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Yeah, this is a little odd.  When I arrived to work today (I took yesterday, Monday, off) I was informed that we would be having an urgent, company wide video conference some time this morning.  As a side note, I think video conferencing is super cool.  Anyway we were all keeping our fingers crossed that it had something to do with the ten percent pay cut I think I mentioned in my last post.  It went into effect in March of last year for everyone on payroll and was only supposed to last for three months, but it never went away.  WELL….after a very long meeting explaining all of our financials, our CEO told us that as of the next paycheck, the cut is lifted.

Remember me mentioning that the guy who did my palm reading told me I would be getting a raise soon?  Making ten percent more than I have been certainly feels like a raise to me.  It’s more than a little coincidental, as after spending eight months under this cut it was lifted on my first day back to work after my reading.  Talk about weird.  It’s hard not to read into that, right?  I’ve still got goosebumps.

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