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Last night, I ventured to Grant Park for the Taste of Chicago.  I know that it’s pricey, overly crowded and quite the tourist trap but I enjoy going nonetheless.  My mom and I went last year and managed to catch a free show by Buddy Guy, which was pretty awesome.  That was on a Saturday though and the crowds were insane so this year I figured going during the week would be a safer bet.  A friend and I met up around 6:30 and hit the booths, and we were not disappointed.

Well, I was a little disappointed.  Last year, I found a place that was selling vegetarian ribs on a stick – and they were amazing.  I’m sure it doesn’t sound appetizing to most of you out there but I fell in love.  It’s not often that I get to eat anything BBQ flavored, let alone on a stick, so I was all about the wheat gluten/soy/bean curd/whatever pseudo meat product it was (you can stop gagging now).  I think I had it two or three times last year and I’ve honestly thought about it on and off ever since.  My friend and I did a tour of every single booth and sadly, came up with nothing that resembled my meal of yesteryear.  I wasn’t too thrilled about that but I managed to find enough other stuff to fill my stomach.

I had a few types of pizza (spinach stuffed is especially good), some toasted ravioli and a bunch of random things from an Asian place (the samosas with orange sauce were great).  I finished it all off with a huge cookie dough waffle cone, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea.  My el ride home was a bit uncomfortable and I thought I was going to burst.

My friend had some of the same pizza I did, as well as an Italian sausage thing, some other Asian cuisine and another meat product.  She also had some cheesecake (I had a bite) and it reminded me just how much I love cheesecake.  I would consider eating it for every meal if I didn’t think my waistline would expand to the size of a small country.  Guess a girl can’t have everything.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves.  There was some live music happening as we walked around and besides trying to dodge strollers the size of small cars, the crowds weren’t too bad.  I was amazed by the number of quite large women wearing shirts that showed off their stomachs (made me feel like I was back in Indiana) but to each her own.  Nothing would’ve killed my appetite last night, though that massive ice cream cone almost did me in.

And I would totally go back for more.

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