Spring Cleaning!

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I’m a bit of a neat freak.  As in, cleaning actually calms me down and I normally don’t go to bed unless just about everything is neat and tidy.  I do deep cleaning too but it’s not always easy because of time and patience constraints.  Scott helps as well but we have different ideas of clean and how often things should be cleaned.  I also recognize that I’m a little more particular than most people and take that into consideration.  A few years ago, I paid for the Merry Maids to come clean my apartment (maybe I blogged about it but who can remember?) and since we just signed a renewal for our current place for another year, I decided to splurge with another cleaning company.  Besides having a company name that I strongly identify with, Clean Freaks received tons of good ratings on Yelp so I figured I’d give them a try.  I contacted them this week and they actually had a last minute cancellation so they were able to come out to our place yesterday.  I was happy to have them come so soon but if I’m completely honest, I would’ve liked to have my place get a bit messier before they arrived.  No matter, they still had plenty to do!

Suck it, dirt!

I was at work when they arrived and met with Scott, who took a hike so they could clean in peace.  It was pretty awesome knowing that someone was scrubbing my toilets while I was doing my own thing at the office then later the gym.  I was so excited to see the finished product that I felt like a kid on Christmas morning (told you I had a problem).  And the wait was worth it – our place is spotless.  I’m pretty sure Scott sat on the back porch until I got home so as to not mess anything up because every room in our apartment is now the absolute cleanest it’s been since I moved in.  Everything looks brighter too and our dinner guest last night said he felt like he was on a movie set!  Our counters, stove, sink, fridge, microwave, tables, chairs, floors, bookshelves and entire bathroom now glows.  They took off each individual photo frame I have on the walls (and there are many) to completely clean them and our cabinets now shine as they never have before.  Hell, they even wiped off all the bottles we have on our bathroom sink and closed the lid to my lotion!

I think that the feeling I got after coming home to this spotless apartment is what some other women must feel when they come home with new shoes or a sparkling designer handbag.  This was money so completely well spent that I wanted to stay home today just to stare at the newly buffed walls.  Is that weird?

So this is a fantastic start to a fantastic weekend!  I’m going to see Jurassic Park in 3D at the IMAX Theater on Navy Pier tonight and I am PUMPED!  That’s pretty much my favorite movie of all time and I haven’t seen anything at an IMAX Theater since I was a wee lass.  I’m fully prepared to wet myself from all the awesomeness.  Tomorrow, I’m going to be hanging out at one of the new exhibits all morning at the museum and then Scott and I are going to a Mason Jennings concert in Evanston that night (don’t know who he is?  I didn’t either ’til I met Scott but I’ve become a fan of his folkish, mellow tunes.  Mason’s, not Scott’s).  The weekend could only get better if I didn’t have to spend any time tidying up or cleaning – OH WAIT!  That’s done and done!

Long live the weekend!

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Aaand my NCAA bracket is officially screwed.  The IU game last night was painful to watch but if I’m completely honest, I’ll admit that Syracuse played a stronger game.  Thus ends all sports watching in our household until the next basketball season rolls around!

In other news, I’m heading to Indiana this weekend for typical Easter shenanigans and visits with family and friends.  The weather is also finally warming up and I could see temperatures in the 60’s tomorrow!  This is a huge deal, considering the high was like 20 on Monday.  I also have next Monday off work since my bus gets in pretty late Sunday night and I am quite excited about that!


In other, other news, Jurassic Park will soon be re-released in 3D in honor of its 20th anniversary.  Before I continue, can I just say how freaking old that makes me feel?  Anyway, Jurassic Park is one of my all time favorite movies and I’ve never seen it on the big screen.  I almost went to see it at the drive in when it came out but didn’t wind up going due to a storm (which, in hindsight, was probably for the best because I would’ve been crapping my pants even without real-life thunder and lightning).  In college, I had a roommate who had a projector and we hung a giant sheet on the wall and watched in in our living room, which was pretty awesome but not quite the same as a movie theater experience.  And now it’s coming out in 3D?  My dreams have come true.  I’ve already got a double date lined up to view the big event.

And that’s all she wrote.  Happy Weekend!

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