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This weekend marked PRIDE in Chicago and many other cities, and we all had even more to celebrate since the state of New York decided to legalize gay marriage on Friday.  Kudos to them for joining the other five states that have already done so!  Now if we could get the rest of them to catch up we’d be set.  But it’s progress, little by little, and that’s what counts!

Equality Rules!

PRIDE festivities in Chicago are a long-held tradition and this year proved no different.  As I went to a Shakespearean improv comedy show Friday and had Field Museum stuff and dinner plans Saturday, I didn’t get out to Boystown until the Parade on Sunday.  A fried and I made a huge brunch complete with mimosas before heading out and the weather was the most gorgeous I’ve seen in a long time (see – God does love the gays!) so it was a perfect day for the gay ‘ole parade.  We found a spot near some shade and enjoyed float after float full of scantily clad LGBT’s and their straight allies.  There were also floats featuring various organizations, stores, bars, groups and charities.  We got covered in confetti and even had free popsicles!

One thing that really warmed my heart was the sight of so many young couples with their children walking around the parade.  Sure, men wearing little bits of leather over their…well, bits…might deter some people from bringing the kids but the overall theme of tolerance and acceptance prevailed in the end.  Hopefully if we continue to expose younger generations to ideas of acceptance, ignorance and prejudice will be things of the past.  Not to say that hatred still didn’t rear its ugly head during PRIDE – reports of slashed tires on various floats before the parade surfaced later but almost all managed to get up and running before the parade even began.  Take that, haters!

After all, people have the right to be proud of themselves, whoever they are.

Unless you’re the jerk who slashed the tires on the floats, in which case you should be ashamed and should probably go play in some heavy traffic.

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