My Hero!

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It’s been a long week and my brain is completely, utterly through with me. This was evidenced by the fact that I dropped my wallet outside of Target in downtown Chicago today and walked far, far away without it. However, by the time I got back to my office I had an email that someone had messaged me on this here blog and that message was from a mysterious Superman who happened to find my wallet, google my name and come across this site (don’t ask me how because I don’t understand the internet). He wasn’t exactly sure he had the right person but had turned in my wallet to Target anyway and wanted to let me know. Guy, if you’re reading this, I will buy you a drink or a taco or a cape and Superman t-shirt because you seriously saved my ass.


I think I need to go home and hide under my covers for the rest of the day.

Seriously. This area of downtown is full of tourists and also known for panhandlers and homeless people so I’m extremely lucky someone didn’t just plain steal my stuff. I told the guy that I hope karma repays him with wonderful things and I absolutely mean that. I have never, until today, lost a wallet and I don’t even know how I would go about trying to fix my life if mine hadn’t been found. I know Chicago sometimes gets a bad rap as a dangerous place but there are still good people out there who look out for the strangers that share their city. And you can be sure I’ll be looking for ways to pay this forward in the near future.

Thanks again to my stranger savior and hell, thanks to WordPress for giving me a place that somehow linked us together. I guess my blogging isn’t so pointless after all!

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Full of Fall

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Happy Fall!  This is officially my favorite time of the year and my weekend was spent delving into all that this season has to offer.

An apple a day…

Friday night Scott and I kicked everything off by watching Night of the Living Dead…which was as hilarious as it was spooky.  I know we’ll be watching our fair share of scary movies in the weeks to come so this old school black and white classic was a good way to begin.  On Saturday, we went to an Apple Festival in a nearby neighborhood and enjoyed some cider while watching live music, checking out booths and stopping in local stores.  The festival featured apple pizza (I didn’t try it but it did look pretty good), apple beer, apple cider and of course…apples.  Rain had threatened the entire weekend but the weather was actually perfect – crisp, cool and sunny, which allowed me to bust out a light scarf and some old boots.  I’m not huge into fashion but one of the reasons I love living in a climate with seasons is that it gives me the opportunity to change my wardrobe and accessories from to time.

Which is one of the reasons I headed to Target after the Apple Fest.  I walked to work on Friday morning with a light sweater and flip-flops, which I’m sad to say is no longer appropriate clothing for this time of the year.  I was in the market for a new light coat and of course Target never disappoints, so I’m now not so frozen on my morning commute.  The other reason I wanted to swing by the store was to load up on some Halloween decorations…I realize it might be a bit early and all but Scott and I both are fans of decorating and we needed more spider webs and lights to create the mood we were going for.  After pulling out all of our decorations from last year and utilizing a few extension cords and a box of tacks, our apartment became spookified once again.  We even decorated our back balcony and the dinner guests we had over last night seemed more impressed with our Halloween spirit than weirded out by how early we were decorating, so clearly we associate with the right kinds of people.

Sidenote:  Saturday night was also the long-awaited performance of my celebrity crush on SNL and I just want to put it out there that he parodied the stripper film Magic Mike in the opening sequence…meaning he did a strip show of his own.  Pretty much the best SNL ever.  That is all.


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The Professionals

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The move has come and gone and I’m still around to blog about it.  And let me just say – never again will I move my own stuff.  Not when there are companies like The Professionals to do all of the work for me!

Three dudes named Carlos (yes, that was really their names…I asked) showed up Friday night, on time and ready to go.  These guys became my best friends over the next few hours and ended up completely blowing my mind.  I just stood to the side and tried to stay out of their way as they loaded up box after box, tied them together and threw them on their backs.  They made it look so easy but I know how heavy that stuff was and while all I wanted to do was apologize, they just rolled with it and loaded everything up.  The entire move took 3 hours, from the time they showed up to the time their big truck pulled off into the horizon.  3 hours.  It would’ve taken me 3 days to do myself.

