The Worst Valentine’s Date Ever

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With the approaching Hallmark Holiday, I felt the need to reminisce on the various Valentine’s Days that I’ve had.  One particular memory stood out and I figured it a good enough story to share, so here we are.  When I was in high school, I worked at the local Dairy Queen (yup, just like Parker Posey in Waiting for Guffman).  Being a young female fast food worker in a very small town meant that I was often hit on by less than stellar prospects.  One year, around V-day, the cousin of a coworker started hanging around the store.  We exchanged pleasantries a few times and he was fairly nice so I didn’t balk in horror when he walked in on February 14th with a rose and a card for me.  I thought it was sweet and figured I’d at least take him up on his offer for a date.  That was my first mistake.

We agreed upon a day to go out but didn’t discuss specifics.  As the night approached, he called to tell me that his truck was in the shop and he would either have to reschedule or I would have to drive.  No big deal, he actually lived rather close to me so I offered to pick him up.  I arrived at his place and we started discussing things to do.  Since he had asked me out, I figured he would have a general plan or at least some ideas on hand.  Nope.  He did tell me that he was really close to broke, so the cheaper things could be the better.  I suggested arcade games for a bit at the mall (hey, I was in high school and there wasn’t much else to do) so that’s where we went.  He put a couple of dollars in for change and we blew through that in about ten minutes.  I put a few more bucks in, and a few more after that.  And then a few more.  This was probably mistake number two, because I should have realized that this would set a president for the rest of the night.  After an hour or two of air hockey and Pac-Man, I was about finished with the gaming and getting hungry.  So was he and we tried to think of a place that would serve us a meal for free.  When that didn’t work, I offered to take us to the cheapest place I could think of.  I was getting low on funds myself and at this point in the date I didn’t want to shell out big bucks for a meal.  So…

We had our first date dinner at Taco Bell.  I paid, of course, and we had a somewhat decent dinner conversation.  However, I was kind of wondering what he expected from all of this.  Did he really think that type of date would woo me?  I’m not trying to sound bitchy or snobby or anything, because I honestly don’t mind going dutch on dates or even picking up the whole tab.  I think it’s only fair in this liberal, women-can-do-anything-men-can-do age.  However, if I asked someone out on a date I would at least make sure I had enough money to cover it, even if they did want to pay for some of it out of their own pocket.  Especially a first date with a new person.  That’s my humble opinion.

So after we finished the fancy Taco Hell dinner, I drove him home.  He invited me in but I politely declined, as it was getting late (9pm).  I would have figured that he sensed the date was a dud, but my coworker told me later how much fun his cousin had and how he wanted to ask me out again.  Lucky me.  I never took him up on his offer for another date, though I was slightly curious as to whether or not it would have gone the same way.

You know, I’m not against being thrifty and having financially responsible dates involving video games and cheap food.  Under other circumstances it could have been whimsical and cute – I just didn’t think it was first date material.  And even though I was in high school, this guy was older than me and I figured he would have something a bit more grown-up planned.  Again, a mistake in thinking on my part.  Oh well, if this was the worst first date I ever had then I suppose I’ve been pretty lucky.  And it is pretty funny, when I think about it.

As a side note, I’m heading home this long weekend and since that means a loss of internet, you can expect another post early next week.  If you’re lucky, it will include highlights of a vegetarian’s family birthday dinner at a place called Beef O’Brady’s.  I can’t wait!

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