When Life Hands You Lemons

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I walked through my neighborhood on Sunday to go visit a nearby friend and as I did, I encountered something I don’t think I’ve seen since I moved to Chicago.  A lemonade stand.  Did I suddenly get transported to Mayberry?


If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny table set up at the end of this sidewalk (which was as close as I could get for a photo without feeling like a creep).  Two little boys sat there and while one was too young to do any talking, the older kid happily told me that I was the first person to walk by their stand since they set it up.  Of course, that meant I had to buy a drink though the fact that it was like 90 outside certainly helped.  I was lucky I actually had some cash on me as I very rarely do and I actually doubled their fee of .50 by letting them keep the change from my dollar.  They had two flavors to choose from and like a true salesman, the little boy told me they were both delicious when I asked which was best.  He then proceeded to pour my drink himself, even though the pitcher was nearly as big as he was.  I offered to help but he insisted and in the end he didn’t spill a drop, though my cup was only filled about a third of the way.  Better than nothing!

While I was being served, a woman driving a car was passing and by the time I left the stand, she had pulled over and was walking over for some lemonade herself.  The couple in lawn chairs in the foreground of the photo were the little boys’ parents and we chatted for a minute before I went on my way.  Their mom thanked me for being a good sport and said again that I was their first customer – I told her that it made my day and I was glad to help.  I never had a lemonade stand of my own because something like 4 cars would drive down my street in any given week but I did once have one at a friend’s house.  I hope these kids made more than we did because times are tough and they could be saving for a car.  Or their first mortgage.  Regardless, I hope they made a bit of cash and had a lot of fun.  And if they set up shop again, I also hope that they remember to add sugar to their lemonade.



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