Love for My Friends

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My friends are awesome.  Three of them (one includes my sister but most of the time I consider her a friend too so whatever) saved me from having to go down to the post office and open a can of whoop ass over the weekend by letting me know sooner rather than later that their holiday cards did in fact arrive.  So USPS gets to live…this time.  A separate, equally awesome friend mailed me my first Christmas gift of the year over the weekend and it’s the best one I’ve gotten so far this season.  And not just because it’s the only one either – in fact, every other gift this year is going to have quite a lot to live up to, because he sent me 4 MASSIVE BAGS OF CHEEZ-ITS.  That’s right, he basically boxed up a slice of my version of heaven and had FedEx deliver it straight to my door.  I can only imagine that these two large boxes with two bags each originally came from someplace wonderful like Costco but it’s possible they passed through the hands of baby Jesus himself.  I have officially received enough of these addictive little crackers to last me through the rest of the year (probably…if I keep eating them like I did this weekend there’s just no telling.  I felt like Scrooge McDuck swimming through a pool of coins, only my pool involved Cheez-Its).

This is the look my boyfriend gets when he tries to eat my Cheez-Its

Also this weekend, a good friend of mine finished his secondary education and graduated.  He’s been in Chicago while his lovely bride lived 5 hours away and I am so happy that they’re finally back together and able to move forward in the direction they want.  I’m pretty bummed I wasn’t able to visit with them this weekend but I know how crazy busy they were and I understand.  I blew them kisses which of course I’m sure they received.

Speaking of couples that I adore, another gal pal of mine became engaged on Friday.  I was one of the lucky few to find out before Facebook so I consider myself privileged and I’ve seen this pair move in with each other and grow as a couple over the last year so I’m thrilled for them as well.  And since their big news will probably involve free food and booze for my face at some point down the road, I’m even happier.

A different lovely lady in my circle also had news this weekend but it’s of a different sort.  She’s moving to China.  This isn’t a massive shock but it’s happening sooner than we were ready for and it doesn’t look like I’ll get to see her before she goes.  Luckily, I would love to visit China so she’ll have me to deal with sometime soon (maybe before 2012 is out?  Only time will tell).

Big things are happening with the people I know and there seems to be something in the air.  I’m hoping this means that 2012 is a great year all around for everyone I know – the last few weeks of 2011 are certainly off to a good start!

And in totally unrelated news, I’m still going to the gym!  But my body kind of hates me.


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This Post Brought to You by the Letter ‘A’

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…because that’s the grade I earned in my Northwestern class!

Where's my cookie for a job well done?

Our private tour of the Shedd Aquarium last night was pretty awesome and I got to see behind the scenes of their new exhibit, to be unveiled next month (hint: it will be super cool).  My professor emailed today with our grades and I earned 100/100 – and apparently, I was “an absolute pleasure to have in class”.  Not bad for my first official course in four years.

Now I have a three-week break before Round Two and since the weather is finally warming up chances are I won’t have to trudge 2 miles in the snow (no, not uphill but close enough) to get to class.  Unless it decides to snow in May, which I wouldn’t necessarily rule out here.  Still, I’m pretty pumped about my grade and glad a little bit of this course is behind me.  Now who wants to buy this smarty pants a drink?

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Class, Here I come!

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Well, it’s official – I am enrolled for the Winter Session in Northwestern’s School of Continuing Studies.  This was my Christmas present to myself and there’s no going back now (they have my money).  This is very exciting for me as getting a certificate in Museum Studies is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some while (though in my dream world I’d be going to get my Masters…but hey, I do what I can do) and I’m glad I finally navigated their website and got myself registered.  I kept encountering issues with the site but today all was cleared up and I have an official schedule. Sure, it’s just one night a week but that’s pretty much all my hectic schedule will allow these days.

I guess this is a mascot?

This is the first of three 10-week courses I’ll be taking in order to obtain my professional certificate.  Granted, this is the one class that sounds the least interesting to me (marketing and management…technically up my alley but not what I would want to do within the confines of a museum) but I guess it’s good to go ahead and get it out of the way.  I’ve actually already been in contact with the professor and it doesn’t seem too bad.  She has over 15 years experience at the Shedd Aquarium so I’m sure I’ll be able to learn a thing or two from her!ok

This museum stuff is seriously cool business.  I’ve been orienting myself to the docent position at the Field Museum over the last month or so and will continue to do that for quite a while (and I promise, one day I’ll post a big old huge blog about it).  I took some out-of-towner friends there this past weekend and gladly spent 5 hours giving them a general highlights tour (which I’m sure they found slightly obnoxious but hey, they didn’t tell me to quit).  I’ve been having more dates with the museum than I have with actual people and to be honest, that’s okay with me.  And now I get to go back to school to learn more!  This course won’t be too assignment-heavy but I am excited to get back in a classroom for more than two days.

Do I need a backpack?  New clothes?  Someone to take a photo of me as I walk through the door on the night of January 4th?  At least I have a few weeks to figure it out…

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