Pilates Power!

July 28, 2016 at 12:23 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I did it! I completed my 10 weeks’ worth of pilates classes!

Actually, I completed 8 weeks’ worth of pilates because I had to miss two of the classes. But other than those, I managed to sweat and curse silently in my head for one hour every Wednesday during my lunch break. It was a good way to hang out with some coworkers outside of regular office duties but hell, I could’ve done that over happy hour drinks. Taking Pilates was something I had been wanting to try for a while and I’m proud of myself for actually sticking with it. I even had some fun!


Hey! I’ve done all of these!

Of course, it wasn’t all fun. I’m pretty sure our trainer has a bit of the devil in her but I guess that’s what it takes to make her clients work hard. She clearly knew what she was doing and every workout was completely different and full of variation. That was good because things didn’t get old and it also kept us on our feet – we never knew what was coming next. She incorporated some light hand weights into our exercises and I was surprised at just how heavy 2lbs can feel when you’re doing 30 small movement reps. And I lift weights at the gym sometimes so it’s not like I don’t have any muscle mass!

Seriously though I’m glad I tried this and encourage anyone else who’s been sitting on the fence about it to do the same. Clearly I’m a fan – we’re starting another ten weeks’ worth of class soon!

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Lunch Date

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Starting tomorrow, I will be doing Pilates once a week during my lunch hour with a group of women from my office. I’ve never done Pilates. Should I be nervous? Maybe, considering how I’ve misspelled it twice in a row so far and that doesn’t bode well for my understanding of the word.

I’m excited because I’ve been wanting to try a different sort of workout for a while now but just haven’t pulled the trigger. My gym offers classes and I’ve done yoga there a few times now but they don’t offer Pilates (at least, at a time that works for me. How dare they). There’s a studio dedicated to it in my neighborhood but I’m stingy and don’t want to shell out good money to workout after work when I’m already shelling out good money to workout after work at my gym and I clearly can’t do both. So the Pilates offers me a way to sneak in a workout in the middle of the day AND try something new!


Wait. Is this Pilates? Oh crap.

Apparently I need to bring a yoga mat (check), 2-3lb hand weights (umm…maybe I can steal some from my gym?) and a large foam roller (which I own but am not lugging on the train into work). I’ll pack my bag tonight and be sure to take my ibuprofen tomorrow before I go! Surely it can’t be that strenuous or these ladies wouldn’t be able to return to work without a shower.

Oh god do I need to bring shower shoes?

Well, we’ll see. Bring on the burn!

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Instituting the Institute

November 15, 2014 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I have a confession. I’m not always the best of taking advantage of the special perks and benefits the wonderful city of Chicago has to offer and it sometimes embarrasses me. For instance, I’ve really only been to the Art Institute a handful of times, which is in no way enough to get a glimpse of all they have to offer there, let alone fully appreciate it. Chicago is full of amazing museums and cultural institutions and sometimes I let all of my involvement at the Field wear me out (in a good way, of course!) to the point where I don’t get to enjoy anything else. This is particularly inexcusable because one of the benefits of my volunteering at one of Chicago’s museums is that I can typically use my badge to get into all of the museums. So, this week I decided to finally get some use out of it!

What is this, a room for ants?  Actually, it sort of is.

What is this, a room for ants? Actually, it sort of is.

I get an hour for lunch each day and I can walk to the Art Institute in roughly 10 minutes (yay for powerwalking). I did this yesterday and had plenty of time to check out an entire exhibit while on my break, then I simply walked back to the office with a headful of beautiful images. The exhibit I visited was the Thorne Miniature Room and it was full of displays of various rooms, all the size of dollhouses. It basically took a room from a specific time period and specific place and put it on display. From rooms representing dining halls and bedrooms in England two hundred years ago and showcases featuring living rooms and parlors in the United States sixty years ago, there was plenty to look at. I’ve always been fascinated with tiny furniture and accessories and the detail in these designs was simply astonishing. You can see from the photo that it looks like an actual room – I sent Scott one of these pictures and before I explained what it was, he asked if I got to sit in the room – clearly they look like the real thing.

It was a super cool way to spend my lunch hour and I’ve got a guide to the entire Institute now so I plan on going back frequently to peruse just about everything I can. Sure beats sitting in the cafeteria for an hour!

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