer each day
  • Days where I get to sleep in late
  • My momma

Clearly, I have a lot in my life to love.  This day means exchanging valentines and candy during classroom parties when you’re a kid and then somehow it turns into something that we’re supposed to splurge and spend on…I think it’s a day to remind those we love that we love them.  Not to say I won’t be enjoying a nice sushi dinner out with my significant other, but that and a card will about cover it.

I’ll spend the rest of the night telling my pillows and cookies just how much they mean to me, too.

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The Single Life

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Ah, Valentine’s Day.  While I’d like to bitch and moan about how this holiday was created by corporate American in order to turn a profit between Christmas and Easter, in reality it’s been celebrated since 496 AD. That means that for hundreds and hundreds of years, singles have been made even more acutely aware of their relationship status on the 14th day of the shortest month of the year.

Not that I’m bitter.  Oh no.  In fact, this holiday makes me want to celebrate by running into a park and shooting arrows at unsuspecting couples.  However, I don’t want to usurp Cupid’s job so I’ll leave the shooting to him.

Cupid gets the point

Technically, this is the first Valentine’s Day in something like 13 years that I wasn’t dating anyone.  Since this is by my own volition I don’t really mind, though it does make me roll my eyes even harder at the candy and hearts displays bursting forth from every aisle at the grocery stores and Target.  It also makes me question my desire to be single…in fact, this is something I go back and forth on almost a daily basis.  I miss the intimacy of having a partner, of having someone who genuinely cares about what goes on in my life on a day to day basis and always has my back.  I miss having a built in buddy for movies, dinners and events around town.  I miss having someone help me carry my groceries up three flights of stairs.  However, I love having my independence and time to myself and I truly enjoy living my life without really taking into consideration how it’s going to affect anyone else.  I also love having a huge queen sized bed to myself every night.  Besides all that, I loathe the idea of dating.  Why would I want to rehash my entire life story to some stranger on a regular basis?  Perhaps I’d like it better if, on first dates, we could just exchange the Cliff Notes versions of ourselves and get it over with.  In other words, I think I’m too lazy for dating. So what’s a single girl to do?

Yup, stay single.  I don’t really have time for dating anyway (or at least that’s what I’ll continue to tell myself).  I do, however, have time to take advantage of the candy sales that will be starting tomorrow.  I also have time for target practice.  Now if only I can find my arrow…

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The Worst Valentine’s Date Ever

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With the approaching Hallmark Holiday, I felt the need to reminisce on the various Valentine’s Days that I’ve had.  One particular memory stood out and I figured it a good enough story to share, so here we are.  When I was in high school, I worked at the local Dairy Queen (yup, just like Parker Posey in Waiting for Guffman).  Being a young female fast food worker in a very small town meant that I was often hit on by less than stellar prospects.  One year, around V-day, the cousin of a coworker started hanging around the store.  We exchanged pleasantries a few times and he was fairly nice so I didn’t balk in horror when he walked in on February 14th with a rose and a card for me.  I thought it was sweet and figured I’d at least take him up on his offer for a date.  That was my first mistake.

We agreed upon a day to go out but didn’t discuss specifics.  As the night approached, he called to tell me that his truck was in the shop and he would either have to reschedule or I would have to drive.  No big deal, he actually lived rather close to me so I offered to pick him up.  I arrived at his place and we started discussing things to do.  Since he had asked me out, I figured he would have a general plan or at least some ideas on hand.  Nope.  He did tell me that he was really close to broke, so the cheaper things could be the better.  I suggested arcade games for a bit at the mall (hey, I was in high school and there wasn’t much else to do) so that’s where we went.  He put a couple of dollars in for change and we blew through that in about ten minutes.  I put a few more bucks in, and a few more after that.  And then a few more.  This was probably mistake number two, because I should have realized that this would set a president for the rest of the night.  After an hour or two of air hockey and Pac-Man, I was about finished with the gaming and getting hungry.  So was he and we tried to think of a place that would serve us a meal for free.  When that didn’t work, I offered to take us to the cheapest place I could think of.  I was getting low on funds myself and at this point in the date I didn’t want to shell out big bucks for a meal.  So…

We had our first date dinner at Taco Bell.  I paid, of course, and we had a somewhat decent dinner conversation.  However, I was kind of wondering what he expected from all of this.  Did he really think that type of date would woo me?  I’m not trying to sound bitchy or snobby or anything, because I honestly don’t mind going dutch on dates or even picking up the whole tab.  I think it’s only fair in this liberal, women-can-do-anything-men-can-do age.  However, if I asked someone out on a date I would at least make sure I had enough money to cover it, even if they did want to pay for some of it out of their own pocket.  Especially a first date with a new person.  That’s my humble opinion.

So after we finished the fancy Taco Hell dinner, I drove him home.  He invited me in but I politely declined, as it was getting late (9pm).  I would have figured that he sensed the date was a dud, but my coworker told me later how much fun his cousin had and how he wanted to ask me out again.  Lucky me.  I never took him up on his offer for another date, though I was slightly curious as to whether or not it would have gone the same way.

You know, I’m not against being thrifty and having financially responsible dates involving video games and cheap food.  Under other circumstances it could have been whimsical and cute – I just didn’t think it was first date material.  And even though I was in high school, this guy was older than me and I figured he would have something a bit more grown-up planned.  Again, a mistake in thinking on my part.  Oh well, if this was the worst first date I ever had then I suppose I’ve been pretty lucky.  And it is pretty funny, when I think about it.

As a side note, I’m heading home this long weekend and since that means a loss of internet, you can expect another post early next week.  If you’re lucky, it will include highlights of a vegetarian’s family birthday dinner at a place called Beef O’Brady’s.  I can’t wait!

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