Galena Getaway

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Scott and I spent last weekend in a little town about three hours from Chicago and it was awesome. We needed a weekend getaway since we haven’t traveled anywhere alone (without visiting family) in YEARS. Saving for a wedding and honeymoon will put a damper on big travel plans, let me tell you! Luckily, though, this town was close enough to be doable and far enough to feel like someplace entirely new. Which it was. And it actually felt farther away than it really was because we hit intense fog on our drive through these rural, curvy roads and had to take our time. But we eventually made it to and the fog lifted, both metaphorically and physically speaking!


Good, cold fun!

Galena is cool because it’s really historic and on Saturday Scott suggested a tour President Ulysses S. Grant’s former home. Clearly he gets me. We learned a lot while walking through the little mini-museum and shared mutual appreciation for indoor plumbing after seeing their chamber pots. We also spent a good deal of time wandering the downtown streets and doing some shopping while enjoying various foods and beverages (including at a local brewery!) along the way. Our resort was really nice too (thanks, Groupon!) and had a few different restaurants/lounges for us to choose from, as well as a pool that we did not use because the thought of putting on a swimsuit when it was 20 degrees outside wasn’t exactly appealing. Shocker.

We managed to do some walking of the grounds too but by Saturday evening the already chilly temperatures dropped and it was COLD. So we enjoyed some free cable in the room and binged on snacks and drinks while having a slumber party. Jumping on the beds may have happened too, because that’s just how good grown-ups roll!

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These Boots Are (Not) Made For Walking

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I hate shopping.  This is evidenced by the fact that there are plenty of pictures from nearly ten years ago where I’m wearing clothing that I still wear often today.  When I find something I like I stick with it and generally, there’s not a problem with that.  Unfortunately, sometimes things fall apart and that forces me out into the world of shopping and MAN, do I hate shopping.

I’m mentioning all of this because my favorite pair of comfy, all-weather and all-terrain, best walking boots have fallen apart. I purchased them a few years ago from *ahem* Payless and so I should’ve known they wouldn’t last forever but I’d rather hoped they would.  In fact, I’d hoped so so much that I took them to the shoe repair guy in my neighborhood recently to have the soles glued back to together because they were beginning to leak.  He kinda sorta mentioned that they were peeling (they weren’t leather) and that there wasn’t much he could do to revive them other than glue them a bit but, in my desperation, I told him that was fine.  I was able to get a few more good days of wear out of them after that but now I must admit, he was right.

I need new boots.

I need new boots.

And I tried to buy new boots, I really did.  I went shoe shopping last weekend and found a perfect pair – ON SALE – and not my size.  Then I found a semi-perfect pair, bought them and decided two hours later I wasn’t satisfied so I went back to the store, returned them and had them order what I thought was my size and send them to a different downtown store.  So I went there the next day on my lunch hour, tried them on and THEY didn’t fit either.  So much for my size.  I found yet another pair that were pretty solid (and not on sale, mind you) and while they seemed to fit, they were about a size smaller than what I usually wear.  But I bought them anyway, walked back to work and decided shortly after that they needed to go back too.  I just wasn’t going to spend that kind of good money on something I wasn’t entirely sold on.  And back they went, right after work.

Now I’m back to the drawing board.  I may perhaps look again this weekend, or I may scrub the ones I have down and then fill in the peeling parts with a brown marker.  Because I really do hate shopping.

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What in the What

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Roadkill?  Nope, footwear.

Roadkill? Nope, footwear.

My wonderful momma bought me some new winter boots while I was visiting for Christmas, which was much appreciated because my old ones leaked.  Not ideal for the snowy season in Chicago.  We found the new boots at an outlet mall on our way to drop me off at the Megabus to head home and since my bags were already oh so packed, we opted to have them shipped on up to my apartment.  They actually made it up here on New Year’s Eve Day, which was perfect because that’s when all the snow started.  And my new boots are amazing – not a drop of water gets in them and they’re so sturdy I can leap giant snow piles in a single bound!

