Cat Lady

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I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently when we, like many single twenty-something women, started talking about our cats.  We quickly got on the topic of cat chats, or talking to our pets.  We both do this a lot.  I really have no standard to measure myself against to ensure I’m not on the fast track to being a crazy cat lady like on the Simpsons and I can only hope that this is somewhat normal.  I know my mom talks to her cats pretty frequently but insanity can be hereditary so I probably shouldn’t measure myself against her either.

Is it really so strange that I pretend to have entire conversations with my feline friend?

A look into my future?!

She looks at me with such inquisitive eyes and when I ask her a question she tilts her head before meowing a response, so I can almost convince myself she understands.  When I tell her she really needs to get a job or at least start cleaning her own litter box, the look of disdain that she tosses my way before shoving her butt in my face makes it very difficult to believe that she doesn’t understand.  I talk to her as I cook in the kitchen or clean my apartment and I’ll tell her exactly what I think of that client I had on the phone or the jerk in the car who ran the stop sign by my apartment.  I try not to cuss around her too much though, because she’s only 7.

I also make up songs about what I’m doing and serenade her with them.  Should I be concerned that that’s a bit odd?  I really enjoy doing it so even if it is strange, I don’t think I’ll stop.  My most recent favorite improvised song is a new rendition of “I’m Gonna Sex You Up”, using the words “I’m Gonna Shoot You Up” instead.  I typically sing this while I’m preparing to give Catsby her insulin shot.

What do people without pets do?  Talk to themselves?  To be honest, a percentage of my ramblings are often directed at myself but since I’ve got that furry companion hanging around so much I can pretend that the words were meant for her instead.  And since talking to my cat is probably somewhat saner than talking to my coat rack, I’ll continue to chat her up.  I’ll even continue to think she’s responding to me so as to convince myself that I’m still the dominant one in the house.  Maybe tonight I’ll even tell her about today’s post, after I ask her how the job search is going.

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