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In keeping with the theme from my last post, here’s a new story.  My lunch was recently thrown out in my office, resulting in me being very angry and very hungry.  A few times a year some unlucky sap will get roped into cleaning out the office refrigerator and every single time that this has happened in my 1.5 years with the company, they sent a massive message out right before hand and waited until roughly 5 or 6pm before getting started.  So last Friday was the day they were going to be doing the cleaning and while I knew this, I figured it would be late in the afternoon and my lunch would be safe.  I typically eat rather late (2:30 or so, which leaves very little time left of work once I return which is why I do it) and about 2:15 I heard someone mention food was being trashed.  I sprinted (literally) into the kitchen only to see completely full trash cans and a completely empty fridge.

I almost cried.

Sad, sad day

The lunch I packed for myself was going to be my best one of the week – pesto/basil hummus with feta cheese, veggie turkey, nuts, cranberries, mushrooms and spinach on toasted whole wheat bread.  I also had some raw carrots and broccoli with a brand new bottle of dressing for dipping.  This was in a very handy plastic container featuring dividers that I’ve used for years.  When I left the house that morning I was feeling proud of myself for helping to save the Earth and also for my healthy lunch choices to help save my waistline.  I was giving myself a mental pat on the back and thinking about how I’d carry those good eating habits through the weekend.  When I realized my carefully prepared, delicious lunch was gone, that all flew out the window.

Of course the guy cleaning feigned remorse and pointed to the trash can I could find it in if I so desired.  He’s now on my permanent shit list but that’s a different story.  I wound up eating cold french fries left over from another person’s lunch while quietly lamenting the loss of my sandwich.  I was so hungry when I got home that I then consumed a ton of queso and chips, only to continue eating at the bar I went to that night.  I figured that if the gods and goddesses of food conspired against me and took away my original healthy meal, the least I could do was to spite them and eat like crap for the rest of the night.  And eat like crap I did.  Beer, more fries, more chips, guacamole, a veggie burger and many beers were all downed like nobody’s business.  Apparently that’s what I get for trying to be healthy and environmentally conscious.

My lunches have been safe this week but without my old trusty blue lunch box, they’ll never be the same.

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