While looking for the perfect fit, I came across some rather atrocious prospects.  In fact, one set some dude tried to sell me were electric – they plugged in to charge and would keep your feet warm as you walked around.  Call me crazy but mixing electricity with water/snow/ice just doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Another pair that cause me to shake my head were these things in the above picture.  At first I thought someone had left a stuffed animal or ugly scarf in the shoe section.  Nope, these were for real.  And really awful.  Or at least, in my opinion.  I won’t pretend to be the most fashionable person out there so maybe they’re actually in style and I’m just woefully behind on the times?

God I hope not.


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Market Daze

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Market Days is the biggest street festival in the Midwest and it takes place here in Chicago – Boystown, to be exact.  For those two days, over 300,000 gay-friendly people crowed the streets for music, food, shopping and of course, people watching.  The whole thing spans six city blocks and features three stages and over 40 musical guests.  An old roommate from college came in town this weekend and stayed with a girl we used to live with back in the day, and I met the two of them plus a few others  Saturday night for the craziness that is Market Days.  We tried to see the Wilson Phillips show but there were SO MANY people everywhere we went that we didn’t even get close.  At one point I felt like those people who rush the doors of Wal-Mart on Black Friday morning, it was so sweaty and cramped.  We bailed from that scene pretty quickly and found some breathing room at a nearby house party before venturing back into the crowd.

I saw a big group of nearly naked men and women playing the largest game of Twister I’ve ever seen, and even though I never saw who was the last one standing, I think they all went home winners.  There were tons of drag queens walking around in various states of undress, with some of them looking better than others.  Countless couples and people just trying to hook up walked the streets and it was so crowded many of them wound up carrying the dogs they brought because there were simply too many feet around for the poor pooches (though why you would bring your dog to one of the biggest and wildest street fests in the city is beyond me).  I saw fighting and making up, plus plenty of making out.  And I saw a LOT of skin:

Dancing a go-go!

Dancing a go-go!

Some of the popular clubs had entire facades built into the street and featured bars on the lower level with dancing dudes in teeny tiny underwear on the upper levels.  This is the most work-safe photo I had but you can see how big the structure was.  The later the night got the more my friends and I thought we could dance better than the guys being paid to do so, but alas we never climbed to the top to find out.

Market Days is definitely a little different from the other street fests I’ve been too but it was cheaper and just as fun.  I know that kind of scene isn’t for everyone but it was absolutely entertaining to me.  I wasn’t as drunk (read: I had one beer) as every single other person out there seemed to be but I had a good time anyway and likely felt better than all those other people the next day.  I know I felt better than the gang I went with because I had brunch with them all the next morning and they were hurting.

The season of street fests is winding down and I think this one went out with a bang (no pun intended…well, not entirely intended).  Long live dancing and queens!

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With a Little Help From My Friends

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I’m not much of a shopper.  As in, I really hate trying on clothing in a badly lit dressing room when 90% of it doesn’t ever fit right and 100% of it is out of my clothing budget, which is $0.  This means I usually wait until Christmas or my birthday to request clothing, which typically results in my trying stuff on in Kohl’s or Target and then bitching and moaning to my mom about the fit, my hips, the time wasted, etc.  Before yesterday, I owned three pairs of jeans – one was way too big, one has holes that even patching hasn’t fixed and one that I wore pretty much always.  I also owned three pairs of work pants, meaning my weekly outfits had little variation.  Both of those were losing their fit as well but given the aforementioned reasons, I dealt with it.

Well, all that changed yesterday due to the absolutely amazing kindness of one of my coworkers.  She went through her closet this weekend and brought in two bags of clothing that she was planning on donating.  I should note that the stuff she was getting rid of was more than my wardrobe of the last 10 years combined and when she mentioned she was my size, I was all over it.  I spent 30 minutes trying stuff on in the bathroom (which ironically had more privacy and better lighting than any dressing room ever has) and I almost cried in delight.  Pretty much everything I wanted fit me and it fit like a glove.  This stuff wasn’t cheap either, most of it was made by Calvin Klein, Express Limited and Ann Taylor Loft.  The girl had good taste and I wouldn’t have been able to buy any of this stuff myself, unless I found it at a thrift shop.  Everything was in great shape too and there were even tags still left on a few items.  I expressed my bewilderment to her but she just said she’d had it all for a while and wasn’t wearing it so it was time for it to go.  Seriously, I probably nabbed at least $500 or $600 worth of clothing:

It was like Christmas and my birthday, times a thousand!

It was like Christmas and my birthday, times a thousand!

