Work Perks

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Last week was full of work-related perks and I’m not complaining!

I worked an annual conference we have on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning and since I had to be on the clock at 6am, my company put me up in the hotel where we held the conference for on Wednesday night. It just so happened to be in the Four Seasons and the room I was given just so happened to be an executive corner suite so it was quite swanky. We were allowed to have our significant others stay with us and so Scott made the trip downtown, where we were surprised with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries as a pre-wedding gift from some coworkers. I may or may not have cried. Sweet indeed!


Not bad for a Wednesday night!

Then on Friday we had a group outing to the Arlington Racetrack where we had lunch and watched horse races all afternoon. I only bet on one race and no, I did not win. It was fun though, despite the horrid service we had at the restaurant for lunch and the nightmare of an Uber ride we had through Friday rush hour traffic back to the city. But it was better than being in the office, that’s for sure! Well, maybe not…I would’ve sooner been tethered to my cubicle than sitting in traffic but we can’t win ’em all. And it was a beautiful afternoon, so we had that going for us. Plus – free lunch!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enjoy these perks to the fullest of my ability because I’ve been fighting a cold (or multiple colds) for over a week. However I still enjoyed myself as much as I possibly could and I learned the hard way that champagne doesn’t cure a head cold – but the tequila I had at the racetrack helped!

I’m still not feeling great and I wish I could keep up the tequila diet at the office but I somehow think that my employer would frown upon that. And goddess knows I don’t want to lose these perks!


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Book Club Baby Shower!

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Just in time to be a month late, I remembered I’d forgotten to post about our last book club meeting. Make sense? Thought so.

Our book club has been getting together for like seven years now and we’ve all grown pretty close. So when one of our members announced a pregnancy, we got all giddy and super excited. This particular member offered to host our last meeting at her house in the (almost) burbs and we managed to surprise her with a baby shower in her very own home! A home, by the way, that made me green with envy. After having spent the last five years in a one-bedroom apartment and sharing a single closet with Scott, walking through her four-bedroom domicile was like walking through a dream full of everything I’ve always wanted and nothing I could ever afford. Suffice to say – she’s got a nice place.

And we decorated it super fast! Well, a couple of us decorated it while the others got her to give us a tour. We totally stretched that out too, asking all sorts of questions about original woodwork and television screen placement. But our ruse worked and when we made our way downstairs, she was definitely surprised! And even a little teary-eyed, which we’ll just attribute to hormones and being surrounded by wonderful women.


We didn’t do anything like this nor did we bring baby books because we clearly suck at this shower thing. But we tried!

So we sat around and watched her open gifts while eating a ton of food and drinking wine that the pregnant lady can’t have right now. She was happy regardless though and I’m pretty sure she liked all of her gifts. As for the actual book club part of this party, we all read a book. But we all read different books because when we chose in January we were all exhausted from the holidays and couldn’t be bothered to be specific. We all read “romantic” books since we were meeting in February and I chose to re-read Great Expectations, which I read forever ago but forgot all about. And I really liked it! Miss Havisham is a great character and Pip is someone I love to hate. It also made me want to watch the movie starring Ethan Hawke but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

The other girls read other books but since it’s been a month I’ve forgotten all about those. I do remember having fun though and unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the next get-together since I’ll be out of town. But soon enough we’ll all be together again celebrating our newest book club member and reading her nursery books so we can look forward to that!

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