These Boots Are (Not) Made For Walking

March 20, 2014 at 7:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I hate shopping.  This is evidenced by the fact that there are plenty of pictures from nearly ten years ago where I’m wearing clothing that I still wear often today.  When I find something I like I stick with it and generally, there’s not a problem with that.  Unfortunately, sometimes things fall apart and that forces me out into the world of shopping and MAN, do I hate shopping.

I’m mentioning all of this because my favorite pair of comfy, all-weather and all-terrain, best walking boots have fallen apart. I purchased them a few years ago from *ahem* Payless and so I should’ve known they wouldn’t last forever but I’d rather hoped they would.  In fact, I’d hoped so so much that I took them to the shoe repair guy in my neighborhood recently to have the soles glued back to together because they were beginning to leak.  He kinda sorta mentioned that they were peeling (they weren’t leather) and that there wasn’t much he could do to revive them other than glue them a bit but, in my desperation, I told him that was fine.  I was able to get a few more good days of wear out of them after that but now I must admit, he was right.

I need new boots.

I need new boots.

And I tried to buy new boots, I really did.  I went shoe shopping last weekend and found a perfect pair – ON SALE – and not my size.  Then I found a semi-perfect pair, bought them and decided two hours later I wasn’t satisfied so I went back to the store, returned them and had them order what I thought was my size and send them to a different downtown store.  So I went there the next day on my lunch hour, tried them on and THEY didn’t fit either.  So much for my size.  I found yet another pair that were pretty solid (and not on sale, mind you) and while they seemed to fit, they were about a size smaller than what I usually wear.  But I bought them anyway, walked back to work and decided shortly after that they needed to go back too.  I just wasn’t going to spend that kind of good money on something I wasn’t entirely sold on.  And back they went, right after work.

Now I’m back to the drawing board.  I may perhaps look again this weekend, or I may scrub the ones I have down and then fill in the peeling parts with a brown marker.  Because I really do hate shopping.

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Ode to My Old Office

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We were so close but for barely over a month

and then you were taken from my life much too soon,

it wasn’t my choice, please believe that

for I’d never have willingly given up our old room.

Now I’m next door in what is technically the corner office

yet I’m not as excited as I was on my own,

as I’m sharing this space with two dudes who are “bros”

and when they’re not beat-boxing, singing or humming – they’re yelling into the phone.

Their job is sales so they’re supposed to be making calls

but I miss the peace and quiet we used to share,

I’ll be using my headphones more than ever before

because their noise is a little hard for me to bear.

It’s true that I now sit in the office once reserved for the founder of the firm

and I even have his old fancy chair and huge desk made of glass,

so I shall lord over my sales subjects until they move us again

or until I leave and tell this company to kiss my ass!

At least this isn’t the case.

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