I managed to get 11 new pairs of pants (including work pants, jeans, shorts and capris), not to mention a fancy tank top, four work shirts, a sweater and a summer dress.  For free.  I tried to offer some cash but this Good Samaritan just said she was happy it was all finding a good home, so I made her a Thank You card and gave her a nice gift certificate to her favorite lunch spot across the street.  Hell, it was the absolute least I could do.

So I basically just got a whole new wardrobe yesterday.  Gone are the days that I had to wear jeans so threadbare that I was worried people would be getting a free show!  I’m so thankful that I know such thoughtful people, and even more thankful that they wear my size.

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Bring on the Holidays!

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Last week was an extremely busy one at the office (hence my lack of Friday post) and it was followed by an extremely busy weekend.  My mom came in town for our annual December downtown shopping excursion and we pretty much wore ourselves out.  We spent Friday eating at a restaurant where Mom had a dinner that did NOT include meat (which I think she actually liked!), spent Saturday doing our shopping then watching some IU basketball in a neighborhood bar and then Sunday she met Scott’s parents when we all went out for brunch.  Speaking of brunch, we ate at a great little diner Saturday morning and it was so good it will probably get it’s own blog post later this week.  We also passed a huge bar crawl featuring a couple of hundred people dressed as Santa Clause, which is featured in here.

Santas as far as they eye can see!

Santas as far as they eye can see!

It looked like fun but all I could think about is how glad I was that I wasn’t tending bar at any of their stops that morning.  Brunch with all the parents went well too, even though the first place we tried was closed and we had to walk back in the rain and then deal with Scott’s shrieking car alarm before being able to go someplace else.  It all worked out though and the rest of the weekend went well.  I actually took yesterday off of work for doctor’s appointments/recuperation purposes so I’m glad Monday is over and I’m pretty sure I can handle the rest of the week.

Which is good, because it’s going to be busy too.  This has to do with the fact that I’ve got the food pantry and my book club this week, plus the Field Museum on Saturday.  Luckily, not much of the busyness has to do with the holidays.  I pretty much finished all my shopping with Mom and I’m caught up with wrapping for the moment, plus I’m about halfway through my holiday cards.  Yup, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and on top of things, which is good considering Christmas is 14 days away!

And yet, my next holiday vacation can’t come soon enough…

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Thanksgiving Recap

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Even though it seems like I just left for vacation about an hour ago, I am indeed back and in the swing of things.  Here’s how my holiday went down:

The Good:

  • That I found $20 in my back pocket as I navigated security at O’Hare Airport.  Definitely got the trip off on the right foot!
  • The visiting with family, of course.  I normally only see the Southern side of my family once a year (twice if I’m truly lucky) so it’s always good to catch up.  My dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, sister and I were able to spend some quality time together around a fire pit and it was awesome.  However, after spending the week in the company of my 10-year-old male cousin, I’m now even more weary of ever having children.
  • The meeting my dad’s coworkers…it wasn’t good so much as very interesting.  I’m pretty sure they were all on their best behavior.
  • The weather was awesome, as usual.  Highs in the 70’s made me glad I brought my flip-flops out of hibernation and I enjoyed the warm sunshine on my face each and every day.  I did not enjoy returning to the 30 degree temperature in Chicago and it was a rude awakening back to the real world.
  • The Nook.  I received a hand-me-down Nook from an aunt of mine and while I was skeptical at first, so far it’s been really handy at the gym.  I’m still carrying around my paperback and likely always will but it’s nice to have options and I can’t help but feel a little more technologically savvy.
  • The fact that I went to the Mall of Louisiana with my family and spent less than $25, which bought lunch and a new work skirt.  My checking account thanked me later.
  • The food, which is last here but certainly not least.  Being a vegetarian never stops me from fully enjoying my Thanksgiving meal and a plate full of stuffing, sweet potatoes, vegetable casserole, green bean casserole, cranberries and apples and a family speciality called corn casserole proved that once again.  Not to mention the chocolate cheesecake and pecan pie…I’m getting hungry again just thinking about it!

This was the first of two plates, both this size. No shame.

