Cricket’s Love Song

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Yesterday morning, as I was sitting quietly on the train and making my way to work, I listened to the Calm Mediation station.  I do this when I’m on the train and there’s someone speaking in annoying loud and obnoxious tones (which happens more often than not).  So there I was, trying to enjoy a few peaceful moments before entering yet another crazy workday.  I was enjoying A Cricket’s Love Song by Kelvin Mockingbird (yes, I realize how hippie-dippy/New Age this makes me sound and I don’t really care).  The song was full of flute music and – surprise – crickets.  It was actually pretty soothing and was helping to relax me a bit.  Then the music abruptly stopped and I heard the following:

Man’s voice: 911.  What is your emergency?

Creepy, raspy voice of a woman:  Three.

Man’s Voice: Three what?

Creepy, raspy lady: Three people.

Man: Three people what, ma’am?

Creepy, raspy lady: Three people are dead.  AND I KILLED THEM!

At this point, my eyes are open and I’m WTF’ing all over the place.  I turned my phone on to see just what was going on and this is what I saw:

Holy Mary Mother of God

As you can probably imagine, my morning went from serene to scary in just under .2 seconds.  And I’m sorry if this photo freaks you out but imagine how I felt!  Truth be told, I was glad that my phone wasn’t intercepting some other dimensional phone call where a crazy woman in desperate need of a throat lozenge was confessing her greatest sins, but I could’ve done without the entire experience.  It certainly got my attention and it certainly didn’t make me want to see the movie.

Stupid commercials.

I know I could upgrade my Pandora and pay to omit the ads but I’m too cheap for that, as little as I listen to it.  So I suppose I’ll just suffer through the ads and hope that Kelvin Mockingbird can come back to save the day.

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