Today was a Good Day

January 30, 2014 at 9:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

It’s easy to focus on the negative and that’s why I’m going to take some time to focus on the positive.  After all, today was a good day.  Why is that?  Let me tell you.


  • I locked in a gym membership at a new gym closer to my apartment that will wind up saving me $17/month compared to my current membership.
  • I had two interviews with two different recruiting agencies.  I took 7 different computer proficiency tests and learned that I type roughly 91 words per minute.
  • Speaking of job interviews, I had one meeting yesterday with a recruiter and have another one tomorrow.  I also have two interviews for jobs NOT related to recruiters on Monday.  Both would be solid positions.
  • Due to the super long and never-ending conversation I had with my insurance company earlier this week (see last post), I was at 90% usage of my cell phone minutes for the month.  Given that I have two weeks left in the cycle and need to be available for potential job calls, I went into Verizon today to see what I could do.  I spoke to customer service and because I’m a longstanding client with a good history, they awarded me with 175 bonus minutes – for free!
  • I dropped my cell phone in the slushy parking lot at Trader Joe’s earlier this week and accidentally left it there while I did my shopping.  Yes, I’m a dumbass and this was the second water related incident I’ve had since I purchased it.  LUCKILY it seems to be working fine (knock on wood) but while I was in Verizon today I decided it was in my best interest to purchase a waterproof case.  Well, since I was getting a discount on my monthly bill from my last employer, I got a 25% discount on the case and saved almost $25.  Now my own dumbassary is completely protected!
  • I had a free coupon for guacamole and chips at Qdoba and decided to redeem it between job interviews.  Since I was really hungry I thought I’d splurge and get a burrito too.  Well apparently my Qdoba card (which I never use and forgot I had) also had a free meal on it so I got the burrito free too!
  • Qdoba happened to be in the same building as my second interview and I was able to avoid going outside in a torrential downpour of snow.
  • After the interviews, I was able to walk around downtown and enjoy the temperatures that were in the 30’s.  It’s the warmest it’s been in forever and felt damn near tropical.
  • For dinner, I met up with an old college friend of mine at a super cheap yet delicious BYOB Thai place and got to catch up.  I haven’t seen her in probably 6 years but it was just like old times and as she just moved to Chicago, we anticipate many more hanging outs in our future.
  • After dinner, I caught the bus right away!  And I didn’t have to wait outside for 30 minutes!
  • This weekend, I get to help two close friends celebrate their birthdays.  Then I have my own birthday to look forward to early next week.  After a great day like today, I feel much more prepared to handle 30!

Yup, today was a good day.


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