To Move or Not to Move

March 1, 2017 at 3:49 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

That is the question.

I’ve lived in two apartments in Chicago – one for two years and my current one, where I’ve resided for nearly six. Scott and I truly love where we’ve lived for so long but I’m not going to lie, we’re starting to outgrow it. We also love our neighborhood and want to stick close but that’s about all we’re certain of. Our lease is up soon and we’re debating on what to do so I’ll do what I do best – make a pro/con list.

Pros of Moving:

  • New place! New ways to decorate and new surroundings!
  • MORE SPACE! We only have one closet in our entire apartment and it would be SO NICE to have say, an extra closet. Or an extra bedroom. Or both, which is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  • Laundry in the building and not down the stairs, down the alley, around back, through a courtyard and down some more stairs. Also, in-unit laundry is a pipe dream for suckers.
  • Did I saw more space? Having an extra bedroom would help with Scott’s studying as we could have an actual study, plus we could have more space when we have house guests (which we do frequently).

This would be me the last time I moved sans movers. Never again.

Cons of Moving:

  • More money. Any place we move will likely cost us a few hundred more a month. This is because I got a great deal when I moved into our current pad and it’s essentially a steal. We could afford it but we could also stand to save some more money (who couldn’t?). Also, moving costs need to be taken into account because we are for sure hiring movers.
  • Won’t find all of the perks of our current place such as: central AC, dishwasher, (tiny) back porch, top floor so no one above us, corner unit so sharing no walls, ceiling fans in all rooms, trees outside of living room and dining room windows, open kitchen space with lots of room
  • Moving is a pain in the ass. And Scott’s in school so a lot of it would fall to me. Gross.
  • Would likely be slightly further from my train/my gym/my grocery store

So what’s a couple to do? Yeah, I don’t know either. I saw a few places last night and the first one immediately ruled itself out for being kind of nasty but the second one was decent – there was a bigger back porch than ours but it’s shared with a neighbor and faces a brick wall, whereas ours is ours alone and faces the neighborhood. There were two bedrooms and tons of storage space but it had a super tiny kitchen and the dining room table would have to be in the living room/sunroom area. And no dishwasher, which I can live without but may ruin my marriage if Scott doesn’t learn how to wash dishes immediately versus letting them “soak” for three days at a time.

No matter. We have a few more viewings set for this weekend so we’ll see how it all shakes out. After all, the biggest pro of all is that we don’t have to move if we don’t want to!

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As Seen This Morning

August 11, 2016 at 12:28 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )


Double the adorable!

I typically take the same walk to the train each morning and this morning I was out and about a little earlier than usual. As I was making my way down the street, I noticed two women walking their nearly identical dogs and as they passed their dogs appeared to freak right out over each other. One owner was a girl about my age while the other woman was slightly older. I could see them laughing with each other as their dogs jumped and licked all over the place. As I got closer I heard the younger woman remark that this was the first time her pooch had ever seen another Jack Russell/Terrier mix before. Ah, so that’s what they were! They were super adorable and as I passed I couldn’t help but comment on how they each had seemed to find a brand new best friend in the other. That’s when they told me the names of their dogs.

One was Frank and the other was Beans. It was truly a match made in doggy heaven! I can only hope they’ve scheduled playdates from now until eternity.

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Man Down

October 23, 2015 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Yesterday, I was witness to an unfortunate incident involving some guy and a patch of sidewalk. I was walking to the el as part of my morning commute when I noticed a fellow jogging quickly behind me. He was carrying a banana in one hand and a coffee mug full of carrots or something in the other and as I watched, he tripped over an uneven part of the sidewalk. Badly. For a moment I thought he would catch himself as it was like a scene out of a slow-motion cartoon where he kept running and trying not to fall but then – he fell. Hard. And since his hands were full he basically landed on his shoulder/arm/face, all at once.


Now, this is a guy I’ve seen around the neighborhood before because we seem to have similar work schedules and I also see him fairly often at the gym. He has red hair so he’s even more noticeable and when he fell I ran up to him to see if he was still alive. I could clearly see his entire face was as red as a fire truck because he was so embarrassed, which is a reaction I understand since I’m engaged to a red-head myself. The poor guy tried to shake it off as he stood up and I attempted to make light of the situation by congratulating him on not shattering his mug but I could tell it was taking everything he had not to start crying. Hell, I wanted to cry just after witnessing his fall. I didn’t want to make things worse for him so I awkwardly muttered my condolences and we both continued our way to the el – walking, not running.

After we got on the train I looked at him again and he was clearly bleeding quite a bit from his various wounds. Did I mention that he was wearing a nice, white button-up shirt? Because he was and it was basically ruined. He looked pretty pathetic and helpless so I gave him the pack of tissues I had in my bag and he looked at me like I was Jesus giving him a loaf of bread. He cleaned himself up as best as he could while in a tightly-packed public space (though people were giving him some room because he was still bleeding all over the place and they were probably like WTF). He looked at me before he got off at his stop and gave me a silent nod that basically said thanks and my entire day is going to suck. I can only hope it got somewhat better and he could get the blood out of his shirt.

Now, I’m not sure if he’s ever noticed me around town or not but the next time I see him I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop myself from cracking some smart ass joke or comment. Especially if he’s in a cast. I think I earned that right when I gave up my tissues, right? Though I shouldn’t get too full of hubris because winter is right around the corner and I fall and bust my ass at least once every year. But at least now I’ll know which part of the sidewalks to avoid!

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