Out with the Old…

December 31, 2009 at 11:49 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

…and in with the New Year!

And what a year it’s been.  Recessions, pay cuts, unemployment, break-ups, hook-ups and more.  I don’t know about everyone else but I am personally glad to see the end of 2009.  It started off on a rough note, what with the idiocy I dealt with at the Wyndham Hotel and bitched about in my last post.  Like so many things in life, this year had its highs and lows.  Shall I do a summary?  I believe I shall.

The ups:  My family remained relatively healthy and happy (so far as I know).  I remained steadily employed and I moved out of my ex’s parents place into my very own apartment.  This was huge – words cannot describe what it was like to live with the parents of my boyfriend, especially when said boyfriend and I weren’t always getting along.  Moving back in with parents of any kind after seven years of living on my own was a shock in itself, as was living in the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Getting my own place in the city is one of the very best things that happened to me this year, hands down.  New Zealand was pretty awesome too.  I’ve been extremely lucky in the travel department and I can only hope that 2010 allows for more roaming opportunities as well.  Let’s see, what else…starting my own column for an entertainment magazine was pretty cool, so that goes on this list.  My almost year-long pay cut was lifted last week.  I met some awesome new friends this year too and that’s always a plus.  I also apparently lost a bit of weight without even trying and there’s no way I can complain about that (lacking a vehicle does have its health benefits).

The downs:  I watched helplessly as my best friend and her longtime boyfriend lost their jobs, home and old selves to a drug addiction.  I don’t really speak to her anymore (even though I try) and losing that friendship has been a massive low for me.  I was also dumped.  That was a bad bit of time for sure but I seem to have come out on the other side much stronger and wiser.  Good for me!  On a smaller scale, I had a ten percent pay cut for the majority of the year and that was not so fun.  Thank goddess that’s over.  A couple of elderly family members passed away but in all honesty it’s hard to get depressed when they each lived long and healthy lives.

Looking at it objectively, I suppose it’s been an okay year.  I would gladly give up my trip or writing accomplishments to have my friends clean and sober though.  I’m not sure I would give up anything to be back with my ex because the further I get from the relationship the more I realize that I deserve (and can find) so much better than what he was able to give me.  Zing!

For next year…well, my biggest hope is that my friend does finally clean up her act.  It took me a while to realize that no one else can save her and I hope more than anything that she can find the strength to do it herself.  I also hope that I continue to stay employed at a job I at least somewhat enjoy.  I hope for health and happiness for my friends and family and I also hope the same for yours.  It would also be cool if I found more ways to earn money through my writing (anyone want to pay me to blog?).  Other than that, if I can continue to live my awesome life in the way I want then I’ll be content.

I’ll drink to that!

Also, it wouldn’t be a holiday if I didn’t remind my fantastic readers to watch it on the roads tonight.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – only idiots drink and drive.  If you’re in Chicago then you should take advantage of the penny rides the buses and el are offering all night long.  If you’re elsewhere, just use your brain and lay off the hooch if you need to get behind the wheel.  I hope everyone has a fabulously fun and safe evening and I’ll be back to entertain you all next year!

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