Aging Like a Fine Wine

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What’s another year?  Nothing to someone who has as great a family and set of friends as I do!

My birthday weekend was better than I could’ve hoped for.  I had a nice trip home to see my family, got to watch IU win over Michigan while enjoying delicious soup and playing with babies, enjoyed some quality time and brews with my mom, met a new friend of my sister’s and received some awesome presents.  And that was just the weekend leading up to my birthday!  I took the day itself off of work and was able to sleep it, then I met a friend for brunch and relaxed some more.  Scott treated me to a very nice birthday dinner at an Italian restaurant we’d never been and gave me a couple of nice gifts as well (including a clean apartment!).  If I can continue to have years as good as the ones I’ve had, I won’t have a damn thing to complain about.

Holy Birthday Cannoli!

Holy Birthday Cannoli!

Except the Megabus.  Remember when it was an hour late picking me up after Christmas?  It hit a new record on Sunday night and departed 2 full hours after it was scheduled to.  Then we took an unscheduled pit stop along the way and our driver (who mentioned that she’d “never done this before”) encountered problems at every toll we passed.  The bus was some knock-off version of the Megabus and didn’t have the power outlets the regular buses do, so my cell phone pretty much died.  The rather large man behind me snored the whole way and the bathroom had a window at crotch level that showed off your goods to anyone who happened to be passing by.  In short, it was NOT a good trip. I was glad I took Monday off work because it was 10pm when we rolled into Chicago (was supposed to be 7:45) and finding a cab was impossible, so I took an hour train ride back to the apartment.  It was about 11 when I got home, so at least I made it before my actual birthday?  Whatever, Megabus will be hearing from me.

I guess everything can’t always be perfect so out of all the things from my weekend, I’m glad that was the one that went awry.  Other than that it was all great and I feel totally ready to kick 29’s ass!

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Kopi Traveler’s Cafe

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So it’s been a fairly chaotic week and I’ve had a lot on my mind.  I can’t even drink a cup of coffee because my head has been all over the place and I don’t want to make it worse!  Nothing bad is going on, which is good, but I’ll be glad when things calm down a bit.  That said, I’m going to write a little review for a place today that I mean to talk about (man I hope I haven’t already blogged about this…like I said, it’s been a long week) a while ago –Kopi Travelers Cafe in Andersonville (and yes, I know there should be an apostrophe in Traveler’s but for some reason that throw off the link, so deal with the grammatical error).

Oh so good!

I walked by this place with Scott a month or so ago and the eclectic decor, prayer flags, low tables, pillows in the windows and of course the menu drew us in.  It promised to be very vegetarian friendly and served beer to boot, so of course I had to give it a try.  I ordered the This Is Not An Italian Beef Sandwich, which is basically the meat-free version.  I don’t remember ever having an Italian Beef back in my meat-eating days so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to, but I can’t see how it could have been any better.  Hickory smoked veggie deli slices, grilled onions, roasted red peppers and pepperoncini on a toasted baguette served with chips – oh my god.  It came with a dipping sauce (and boy do I love my dips) so I was in heaven.  Seriously, if that sandwich had been a person I would’ve ditched Scott in a heartbeat and we would have lived happily ever after, never once looking back.  Sorry Scott, but it was honestly the best sandwich I’ve had in ages and I actually made him go back two weeks later so I could enjoy it again.

This place also serves breakfast all day but I couldn’t be bothered with that, although now that I’ve had the sandwich to end all sandwiches twice I should probably branch out and try something different the next time I’m in there.  I would try to review what Scott ordered but since I was so involved with what was on my plate, I couldn’t tell you what he had even if my life depended on it.  I do know that he had some fresh squeezed carrot juice, which he seemed to enjoy while I downed my beer.  I had an Allagash White brew to accompany my food and it paired fairly well, though I could’ve been drinking turpentine and it wouldn’t have made that sandwich any less delicious.  And it would’ve been the best last meal I could have hoped for.

Besides the seating available on pillows with a widow view, there are plenty of actual tables in the back.  There was also a little store that sold jewelery, bags, clothes, scarves and various knick-knacks, seemingly from all over the world.  A few of the beams in the restaurant were completely covered with foreign currency, which lent to the other-country feel of the place.  As much as I love Chicago, it was nice to pretend I was abroad, even it was just for an hour.

So yes, this is another restaurant that I totally recommend.  And if you ever want company I’ll gladly go with you…just be sure you don’t get between me and my sandwich.


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