People Don’t Always Suck

January 20, 2014 at 11:20 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Last night, I ran into Trader Joe’s after spending two hours at the gym.  I was tired, sweaty, hungry and just wanted to go home.  As I was in the check out line, the cashier was making some small talk and asked if I had to work for Martin Luther King Day or if I got the day off.  I ruefully told her I had actually been recently laid off so every day is a day off for me.  While I bagged my groceries, that sneaky girl ran off to the flower section and came back, placing a beautiful purple bouquet in my bag.  She said they were for me, no charge, because she knows how much being laid off sucks.


As if I didn’t love Trader Joe’s enough already.

I almost cried right there.

Things aren’t exactly easy right now and while I’m doing a lot better than I could be, I’ve still been kind of down.  This act of kindness from a complete stranger made my entire week, as I told her before I left.  The flowers are a reminder that good things are out there, and hopefully they’re heading my way!


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