Plugged In

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This week, my apartment became infinitely more technological.  For the first time in…5 years…I have a secured (and legal) internet connection and

I now have one of these

cable in the comfort of my own home.  Also (for the first time in 5 years), I have a television with a remote that allows me to stay sitting on my ass while I change the volume and turn the TV on and off.  Even with just the most basic of basic cable, this is luxury.  The last time I had cable and internet (besides that brief period I lived with my ex and his parents that I now consider to be my black hole of existence) was in college, where I could share the costs with others who were also living off their student loans.  Since my graduation and immersion in the real world, paying for this was not something I’ve been able to do.  It hasn’t been too bad using an antennae for TV (that one year living with nothing but the WB Network taught me some true survival skills) and I was able to pick up an internet connection for a little while at my last place, but since then I’ve been living without.  So you can imagine how different this is for me.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t off a neighbor and steal their connections.  Actually, the bf is in the process of moving in and getting his cable and internet transferred, as well as bringing over his large and flat screen TV, has been the most exciting aspect of this entire situation.  In fact, I’m considering dumping him now and keeping his stuff.  Just kidding!  It might be a little while before everything is official but since he was paying for all that fanciness and not spending enough time at his place to ever use it, we figured the switch made a bit more sense.  I suppose we could’ve started hanging out at his apartment more but to be honest it’s a pretty barren bachelor pad and my place is just so darn comfy.  And my couch is bigger.  Actually, everything about my apartment is bigger which is one of the main reasons he’s moving in with me and not the other way around.  Plus my rent is cheaper and I have way more stuff. So that’s happening.

Anyway, when I came home Tuesday night after a long day of work and class I was able to channel surf to my heart’s content.  And before I knew it, it was 12:30am and I had to be awake in just about 6 hours.  Apparently, I had completely forgotten how easy it is to be sucked into reruns of sitcoms that I’ve seen a million times but not lately.  After realizing just how dangerous my new set-up could be, I forced myself to go to bed with visions of Conan O’Brien running through my head.  This weekend I have a stockpile of scary movies to work my way through (The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist and Hellraiser, to be specific) so perhaps I’ll be able to stay away from the cable for a little while.

Until those sitcoms come back on.

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