The Bad:

  • Almost being late for my flight because construction caused the bus routes near my apartment to be all messed up and a well-meaning, idiotic couple gave me wrong directions.  Luckily I always give myself ample time and have superior navigational skills so I was still able to enjoy an overpriced beer before my flight took off.
  • We didn’t make our annual trip to the local dive bar Fluidz, mostly because it’s under new ownership and we were told it’s just not the same.  We still drank plenty of wine though so all was not lost.
  • Sharing a bed with my sister is never fun.  Enough said.
  • On my way home, I got stopped at security in the Baton Rouge airport.  They made me produce another form of identification because apparently they’d never seen an Illinois license before.  I gave them the photo ID I have for work and then, because I’m a bit of a smart ass even when dealing with TSA, I also produced a really old military ID from the time I spent on an Air Force base in South Korea.  I guess that did the trick because they let me through after that, though they did look at me like I was a bit strange.

The Ugly:

  • Scott turned into a crazy cat lady while I was gone.  Each time we spoke, he held the phone up for me to talk to the Dude and he swears the Dude knew my voice.  I’m not sure I should leave them alone together any more.
  • Speaking of pets, my grandparents’ poor dog is a bit of a mess.  He’s like 14 years old and totally blind and deaf.  Other than that he’s still healthy so they feel guilty thinking of putting him down, but watching him stumble into chairs that he wasn’t expecting was a sad sight indeed.  Just not for him, since he’s blind.  Yeah I’m going to hell.
  • One of my cousins is on kidney dialysis and has home treatments for three hours a day, six days a week.  She brought her giant blood-cleansing machine with her and shipped most of her medical stuff.  I always knew she was one of the strongest women I’ve ever met, but damn.  Seeing her stick herself with huge 15 gauge needles and just sit back while all of her blood was sucked through tubes and put back again really put things in perspective.  She’s beautiful but the stuff she deals with certainly is not.  It definitely gave me more to be thankful for.

All in all, the trip was another great one.  I’m really lucky to have such a wonderful family and I’m glad another fairly good year has come and gone for all of us.  The only thing that could have made it any better was if I had been sent home with leftovers…but they’re weren’t any, because I ate them all.  Now bring on the Christmas feast!

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The Professionals

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The move has come and gone and I’m still around to blog about it.  And let me just say – never again will I move my own stuff.  Not when there are companies like The Professionals to do all of the work for me!

Three dudes named Carlos (yes, that was really their names…I asked) showed up Friday night, on time and ready to go.  These guys became my best friends over the next few hours and ended up completely blowing my mind.  I just stood to the side and tried to stay out of their way as they loaded up box after box, tied them together and threw them on their backs.  They made it look so easy but I know how heavy that stuff was and while all I wanted to do was apologize, they just rolled with it and loaded everything up.  The entire move took 3 hours, from the time they showed up to the time their big truck pulled off into the horizon.  3 hours.  It would’ve taken me 3 days to do myself.

They ended up coming in almost $50 lower than the absolute lowest quote they gave me, so that was pretty awesome. They also left me with some new mugs featuring their logo and the promise that they were going out to take some shots of tequila for me.   Other than Catsby freaking out and shredding one of my very favorite, oldest T-shirts (leaving me flashing a bit of skin for the entire move, as all of my clothing was boxed up) everything went way better than expected.  By 2am Saturday morning I had managed to unpack quite a bit of the overall haul –  I was like a machine and had to force myself to stop before I unpacked the entire night through.  It’s just so exciting!  The rest of the weekend was spent making large runs to Trader Joe’s and Target (where I had an unfortunate incident involving my clumsiness deactivating an escalator…luckily I hid quick enough so no one could pin it on me) and finishing up the unpacking.  I managed to put together a new shelf all by myself, so I’m fairly proud of that.  I also cleaned up and said goodbye to my old place, and even met the new girl moving in on my way out.  And because I’m a sucker, I actually also carried up a few of her boxes.  Anyway, if all goes according to plan I should be completely finished with unpacking everything at the new pad later tonight!

