Birthday Weekend

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It’s been a long, relatively crappy and frustrating week so it’s kind of hard for me to get excited about my birthday on Monday.  I’m really trying though, especially since I’m going to visit my family this weekend and have Monday off of work.  That alone should be enough to cheer me up so I’ll just focus on getting through this day and trying to make the best of it!

And many moooooore

Turning 29 isn’t that big of a deal to me because I’ve always felt way older than I actually am.  It’s just like my body is finally now catching up.  In honor of the big day, here are 29 things you may or may not know about yours truly (I believe I’ve posted a list sort of like this before and I apologize for any duplicates…I’m feeling a little too lazy to go back and try to search for comparison):

  • I sometimes hum the tune for “If I only had a brain” from the Wizard of Oz in my head when I get nervous or anxious.  I have no control over this.
  • I can type upwards of 80 words per minute.
  • I hate mayonnaise, except on a Jimmy John’s #6.  That is the only thing it is tolerable on.
  • I enjoy eating in restaurants by myself.
  • I was once encouraged by my choir director in elementary school not to perform a solo.  That bitch.
  • I’ve worn one toe ring on each foot for over a decade.  Perhaps if I wear them long enough they’ll come back into style.
  • I still talk to Catsby and pat her urn as it sits on my windowsill.
  • I fear dead bugs more than live ones.
  • I almost always have a small toy or two in my purse.
  • I have been known to eat peanut butter with a spoon.
  • I used to say peanut butter in a really funny way when I was little and my mom still likes to imitate it.  This may or may not be related to the next item.
  • I had a speech impediment as a kid and took speech therapy classes until I was out of elementary school.  Apparently I sounded German.
  • I had two primatology professors in college tell me I would make a great primatologist.  I sometimes seriously wonder what my life would have been like had I gone to graduate school and lived in Africa studying primates as I had once considered doing.
  • I still think my study abroad in Africa was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.
  • I had the chicken pox on my 6th birthday and as I sat naked on the couch while covered in calamine lotion, I was convinced that the characters in the movie I was watching (The Wizard of Oz) could see me.  I had to grab a blanket.  Also, just writing this caused me to wonder if maybe that’s why a tune from the movie plays in my head at random times (see #1).
  • I’ve been bungee jumping and work every day on the 51st floor but sometimes I get vertigo when I stand on a chair.
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life.
  • I worry that if I ever get pregnant, I’ll begin to crave meat.  Gross.
  • I still sleep with the blanket I was brought home from the hospital in.
  • I still use my gym membership and if I go a few days without working out, I begin to dream about it.  I don’t even know who I am anymore.
  • I haven’t owned a car in over four years.
  • I will most likely be paying student loans until the day I die.
  • I have never seen any of the Terminator movies.
  • I still sing the alphabet song in my head when filing things in alphabetical order.
  • I used to have my eyebrow pierced.  Ah, college.
  • I sincerely dislike turtlenecks and hoodies.  Anything that close to my neck makes me feel like I’m being strangled and it freaks me out.
  • I am right-handed but write like I’m left-handed.  If I had a dollar for every time someone said “You write weird”, I’d have…well, something like $30 bucks.
  • I used to have crushes on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And April.
  • I love writing blog posts with lists (which is probably obvious by now).

And thus ends yet another blog post and yet another year.  Here’s hoping my 29th is as good to me as my first 28 have been!

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