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Holy crap, there’s one week until Christmas.

I’ve spent this week working, training at the museum, grabbing holiday drinks with friends, wrapping gifts, making out Christmas cards, purchasing last-minute gifts and then wrapping those, eating, fighting a stupid cold and eating some more. I also have to get ready for Scott’s birthday (it’s next week too), pack up almost everything I own (including all gifts and dirty laundry…literally, not figuratively) for our trip to see my mom for Christmas, prepare to be out of the office for a few days and finish year-end stuff there and actually finish gift-purchasing and gift wrapping. Then I have to strategically avoid looking at my bank account until my next paycheck in case I have a heart attack.


Why don’t people exchange vegetables at Christmas? I guess I could try but I’d look like a real fruit. Ha! 

Is it any wonder my brain feels like it’s been strangled with Christmas lights? I feel like I’m forgetting things even though I’ve created numerous lists and checked them way more than twice. How do people with kids do all of this without dashing through the halls and straight out the door into a loony-bin? I don’t know – the only thing I do know is that I’m almost sick of eating my weight in chocolate, pies, cookies and various other baked treats.

Almost. Because let’s be real – that sugar is what’s getting me through all this!

Merry merry holiday and all that jazz – enjoy what you can while you can because this season too will be over before we know it!

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Fun and Fancy Free

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Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Perhaps Bill Gates or Donald Trump don’t search out great deals but most everyone I know loves a freebie.  And luckily for me, this week has been full of them!

I love free stuff!

I love free stuff!

I guess technically my streak started on Friday and Saturday, since I got those weird free issues of Forbes (thankfully, no more since then).  However since I didn’t really want them, I’m not counting it.  Officially (in my book), things began on Sunday when I went to the annual Volunteer Brunch for the food pantry I help out at.   It was held at an Irish restaurant and the food was delicious, as always.  I enjoyed fruit, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, muffins and some more fruit, all without shelling out dime.  Then on Monday a coworker gave me a Valentine’s Day cookie she made over the weekend.  It looks store bought (as you can see for yourself) and tasted better than most anything I could have purchased.  She also used the healthiest ingredients possible so I feel just a tad less guilty for enjoying it so much!

Tuesday started off with another free treat as the Corner Bakery, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have all been handing out free beverages in the lobby of our building this week.  It’s a “sweet treat” also in honor of Valentine’s Day and I’m not complaining.  I would’ve grabbed something Monday morning but my train ran a little late and I didn’t have the time; however, I made up for that yesterday and today.  I nabbed a delicious hot chocolate yesterday morning and it was one of the very last they had left, so it was extra chocolate-y since it had been at the bottom of their thermos.

Last night, Scott and I went to a couples massage class at a local massage therapist’s office to learn some techniques and strategies for good, old-fashioned back rubbing.  It was all PG, I promise.  We, along with a few other couples besides ourselves, picked up some good tips in the hour and a half long class, all for the low low price of nothing.  Again, score!

Today I managed to get a free Starbucks hot tea from the gal in the lobby (though to be completely honest, it was kind of gross).  Then my lovely coworker gave me another heart-shaped cookie, which is definitely not so gross.  All in all, not a bad haul for it being only Wednesday!  Now if only I could somehow manage to get a free envelope containing hundred dollar bills…

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