Roll with It

December 16, 2014 at 8:56 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

The City of Chicago just opened a new skateboarding park (not to be confused with the new Maggie Daley park featuring an ice skating area) which happens to be on my walk to the Field Museum.  I’ve watched this former large grassy knoll as it’s undergone construction for the last eight or so months and went I went into the museum for my shift two Saturdays ago, I noticed it looked damn near complete.  Which apparently it was because on my walk home that afternoon I was surprised to see all of the fencing and construction materials removed with dozens of young, unwashed boys in their places.  The skate park had officially opened!

Now imagine hoards of teenagers.

It looks pretty nice to me but then again I don’t skate on anything other than thin ice so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. However, there were tons of teenagers hanging around so I can only assume it was a halfway decent place to practice on a half-pipe. Full disclaimer, I only know what a half-pipe is because when I was in high school there was some popular song about Jesus hitting a bong and a half-pipe someplace in heaven. Anyway, it’s cool to see the city embracing the fact that kids are going to be kids and providing them a place to fulfill their skating needs. Also – not all of the people there were kids and I definitely saw some guys and gals who were close to my own age perusing the newly opened area.

Scott has an old skateboard in our basement storage unit and I contemplated grabbing it and taking a ride on the new concrete but then I remembered I can barely walk straight while stone sober so I decided to stick with watching from afar. Besides, I imagine the closer I get to the masses the more it’ll smell like sweaty, teenage boy and that’s something I can certainly do without.

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