Ahh scary

So, because you know how I love my lists, here’s a few things that make my new place superior to my last:

  • Nicer neighborhood, with one of the biggest and most scenic parks in the city right down the street
  • Central AC and an actual thermostat
  • Back porch
  • Tons of counter/cabinet space
  • More space in every room
  • Closer walk to the train
  • Better location
  • Convenient spot for Catsby’s litter box, no longer in my bedroom (yes!)
  • Better water pressure
  • Great natural light (though not so great I can get dressed sans artificial light.  Example: I could’ve sworn I put on brown pants this morning.  Imagine my surprise when I got on the elevator and realized they were, in fact, quite black)
  • Walking distance to some of my all-time favorite people
  • I now get to sleep in roughly 20 minutes later (theoretically – my dad actually called me this morning at my old wake up time, so the extra sleep will hopefully begin tomorrow)
  • Did I mention I now have a dishwasher?  I was doing dishes this weekend and I wasn’t even home

Even Carlos #2 told me it was a nicer place, so that’s something.

I would also like to take a brief moment and give a shout out to all of my wonderful friends who lent the use of their vehicles and muscles this weekend.  They transported plants, Catsby, groceries, the most expensive cumulative purchase I’ve ever made at Target and myself and for that I could not be more grateful.  I’m lucky enough to have some fantastic people in my life and if you’re one of them and reading this (you know who you are) THANK YOU once again for being so freakin’ awesome.  I owe you a dinner in my sweet new pad.  And I’ll gladly dish wash your dishes!

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Christkindl Shennanigans

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Cold weather doesn’t deter the tough people of Chicago from going out and having a good time, which is evidenced by outdoor shopping markets that pepper the Holiday season.  There’s an annual month-long event downtown in Daley Plaza that’s full of lots of food, shopping and beer.  Wait, beer?  Oh yes, these are traditional German American Holiday Markets and they wouldn’t be traditionally German-American if they didn’t serve booze.  This weekend, there was a smaller Christkindlmarket in Lincoln Square, a neighborhood not too far from where I live.  It still featured awesome local vendors, tasty food and cold beer but this one is a bit less touristy. And while the one in Daley Plaza has “warming tents”, this one is entirely enclosed in a giant heated tent, which almost allowed one to forget that the temperatures were hovering around freezing right outside.

My awesome mom came to visit me this weekend so we could tackle some Christmas shopping and we spent most of Saturday wandering around Michigan Avenue, checking out the lights and the sales.  We also found a pretty great burger place that served veggie burgers with their house BBQ sauce (and you know how I love BBQ).  It snowed all day but wasn’t unbearably cold so it was quite picturesque walking around.  We thought about hitting up the Daley Plaza market but decided to come by my apartment, relax for a bit and head to the one closer to here instead.  We managed to catch the same train as a friend of mine who was joining us and we all walked in together (but not before witnessing some middle-aged man slip and bust his ass outside…and so it begins.  Be careful out there people).  This is what we were greeted to:

It was much bigger than it looks

There were tables everywhere set up with local artisans and I saw soy candles, paper products made from elephant dung, gluten-free fudge and a plethora of ornaments, jewelry, gloves, hats and scarves.  There was also a stage set up and the first group looked roughly 16 years old but they played classical Christmas music like pros.  Then a new band came on and they looked like the grandfathers of the first kids but they were pretty good (though a tad loud) as well.  We rocked out to classic rock cover songs while enjoying German beer and food, not to mention the gifts we all managed to snag.  My friend actually bought an insanely adorable baby outfit and she’s years from ever getting knocked up – obviously, some of these things were just too good to pass up.

I also had a couple of drunk German dudes walk up and try to talk to me.  I explained that I didn’t speak German and after telling me how much I looked German, they asked what my heritage was.  I said French and one of them told me he loved me (in French) before they walked away.  While my mom, friend and I did have a few beers, I think those guys had a few more.

We had a lot of fun at the Market and, while I intend on checking out the larger downtown one at some point, I’m glad we were able to catch the smaller one during the one weekend it was here.  And I’m glad my mom and I had such a great weekend – lots of eating, shopping and errand running (I love when the people who visit me have cars – did my first grocery shopping in almost 8 weeks and I don’t even know what to do with all of the food in my house).  There was lots of quality time spent and I know we’ll have some more when I go home for Christmas.  I’m now officially full of Christmas spirit (as well as sugar and spice…or maybe it’s BS?) and even Jack Frost can’t put a damper on my mood!

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Fun, Family and Freezing Rain

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The title pretty much sums up my weekend.

