Baby Fever

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Apologies to my mom and sister but this is not a post about me wanting children.

Babies sure do seem to be everywhere, though. A good friend of mine from college is due with her first child in about two weeks, so that countdown has begun. A cousin of mine gave birth to her second child, a little girl, on Friday, then a woman I work with at the Field Museum announced her pregnancy on Saturday. On Sunday, Scott and I went to the ‘burbs to celebrate the upcoming birthdays of his mom and sister-in-law but unfortunately there were no newborn babies in attendance. We had snacks, pizza and cake then the two birthday girls started opening presents, which seemed to be the most exciting part of the afternoon. The last card Scott’s mom opened was addressed to “#1 Grandma”, which registered with everyone about 20 seconds after she opened it. Scott’s brother and his wife are expecting the first grandchild for the entire family, and since they had always said they weren’t going to have children it came as quite a shock for everyone! The have quite a few reptiles as pets and we all honestly thought that they were announcing the pregnancy of one of their chameleons or something. Once we figured out they were talking about a human baby, we all immediately got tears in our eyes and Scott’s dad went out to the balcony where he started to shout “I’m going to be a grandpa!” It was pretty much the best birthday present his mom could’ve asked for and even Scott was teary-eyed at the thought of becoming an uncle. So I guess I’ll be kind of like an aunt? Even if that’s not official I shall make this child address me by that title because I just plain want to be an aunt (hear that, sissy? Maybe for my birthday next year? You always give such great gifts and a niece or nephew would top them all!)

If I smear the blood of a stork on my door, does that mean babies will pass over me like something out of the Bible?

This is also great because it relieves some of the pressure that Scott’s sister and I had been facing about when we were going to have children of our own. Whew! With this new little one on the horizon, we all have plenty that will hold our attention.

But I still wouldn’t mind if my sister had a baby!


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