Did I Do That?

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As I mentioned yesterday, my brainy self managed to lock my mom, sister and I out of my (3rd floor) apartment this weekend.  Not once, but twice.  The first time was easily understandable, as the three of us plus Scott all left together to go to the Cubs game and I ensured he was carrying house keys.  After the game, we stopped off for drinks and snacks and after a while Scott departed to go to a friend’s party and presumably increase his testosterone levels, since hanging with the women in my family can zap them pretty quick.  So we bid farewell to Scott and continued on our merry way, until I stepped one foot off the train and onto the platform closest to my house.  That’s when I realized we had neglected to swap back the keys.  Luckily, Scott is a rather great fellow and only laughed when I called him and told him what had happened.  So he left the party and trekked back to our neighborhood while Mom, Sis and I hung out with the Subway guy who loves me so much he let me use the bathroom for free.  (Sidenote: I also got to hear about his most recent failed dating experience while he semi-hit on my mom).  Anyway we met up within about 30 minutes and were reunited with the interior of the apartment, while Scott changed into some warmer duds and headed back out to his party.

After a few more beers (which may or may not have influenced what happened next), the three of us gals decided to take a nice

I feel her pain.

nighttime stroll through our neighborhood park.  We wandered around for 30-45 minutes and enjoyed the evening, while I meticulously held on to the keys to my front door so as to not lose them and screw myself all over again.  I guess I should point out here that 99.999% of the time I leave my apartment, I use the back door and my back door keys.  I very rarely use the front door and so when we left, I grabbed the keys that I thought would let us back in.  Since I was able to lock the door to the apartment itself I figured this would be the case.  Unfortunately, I neglected to take into account the fact that the lock to the actual building door had been changed about a month prior and my dumb ass never updated my front door key set.

So there we were, happily walking back to the apartment and looking forward to some food, more beer and a few nice showers.  Then I reached the building and realized I couldn’t get in.  I was told that the look on my face was priceless and I owe a good deal of credit to both my mom and sister for not ripping my head off at that very moment.  We all sort of laughed/sort of cried and tried to decide what to do.  Of course none of us had wallets (though we did have phones) so going to a nearby bar to pass the time was out of the question.  Mom had a half bottle of water but not much more (because, as I think I eloquently put it before we left, “It’s not like we’re taking a trek through the desert”).  My sarcasm strikes again.  None of us wanted to call Scott again because while we figured he wouldn’t exactly hate us (which he later confirmed), we just didn’t want to admit such stupidity and defeat.  I went ahead and tried buzzing every single unit in my building but no one responded at all, which was disheartening.  So we sat on the steps, Mom started saying Hail Mary’s and I fervently wished that the next person who walked by was a kindly neighbor.

Then, not two minutes later, it happened.  A group of people with beer in tow (and the first people to walk by since we realized what I did), turned into the courtyard.  My spirits soared as I asked the girl in front whether she happened to live in my building.  She did not.  Then I asked if she would mind just trying her key on my door for shits and giggles, and also to alleviate any lingering doubts I may have had.  Lo and behold – it worked!  We cheered, then raced up the stairs and enjoyed the comfort of my apartment once again.

Special thanks to my family for not killing me on the spot and to my boyfriend who simply laughed about the whole ordeal later that night.  And for the record, this was the very first time I’d locked myself out of my building since I moved in over a year ago.  And I’m going to do my absolute damnedest not to let it happen again.


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