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I went to my first rooftop Cub’s game on Saturday with my mom, sister and sister’s boyfriend and it was awesome.  The Cubs were playing the Cincinnati Reds and since that’s a favorite team of both my mom and my sister, I rooted against my local guys and wore red myself.  Then I turned red, as I got super incredibly sunburned.  More on that proof of my own idiocy later.

So the rooftop game was pretty cool.  I’ve been to Wrigley Field a couple of times and while there’s nothing like watching a ball game from one of the oldest stadiums in the country, the rooftop thing wasn’t a bad deal.  We payed a flat price for all you could eat snacks and all you could drink beer/wine and when you consider the $8 PBR’s in Wrigley Field, I think we may have come out ahead.  I was a little worried about a lack of vegetarian food but they had pizza, chips, veggie burgers and cookies so I was all set.  There were plenty of beers to choose from too and I stuck with Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy throughout the afternoon.  All of that was well and good, plus there was a ballgame going on that I guess I should mention.  I’m the type of fair weather sports fan that much prefers a live game over anything else so this was more fun for me than sitting in a bar with a TV ever could have been.  The Reds wound up beating the Cubs (in fact, they did that all three games in the series) and since the ratio of Cubs to Reds fans on the rooftop was about even, it was fun for everyone.  There were some really entertaining people in the crowd too, including a few bachelor/bachelorette parties featuring super drunk brides and grooms-to-be.  Of course, drunken shenanigans is nothing new where Cubs games are concerned!



And now, the sunburn…the weather was calling for rain and clouds all day Saturday so imagine our surprise when the sun came out a little after the game got started.  Since we were sitting on a roof, there wasn’t really any shade.  I realized I should’ve brought some sunscreen about halfway through the game and by the time it was over and we found another bar, I was completely fried.  As was my sister, so at least I don’t feel too bad (you should’ve seen us trying to hug each other goodbye…).  I thought I learned my lesson last year after I got scorched on St. Patrick’s Day but noooOOOooo.  I will now be carrying sunscreen with me everywhere I go until at least November.  Seriously, this hurts.  My left arm is the one that was directly in the sun and I can barely move it.  The part in my hair got burned so my hair hurts.  I skipped the gym yesterday and am not real sure I should attempt it today since it pretty much pains me to exist right now.  I am taking full responsibility for my stupidity and dumbassness and here’s hoping I’ve learned my lesson once and for all.  And if I wind up with another burn like this anytime in the next few years, I give everyone reading this full permission to smack me.

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I am sunburned.  Badly.  In Chicago, in March.  What in the what?

Scott and I went to the park this weekend to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather and abundant sunshine but my dumb ass did not think to put on sunscreen.  Apparently the fact that my pasty white skin hasn’t seen the light of day in half a year doesn’t matter much to me and I completely neglected to take the appropriate measures.  I am now paying for it as little bits of skin fall off my body.

Since Google Image searches for sunburns is really scary, here is an illustration of what I felt like until I looked in a mirror

It’s completely my fault and I take full blame.  It was just so nice to sit on a blanket with my book that I fell asleep before I knew it.  I didn’t realize anything was wrong until we were walking home and stepped into the shade – that’s when I looked down and groaned.  You would think that at this age I’d be a little better prepared but noooo, not me.  I tempted the sun and the sun won.  In fact, it completely kicked my ass.  But what about my red-headed boyfriend, who is the fairest of the fair?  He didn’t use sunscreen either and looks perfectly fine, albeit a bit more bronzed.  The rays only had eyes for me, it would seem.

I’ll live and all but I do feel rather stupid.  I guess it’s good to get it out of the way now and not when I’m on vacation in May, right?  Maybe.  I still feel like an idiot and am red in the face (in more ways than one).  So I’ll sit here and simmer while applying yet another round of Aloe.

Welcome to Spring!


And PS – GO IU!!!

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