Yard Sale!

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I went home this past weekend to help out in our annual family yard sale.  It’s been going on for as long as I can remember and after asking some of my aunts, it seems that our family has been having a yard sale in one form or another for about 5o years.  Holy crap that’s a long time!  For as long as I’ve been alive it’s been held in my grandma’s driveway and this year was no different.  There were roughly 10 families that contributed and we had an incredible amount of stuff to sell.  And because this was in Southern Indiana, we even had a couple of toilets and a kitchen sink in the front yard.  To sell – those aren’t there year round.  We’re not that Southern. 

Look at all of that junk!

Look at all of that junk!

The yard sale is, unsurprisingly, a lot of work.  I haven’t been to one in a few years so I had forgotten just how much work it can be.  It didn’t help that the temperature was around 90 both days and it was very sunny – we had a canopy set up so that helped create some shade for the checkout table but I still got a bit of a sunburn.  My sister and I had to fix a catastrophe when our large department-store style clothing rack fell apart and at one point we were using  a mallet and the arm power of some old guy who had stopped to shop to try to patch everything back together.  It did not work and in the end we set up a metal rod between to ladders to hold the clothes.  It was a solution Jeff Foxworthy would’ve been proud of and while it didn’t look too classy, it did the trick.  I’m just glad the rack didn’t fall on a shopper because all of those clothes + the heat index would’ve probably suffocated them before we could get them out.  We’ve made it this far without a yard-sale-related lawsuit and that’s a record we’d like to keep. 

Most everyone made decent money and even I left with more than I had been planning on, so that was nice.  I also got to spend some quality time with my family (even though we were sweaty and exhausted) and we had as much fun as can be had while, well, being sweaty and exhausted.  Really though I did get to spend more time with my mom, grandparents, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins than I have in a long while and that was pretty great.  I also enjoyed a dinner with two of my oldest and dearest friends and, even though I wish I could’ve spent more time with them, I was glad I got to see them for a bit. 

Every time I visit home I have thoughts about moving back.  I love Chicago – LOVE it.  It’s my home and I feel myself more here than anywhere I’ve ever lived.  It’s an amazing city and I get to do things here that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do anywhere else.  At the same time, I do miss my family and friends in Indiana and it’s hard to be so far away from them.  Why can’t they just hurry up and invent teleportation so I can live in Chicago but go back down south in the blink of an eye?  I’d like to see an Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for that!  I’d even donate all of my yard sale earnings, too.

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Love is in the Air

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My heart is just so full of happiness and mush that it could very well burst and spew gooey redness all over the place!

Why?  Well, my best friend since freshman year in high school just got engaged!  Her ahem fiance organized a flash mob with a local radio station this morning and surprised her outside of her office with a song and dance routine.  It was ADORABLE.  And it couldn’t happen to a better girl.  Both she and her man spent a few years battling a serious addiction problem but they both came out on the other side and are doing better than ever.  It seriously makes me want to cry when I think about what she’s been through and how much better off she is now.  I couldn’t be prouder of her and the relationship she’s in has endured a decade’s worth of addiction and illness (even cancer) but thankfully they are both sober and healthy and now they’re engaged!  I’m about to vomit from the cuteness.

Also, another close friend of mine will be getting married in exactly 9 days in Florida.  Scott and I really want to be there but since it’s not in the financial cards for us right now, we’ll be sending our well wishes from afar.  I spent a few hours last night helping the soon-to-be-bride with some wedding stuff and I’m super excited for her as well.  Insert more gooey sentimentality here.

Seriously though, it makes me happy when those I love are happy and that’s all I want for my friends and family.  And while I’m in no hurry to walk down the aisle anytime soon, I know I’m lucky to have someone in my life who genuinely wants to listen to how my day went and will clean the toilet if I ask.


ALSO – Illinois is voting to legalize gay marriage TODAY!  If this happens, my heart might legitimately explode.  And I’d be happy to let it!

And here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is more enjoyable than cleaning toilets!

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