Special Delivery!

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Since the last post was on the serious side, here’s a nice little story to make your soul happy:

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – A pizza delivery driver was called a hero Monday after she likely saved an elderly woman’s life.

Before Monday’s incident, most neighbors knew little about Memphis resident Jean Wilson, except that she’s eaten pizza daily for the past three years.

“We make her pizza every day before she even calls, because we know she’s going to call,” delivery driver Susan Guy said.

Guy often delivers Wilson’s regular order, one large pepperoni pizza, but recently workers at her restaurant noticed an unusual break in the pattern.

“She hadn’t called in three days,” Guy said. “My boss told me about it today.”

Guy insisted to her boss that she be allowed to check on Wilson.

“He was like, ‘Naw, you don’t have to do that,’ and I said, ‘Yeah I do.  Clock me out if that’s what you gotta do,'” Guy said.

Guy drove to Wilson’s house and knocked on her door, but no one answered.  Then, she banged on Wilson’s windows, but there was still no response. Running out of options, Wilson ran to neighbor Larry Comeaux’s house for help.

“The pizza lady came over and knocked on the door wanting to know if I’d seen the lady across the street,” Comeaux said.

“And he said, ‘No, maybe she’s not home,'” Guy said. “And I said, ‘Well, not home?’ I said, ‘How many times have you see her leave?’ And he goes, ‘Never.'”

Guy quickly called 911.  When police arrived, they broke down the door to Wilson’s home, and found her lying on a floor inside.

They soon learned that Wilson had fallen on Saturday, and couldn’t get over to a telephone to call for help.  Investigators said it’s possible that her pizza-only diet may have saved her life.

“She treats us really well,” Guy said. “She appreciates us, and that’s something we don’t get in customers a lot.”

Late Monday evening, Wilson was in non-critical condition at St. Francis Hospital.

Tuesday, Wilson was offered help in the form of a Life Alert system by a local company.


Not going to lie, I teared up a little upon reading this.  It reminded me of a story from my Dairy Queen days, back when I worked the breakfast shift on weekends  (in case you weren’t aware, DQ makes phenomenal breakfasts.  Seriously, that gravy is to die for).  Anyway we had our regulars, the old coffee drinkers who would come in at the same time every day and gossip with one another for a few hours.  There was one man in particular who would show up daily and order the exact same breakfast, but he wasn’t a member of the coffee drinker club.  He was a stroke victim and couldn’t speak with great clarity so he usually sat alone while he ate.  He used a cane and wasn’t very mobile so I became friendly with him and would often help him inside and bring his meal to his table.  He might have been slightly handicapped but he was also a little bit of a pervert…he was always telling my 16-year old self how good I looked and I caught him staring at my ass on more than one occasion.

This is not the direction I meant for this story to take.  Anyway, there was one winter morning that was particularly nasty and as breakfast serving time drew to an end, a coworker of mine and I noticed our cane guy hadn’t been in.  We knew where he lived, as it was right down the road and he drove a distinctive old Cadillac, so we decided to take his breakfast to him (my coworker was a big, burly guy…not that I was worried about the older man, but better to be safe than chopped up under a porch).  While this story doesn’t end with us saving his life, he was extremely grateful for the free meal we brought him and there were tears in his eyes when we left.  It was my good deed for the year and it made me feel a little better about working a crap job in the fast food industry.

I pass by the old guy’s place when I’m visiting home and noticed that his son’s truck usurped the spot of the Caddy years ago.  I like to think my old friend is now enjoying that big, gravy laden breakfast buffet in the sky while checking out all of the jailbait his heart can handle.

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Good Genes, Great Grandparents

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Today is my Mema’s 80th birthday and in celebration I will be talking about her and my other grandparents today.  Gotta show some love for the older generations (even if they’ll never, ever read this).

I am extremely lucky as all four of my grandparents are still around and still physically and mentally (well, sometimes this is debated) sound.  Both sets have each been married for 60 plus years too, which I find amazing.  They are all now in their eighties, which I also find amazing.  My Papa on my maternal side still owns and runs a television repair shop that he’s had for…well, longer than I’ve been alive.  My Grandma on my paternal side plays tennis twice a week in scotching Louisiana weather.  I tell you, I come from strong stock.

These are not my grandparents but they have moxie and I think my actual grandparents would approve.

My grandparents are all wonderful people.  I’m much closer with those on my mom’s side, mostly because I grew up roughly ten miles from their house and have spent much more time with them.  My sister and I went and visited our southern grandparents for a week every summer and I think they’re pretty great too.  They met on a blind date decades ago and have been together ever since.  And here’s a fun fact – they share the same name.  My Grandma is Bobbie and my Grandpa is Bobby.  Cute, huh?

My grandparents on my mom’s side are equally adorable.  They met when Papa was a patient in the hospital Mema worked in.  He had the nurses shut the door to his room until he could convince her to go out with him and the rest is history.  Well, almost.  First she had to send her engagement ring back to the fiance she already had – she did this via letter.  Yup, my sweet little old white-haired birthday having Mema sent a Dear John letter to some man who might not have ever gotten over it.  As she once told me, she “just had a hard time saying no”.  She’s full of gems like this.  Just yesterday, as we were speaking on the phone, she had a thing or two to say about Republicans.  Now I don’t know what your political leanings are and I don’t really care, but hearing your grandmother say that “all Republicans seem to come with frown-y faces” is just about priceless.  You get ’em, Mema.

As I mentioned, I’m slightly closer with my maternal grandparents.  So close, in fact, that they have each told me on separate occasions that I’m the one they want giving the eulogy at their funerals.  Not a happy thought but an honor nonetheless.  They probably asked me to do this because I’m their favorite grandkid (and to any family who might be reading this blog – I dare you to prove me wrong).  Sure, I catch hell from them for being the only one to live so far away, but I make it up by calling and checking up on them about once a week.  If I go much longer than that my Papa will call me.  In fact, I had a phone call from them at midnight on New Year’s Eve, as they sat watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN.  Trying to wish them a coherent Happy New Year while at a loud party with lots of booze was a perfect way to bring in 2010.  I’m not being sarcastic, it warmed my heart to receive that phone call (the champagne probably helped with the warming of the heart as well).  And my friends sure got a kick out of it.

Trust me, I know how very lucky I am to have had so many years with these wonderful people.  I hope to have many more.  They have all taught me a lot and I’ll probably never be able to look at a frowning Republican the same way ever again.

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