They ended up coming in almost $50 lower than the absolute lowest quote they gave me, so that was pretty awesome. They also left me with some new mugs featuring their logo and the promise that they were going out to take some shots of tequila for me.   Other than Catsby freaking out and shredding one of my very favorite, oldest T-shirts (leaving me flashing a bit of skin for the entire move, as all of my clothing was boxed up) everything went way better than expected.  By 2am Saturday morning I had managed to unpack quite a bit of the overall haul –  I was like a machine and had to force myself to stop before I unpacked the entire night through.  It’s just so exciting!  The rest of the weekend was spent making large runs to Trader Joe’s and Target (where I had an unfortunate incident involving my clumsiness deactivating an escalator…luckily I hid quick enough so no one could pin it on me) and finishing up the unpacking.  I managed to put together a new shelf all by myself, so I’m fairly proud of that.  I also cleaned up and said goodbye to my old place, and even met the new girl moving in on my way out.  And because I’m a sucker, I actually also carried up a few of her boxes.  Anyway, if all goes according to plan I should be completely finished with unpacking everything at the new pad later tonight!

Ahh scary

So, because you know how I love my lists, here’s a few things that make my new place superior to my last:

  • Nicer neighborhood, with one of the biggest and most scenic parks in the city right down the street
  • Central AC and an actual thermostat
  • Back porch
  • Tons of counter/cabinet space
  • More space in every room
  • Closer walk to the train
  • Better location
  • Convenient spot for Catsby’s litter box, no longer in my bedroom (yes!)
  • Better water pressure
  • Great natural light (though not so great I can get dressed sans artificial light.  Example: I could’ve sworn I put on brown pants this morning.  Imagine my surprise when I got on the elevator and realized they were, in fact, quite black)
  • Walking distance to some of my all-time favorite people
  • I now get to sleep in roughly 20 minutes later (theoretically – my dad actually called me this morning at my old wake up time, so the extra sleep will hopefully begin tomorrow)
  • Did I mention I now have a dishwasher?  I was doing dishes this weekend and I wasn’t even home

Even Carlos #2 told me it was a nicer place, so that’s something.

I would also like to take a brief moment and give a shout out to all of my wonderful friends who lent the use of their vehicles and muscles this weekend.  They transported plants, Catsby, groceries, the most expensive cumulative purchase I’ve ever made at Target and myself and for that I could not be more grateful.  I’m lucky enough to have some fantastic people in my life and if you’re one of them and reading this (you know who you are) THANK YOU once again for being so freakin’ awesome.  I owe you a dinner in my sweet new pad.  And I’ll gladly dish wash your dishes!

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All Packed Up and No Place to Go

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There are 10 days until I move.

This is not me, as I actually think I'm kicking this move's ass

I have class until 9pm tonight, will be out-of-town Friday – Monday evening, have class next Tuesday until 9pm, will be attending a volunteer appreciation benefit at the Field Museum next Wednesday and am picking up my keys to my new place next Thursday night.  Movers will be at my apartment a week from Friday when I get home from work.  For those of you keeping score at home, that leaves me with two nights to finish shoving everything I own into various boxes and bags.  Am I worried?  Not really.  I have roughly 87% of my packing finished and really the only thing left is my kitchen/pantry area.  And of course cleaning, but that’s on the back burner until the place is entirely emptied out.

So yes, as I mentioned, I hired movers.  Considering my lack of vehicle and lack of desire to try to fit my queen sized bed on the bus, I thought this was the best option.  Especially since I’ll be moving from a second floor to a third floor (elevators do not appear to exist in Chicagoland apartments).  My plan is to stand around, with a wine glass in one hand and a french cigarette holder in the other, directing the three strong and burly men I’ve hired to be careful with my coloring books and monkey photos.  Yeah, that sounds about right.

Since I had to get such an early start on packing due to the crazy schedule I’ve made for myself, I’ve been sitting around staring at boxes for about a week.  It’s rather depressing.  It’s also frustrating as hell when I reach for something and realize it’s in a box and surrounded by tape.  Why I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and pack up just about every writing utensil I own, I’ll never know.  Ditto for my extra tube of toothpaste.  Anyway, as moving will be taking over my life for the next few weeks you’ll likely find a few more blog posts referring to it in the coming days.  And while I may not be too worried about packing, I will admit that it’s still just a tad stressful.  I’m more than excited to move to my new ‘hood but there are things (coughTargetcough) that I’m going to miss as I leave them behind.  However, I won’t miss quite a few things as well and that list might make an appearance here later this week.  Either way, every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (thanks Green Day) so this is no different.  If I can figure out where I stored my toothpaste I’ll be able to handle just about anything.

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On Target

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Target disorients me with its awesomeness

Oh, Target.  How often do people enter your store with the good intention of buying just one item?  As we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Even though you are ohsoclose to me, I try to avoid you because I know you’re not always good for me.  Or my budget.  This weekend, though, I was really looking forward to a shopping spree, courtesy of my landlord.

