Jazz It Up

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Over the long weekend, Scott and I finally experienced a Chicago legend. We went to The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge after a delicious dinner of Ethiopian food on Saturday night and we were not disappointed. The Green Mill has been around for over 100 years and Al Capone used to hang out there with his henchman back in the day (there’s a tunnel behind the bar leads outside and that Capone used to use that wisely but no, they will not give a tour). The interior is fairly small and not really conducive to large crowds but it doesn’t really matter because it’s pretty much always crowded anyway. Scott and I arrived as the band for the night was finishing their first set, which worked out perfectly because we were able to snag a booth as another couple made their way outside. From there we had a great view of the stage, the bar and the crowd, all of which were very entertaining. It was pretty cool because they take their music seriously at this place, which was evidenced by the bouncer telling us to keep quiet during the sets and the loud “Shh’s!” that people whispered to anyone who dared to talk once the music began. I don’t remember the name of the quartet who was playing while we were there but they were pretty good and had everyone dancing in their seats or in the aisle. We stayed for a while but didn’t really want to close the place down (mostly because the Green Mill is open until 5am on weekends and we’re too old for that shit) so we had our fill of music and booze and caught the bus for a short ride back to our place. It was a whole lot of fun and definitely someplace I want to go again! And when I do, I’ll work on making friends with the bartender so I can get that tour of the tunnels I’ve heard so much about.

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