Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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So Tuesday night a couple of my sister’s friends were in town.  This couple is a couple I’ve also known for years and years and although they were only in town for a few days for a conference, we managed to carve some time out to hang.  Play ball!  They were going to a Cubs game and I planned to meet them beforehand for some drinks.  Well, in a fabulous display of luck, a banker at my office was giving away four tickets to the game Tuesday afternoon and I managed to nab them.  These seats were pretty awesome and just a little bit better than the nosebleed ones the out-of-towners had.  So I surprised them with the best seats they’ve ever had in their lives (according to them) and Scott and I were able to go to the game too!

We gave the original tickets they had away to some guys at a bar we were at before the game and honestly, we should’ve timed it better because they offered to buy us drinks but we were heading out.  Oh well, our good dead was done.  The weather the night of the game was nice but it was HOT – like in the 90’s hot.  And the water I used to wash my hands in the bathroom was also hot, which I felt like was kind of kicking me while I was down.  No matter though, I had beer and nachos and the CUBS WON!  6-0 – talk about a great game to go to!  There were three homeruns too which was pretty crazy.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!

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