Yup, he finally came through for me and I had a $100.00 Visa card in my apartment when I came home Friday afternoon.  He had been promising me a gift card to Target ever since my bathroom pipe debacle and he was good to his word.  Well, not exactly – the gift card was a Visa card which required me to activate it before use.  No biggie, right?

Right.  So I went to Target yesterday, after carefully planning out my list, and was more than excited to have $100.00 to blow that did not come directly from my paycheck.  You know how it is with Target – I thought I’d be in and out in 20 minutes.  Ha.  I was there almost two hours (in part because they finished the produce area and I had to give it a look-see) but I was pretty happy that I found everything I needed.  Various groceries, water filters, prescriptions, a new watch (which I’m going to have to return – damn these stupid dainty wrists), shampoo, body wash…the usual odds and ends that make up any good trip to Target.  I had a feeling I was getting close to my hundred-dollar limit so I wandered on up to the registers, my Visa card out and ready to pay.


What in the wide, wide world of sports?  Apparently these cards take a few days to activate, even after you go online and follow the directions to activate them.  You can imagine how I felt when I was told that it wasn’t quite activated and I’d have to wait a few days.  The shock.  The horror.  The embarrassment as a line of people behind me rolled their eyes and breathed one collective sigh of frustration.  It was a truly magical moment.

So I had to shell out some of my own hard-earned money to get the hell out of the store.  Looks like I’ll be holding on to my Visa gift card for a few more days (but not too long, because after every month that goes by where it’s not used, money is taken off the card.  They really are jerks like that).  I was so proud of myself for saving the card for groceries and other necessary items and now those items are paid for and the card is burning a hole in my pocket.  Should I save it for my next day of errand running and grocery buying?  Should I spend it on something totally irresponsible and reckless?  If so, what?

Yeah, yeah…I’ll probably save it for groceries.  Sometimes grown-ups have all the fun.

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Time Out

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My watch died today.


I bought this watch almost two years ago because I had a new grown up job and my Velcro watch with dinosaurs on it no longer seemed appropriate.  I’ve worn it nearly every day since then and I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that its battery was not eternal.  In fact, I think my watch has been dying a slow and painful death and I was too oblivious to figure it out.

A couple of months ago I noticed that the inside of the watch, the part that wraps around my wrist, was rusting.  Not surprising given the fact that I paid a whopping $12.99 for the thing to begin with, but it was something I noted.  Last week I saw some condensation under the face and while I should’ve taken it off then and put it out of its misery, I thought it would recover.  Instead, the discoloration of the face and random water bubbles only got worse and the time only got harder to tell.  This morning, I glanced at it and actually commented to someone that I thought I needed to get a new watch – and I think that’s what killed it.  When I looked at it a half hour later, the time was stuck at 6:30am and it will remain stuck there forever and ever because I’m not going to shell out money for a new battery when a new watch will likely cost me the same (thank you, Target).  I do think it’s ironic that it died within moments of me saying it was on its way out and I’m glad I was able to use it once more before its untimely demise.  Or not so untimely, depending on how you look at it.

Whatever new watch I get, I can promise you that it won't be pink.

Good grief, I just checked my wrist for the time as I’m typing about how my watch no longer works. I’ve done this roughly 4,578 times today and it’s getting old.  Perhaps I should forgo buying a new one and get used to going without?  People evolved for thousands and thousands of years without a timepiece strapped to their wrist so I know it’s possible.  However, I feels so damn naked today that I don’t think it’s going to be possible for me.

That leaves the question, what sort of new watch should I buy?  Obviously, it doesn’t need to be the most expensive thing out there as the one that broke was cheap as hell and worked perfectly up until the very end.  Excuse me while I wipe a tear.

So should I go fancy?  Sporty?  Get one with a calculator so I can finally let my inner nerd out for all to see?  Should I stick with analog or maybe go digital so I can tell more easily when drinking?  Maybe I could try to find a Go Go Gadget Watch?  Or how about a pocket watch, so I can pretend to be old and classy?  The possibilities are endless.  However, if I’m going to be completely honest, there’s a very strong chance that I’ll buy a newer version of the one that just died.  Would that be lame?  I really liked it and unless they come out with watches that shoot lasers or make pancakes, I don’t think it’ll matter too much – I just need it to tell time.  And yes, I know that cell phones do this for us but my wrist is usually a lot closer than my phone.  So I’ll be out on a not so exciting watch hunt this weekend – but if I find one that will maim my enemies or flip my veggie burger you can bet you’ll be the first to know.

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