Neighborhood Watch

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Humans are creatures of habit and pretty much all of us have our usual morning workday routines.  If you’re someone who drives to work every day you probably don’t notice the same people each morning (or maybe you do, in which case you should probably be paying more attention to the road) but if you walk and or take a train, you might  see the same not-so-shining faces day in and day out.  Here is a list of those early commuters who don’t even realize they’re a part of my life:

  • The woman with the two little yappy dogs who can be seen walking every morning, followed by the woman with the very well-behaved Golden Retriever that gets a treat every time it stops before crossing the street.
  • The guy in the long trench coat who always seems overly concerned with his hair.
  • The annoying teenagers on their way to school, including the couple that apparently can’t walk more than 20 feet without hanging all over each other and the group of girls who yak so loudly I feel as though I need ear plugs.  I can only hope I wasn’t that obnoxious as a high-schooler, though I’m sure I was.  Probably worse.  Yikes.
  • The elementary school girl wearing an uncomfortable-looking uniform who gets into the taxi cab her father (or the older man I can only assume is her father) drives.  This makes me wish I had a free cab to take to work every day and yes, I’ve considered asking him for a lift.  Especially on cold/rainy mornings.
  • The woman who carries a large purple bag and reminds me of my mom.
  • The blond girl who carries a store-bought coffee every single morning as she passes me by.
  • The guy with the mustache who catches my train.  At first I thought that abysmal looking thing was for No-Shave November but when he kept it, I realized he must just make poor hair related choices instead.
  • The tall girl who reminds me of my old roommate, Sarah.  We always seem to pass each other on the exact same street corner.
  • The dark-haired girl who wears a fuzzy purple coat that must make pimps everywhere green with jealousy.

Strangers in the night...I mean morning

After cataloging all of this, I have to wonder at my stalker tendencies.  Am I the only one who notices these same people every day?  Do they notice me?  Am I a creep?  It’s not like I can just shut my eyes and pretend I’m not seeing the same faces on my walk each morning.  And it’s not as though I’m telling them things like “Oh, I like your haircut” or “You know, that color doesn’t really look too good on you.  You should stick to the shade you were wearing yesterday”.

Yet.  Perhaps after a few more months I’ll feel so close to these strangers that I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut.  I’ll keep you all updated on my forthcoming restraining orders.

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Strangers with Whiskey

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I took a megabus trip home this weekend to spend some quality time with some old friends and fam, and true to megabus form, I had an interesting trip.  I’m not sure what it is about me that encourages strangers to open up and tell me random things about themselves but it seems to happen a lot.  My Friday afternoon bus trip was no exception and was made worse by the fact that the guy sitting next to me was rather drunk.

I did not realize his drunkenness while we stood in line and chatted about megabus in general.  Oh, no.  I was oblivious until

Road trips are a trip

we sat down next to each other and he brought out a bottle of Jack Daniels that was 2/3 empty…he told me offhandedly that he had purchased it that afternoon.  It was then that I knew I was in for a long bus ride.

Over the course of the next three hours I was regaled with stories of his kinky girlfriend, his buddies who were growing some sort of fancy type of marijuana that I couldn’t begin to understand if I tried, his new job and recent move from another large Midwestern City, how his little sister was throwing her life away and how crappy his truck runs in Chicago winters.  At one point, this big burly man had tears running down his face as he told me how one of his friends gave him clean urine so he could pass a drug test.  Apparently, that’s the mark of a true friendship.  It was also around this time that I finally acquiesced and helped myself to what was left in his whiskey bottle.

After disembarking the bus (and leaving my drunken friend behind to go on to the next stop), I stood outside waiting on my ride mom.  While waiting, I somehow managed to get into a conversation about birthing practices in different cultures with a middle-aged woman also waiting for her ride.  In the span of about 90 seconds, we went from discussing the weather to talking about the evolution of the bodies of women and how modern birthing practices don’t take that evolution into account.  The whiskey may or may not have had something to do with my enthusiasm but hey, at least I wasn’t driving.

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Greetings to the blogosphere

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I’m not really sure what to expect with this whole new blogging adventure but I hope it can be something I actually keep up with.  I am in the midst of a pretty big break-up and I hope this will provide another avenue for distraction.  I doubt I’ll start a revolution or change the world with my pithy comments but I hope to create something slightly witty and entertaining, while documenting my journey along the way.  The only way out of this is through it, after all.

So where to begin?  How about with a humorous anecdote from my train ride home last night.  I will admit (begrudgingly) that I have read the books that sparked this whole vampire craze.  I did the Twilight thing sometime last year and while I’m not proud, I did read them.  They were fast and easy, much like a trampy girl on a Saturday night.  While I got into the story and got through the books, MANY aspects offended my feminist sentiments and that was something hard to look past.  Regardless, I got through them quickly and enjoyed them to some extent.  I’m currently reading the Sookie Stackhouse series, which prompted the TrueBlood show on HBO.  I don’t know why I’ve gotten so into it but again, they’re quick reads and right now in the midst of my own personal I-just-got-dumped pity party they provide a nice distraction.  Anyway, I was sitting on the train heading home last night when I noticed that the good-looking, masculine guy sitting across from me was reading Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series.  He had taken off the book jacket to (I assume) detract from the obvious-ness of what he was reading, but I was on to him.  As we lurched along on the train I caught his eye and had to ask what he thought about them – it’s rare that I’ve seen men my age with those books, so I was curious.  Apparently he loves them and is on his fourth time rereading the series.  I fought the urge to laugh out loud as we then moved into a conversation about vampire books in general.  The guy sitting next to him (who was reading The Dark Tower series by Steven King…I don’t know why I notice these things but I do) joined the talk as I mentioned TrueBlood and we continued talking as arrived at our stop.  Actually, we almost missed our stop because we were so into this conversation.  I guess this isn’t really that great of a story or anything, but it made me smile to share a guilty “girl” pleasure with a random man.  Ok that sounds kind of inappropriate but you get the idea.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get a group from my train together to go to the premiere of the new Twilight movie?  Right, that’s not going to happen since I actually have no desire to see the flicks.  I’d just be happy for more literary conversations with people on the train, even if they are about angsty teenagers and the fangs who like them.

This post raises a question – has anyone ever gotten into an argument with a complete stranger over a book?  I once had a very short, very heated debate over the character of Howard Roark from The Fountainhead with a guy on a bus in NYC…and even though I’ll never see that man again, I rest assured knowing that I was right.

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