Things I Love

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  • My husband (we’re lovingly spending our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple apart – he’ll be in class all night so I’ll be cuddling with the cat – welcome to marriage!)
  • My family – even the crazy ones (and even my sister who is on a cruise to Bermuda right freaking now)
  • My wonderful, freaky, nerdy friends
  • My sickly, silly cat
  • My job (most days)
  • The country I live in (most days)
  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Pizza
  • Wine
  • Museums, volunteering at museums and staying the night at museums with tons of kids and their families
  • Books and reading
  • Journals and writing
  • Also – Netflix
  • That feeling when you have freshly shaved legs and put clean sheets on your bed and jump in
  • Traveling and experiencing new places, people, ideas and things
  • Panko – this is a new discovery and I’m obsessed
  • Sunshine
  • My purple hoodie
  • My couch
  • The view of Chicago from the Field Museum (and the view of the city from just about anywhere else)
  • The fact that I’m getting better at yoga and can now kick my foot up over my head without falling and busting my ass
  • Being vegetarian
  • The fact that I can feel strongly about things, find like-minded people and then take action to do what we feel is right – without getting beaten up or jailed
  • Did I mention wine?

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Long Lost Junk

April 20, 2011 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

I always think it’s interesting to see what sort of stuff emerges from the woodwork when you begin to pack up your

Easy - move

entire life in preparation for a move.  Seeing as how I’m preparing to move into my 8th new place in the last 10 years (whoa really?  Yeah, I guess that’s right…), I’ve enjoyed being able to do a massive inventory of my crap prior to each relocation.  Even so, I’m often amazed at what I come up with as I clean stuff out.  Here are some recent examples:

  • A sturdy white step stool that’s been hiding in the storage unit in my basement (having a storage unit is a double-edged sword, let me tell you).  Had I remembered its existence, I probably wouldn’t have fallen off of my kitchen chair while trying to change my smoke detector batteries last year.
  • A box full of car cleaning supplies.  Good car cleaning supplies, also hidden in my basement storage unit.  One of the things my dad taught me when I was younger was how to properly detail a car; when I owned one, I enjoyed taking the time to make it look good.  So I have quite a collection of waxes, cleansers, sprays and brushes, all of which I completely forgot I owned.  Hell, I didn’t even have a car when I moved into this place so I have no idea why I’m still lugging this box around.  It will soon find a new home with my momma.
  • A box full of gardening supplies (including a rubber hose.  Who am I?).  See above for the general gist of why I have this even though I no longer have a garden.  The only difference is that Dad didn’t teach me squat about gardening; my female parental unit schooled me on that.
  • A massive collection of hair ties, found under a rug.  This is The Great Catsby’s doing, as she plays fetch with them and steals them in the middle of the night if they’re not safely secured around my wrist.
  • A pair of pajama pants I had long since though were lost.  The monsters under my bed must’ve hidden them because that’s where they were found.
  • Lots of dust, cat hair and a couple of spiders.  All have been forcefully removed from the premises.

Obviously, cleaning/packing/moving has some benefits.  Finding so much stuff makes it almost seem like Christmas!  But instead of having cool new things to play with, I have to reevaluate the life decisions that led me to keep so much junk to begin with.  And slowly but surely, I’ll continue to get rid of everything I can.

Until I move into my new place, of course.  Then this cycle will start all over again.  I guess sporadically de-junking my place is better than accumulating year after year after year…my mom has joked (?) on more than one occasion that when/if she moves from the home we’ve had for over 20 years, she’s just going to take a match to the place instead of packing.  Sounds like a plan but she better let me look through it all first…I might have another storage unit to fill up.

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