Thanks to Abe and all the others

My cousin and sister drove in on Friday evening, as my cousin’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan for a year last week and she deserves a good vacation – and on that note, any prayers/chants/good vibes/well and safe wishes you could send their way are greatly appreciated.  You don’t have to support war to support our troops.  Anyway,  she’d never been to Chicago before so after they picked me up from the train station we had a few drinks at my place and headed out for the night.  I took them to The Blue Line Lounge, which is a bar I know I’ve blogged about before.  We had martini’s and I ran into five different people I know (the Lounge had some nice outdoor seating that makes for good people watching – and since Friday was likely one of the last warm nights we’ll have until mid-2011, everyone took advantage of it).  The food was good and the drinks were slow-coming but strong when they arrived.  Then came the rain, which we avoided by going into a different drinking establishment.  Good times were had by all.

The Magnificent Mile is only magnificent if you've got lots of $$$

We woke up early on Saturday (and I mean early…I enjoy sleeping in on weekends but as my cousin was up and moving by 8am, so was I) and I made a huge breakfast before we headed out.  Now, my sister is a shopper and my cousin even more so, so of course we headed to Michigan Avenue.  Personally, I avoid this area most of the time as the majority of my clothing comes from Kohl’s around Christmastime.  I’ve never been much of a fashion expert and while I like looking nice, shopping and trying on clothes for hours usually makes me want to poke my own eyeballs out with a high-heeled shoe.  I did manage to find a scarf and jacket for myself so that was good, and my cousin and sister came away with some purchases they were more than happy about so that made it worthwhile.  At one point, I was sitting on a bench in H&M (clothing store) with some poor forgotten husband and we were both playing games on our phones.  We commented to each other how the store would make lots more money if they had a bar set up, but since there was no liquor in sight we were stuck with our cells for entertainment.  It made me feel slightly better that I wasn’t alone in waiting.

The weather on Saturday was a big bunch of crappy so we had to dodge high winds and cold rain as we walked from store to store.  Seeing as how the high on Friday was in the mid-seventies and Saturday’s temps were roughly 20 degrees colder than that, even I was in a bit of a weather shock.  The rain may have not been literally freezing but it felt like it, especially to the two visiting girls who have been used to warmer weather.  We shopped til we dropped, with a pizza break at Unos in between stores.  We all got the traditional Chicago deep dish and we all felt like taking naps when we were finished.  And while we didn’t nap, we did have a bit of down time at my place before getting ready to go out Saturday night.

We went and had dinner at Deleece Grill and Pub in Lakeview, and I was pleasantly surprised.  I’d never been before but have heard amazing things about their macaroni and cheese so we gave it a shot.  And it was delicious.  They had a lot of food to choose from but apparently their mac and cheese is a well-known specialty so I enjoyed the Gruyere and roasted root vegetables with crispy fried

Mmm food

shallots dish.  As much as I loved it I had some extra at the end, so I took that to our next stop, a birthday party (I left it in the fridge and I like to think it provided help to someone’s late night munchies).  A friend of mine was throwing down at his place that evening and the festivities involved a keg of tasty micro-brewed beer.  I don’t even remember the last keg party I went to so it was entertaining to say the least.  The keg was also strategically positioned in the tub of the one and only bathroom, so you could multi-task while taking a leak.  Handy, if not entirely sanitary.  It was funny to be out with my cousin and sister because all three of us look quite alike and we even had some stranger on the bus ask if we were related.  My friends at the party commented on it too…I haven’t had that happen since high school, when we all lived in the same town, so I got a kick out of it.  We partied for a while but my poor cousin was almost falling asleep on her feet so we headed home before it got super late.

After a huge brunch at my go-to breakfast spot for taking house guests (yup, Chief O Neills), my sister and cousin headed on home.  I headed onto my couch, where I spent a large part of my evening.  I also cleaned a little, watched a movie and had dinner…but yeah, most of the night involved my couch, which was exactly what I needed after a super busy weekend playing tour guide.  I love when people visit me but it’s always tiring (and expensive!).  We all had a great time though so that’s what really matters.  And hopefully the next time my family comes to visit, the weather will be warm and sunny so I can really show Chicago off.  I realize that probably won’t be for another eight months or so and I’ve made my peace with that…plus I have a new scarf and jacket to help me out until then!

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