Goodbye 2012

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And another year comes to a close.  Can you believe it’s been 13 years since the year 2000?  I still feel like 1997 was just a few years ago so apparently I have some catching up to do.

Speaking of catching up, I did manage to do lots of that last week while spending Christmas at home.  I ate too many meals out, saw tons of friends and family members, spent some time in a hot tub, got some truly awesome stories on video as told by my grandparents, opened way too many presents and generally had a rocking holiday.  I am blessed, and I know this.  I can’t believe another Christmas has come and gone and I feel extremely lucky that this year left me in an even better spot than last year did.  I can only hope 2013 treats me the same way (though to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of odd-numbered years…but 2011 proved to be one of my best yet so we’ll see what happens).

Here’s to a great one!

In honor of New Year’s Eve, the most overrated holiday of the year, I shall review the resolutions I made this time last year:

  • Write and submit a story – hey, I did this!  I won’t know until sometime in February if it’s actually going to be published or bring me any money, but the fact that I actually committed to writing something longer than a blog post and then followed through with it makes me happy.
  • Leave the country – I did this too!  And I have successfully walked on every continent (sans Antarctica, but I never really wanted to go there anyway.  Okay that’s not true, I’d probably check it out if I could, but since I’m not in the military or a scientist, I’ll be satisfied with the continents I have traveled to.  For now.).
  • Read War and Peace, Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov – nope, didn’t do any of those things.  I think the English Major in me thought this sounded like a good idea but I never got around to it.  I did read 20-something other books and enjoyed most of them, so that’ll work for me.  Perhaps putting just one of those three on my resolution list for 2013 will seem less daunting?
  • Add money to my savings account – and it has increased!  No matter how much I added, the fact that it’s larger now than it was at the end of 2011 is an improvement.  Right?
  • Keep going to the gym – hey, this is a success too!  And I go without Scott bribing me or dragging my ass, kicking and screaming.  That said, I’m not looking forward to waiting in line for a locker again during the month of January.
  • Take a potential language class – didn’t do this either, but notice how I said potential?  That gives me an out, so I’ll take it!
  • Keep on growing and learning – well to be honest, this one’s a freebie.  So long as I lived to the end of the year, it was sort of a given.  But since I’m still here I’ll go ahead and call it a success!
  • Make out with Joseph Gordon-Levitt…well, the year isn’t technically over yet!

However, since my NYE plans consist of a dinner and drinks with some friends in the neighborhood, it’s likely that the only person I’ll be kissing at midnight is Scott.  And truth be told, he’s a better match for me than JGL any day!

I hope your year treated you well and that the upcoming one will treat you even better.  And for all you boozehounds out there, stay safe and make sure you have a DD!



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Full of Fall

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Happy Fall!  This is officially my favorite time of the year and my weekend was spent delving into all that this season has to offer.

An apple a day…

Friday night Scott and I kicked everything off by watching Night of the Living Dead…which was as hilarious as it was spooky.  I know we’ll be watching our fair share of scary movies in the weeks to come so this old school black and white classic was a good way to begin.  On Saturday, we went to an Apple Festival in a nearby neighborhood and enjoyed some cider while watching live music, checking out booths and stopping in local stores.  The festival featured apple pizza (I didn’t try it but it did look pretty good), apple beer, apple cider and of course…apples.  Rain had threatened the entire weekend but the weather was actually perfect – crisp, cool and sunny, which allowed me to bust out a light scarf and some old boots.  I’m not huge into fashion but one of the reasons I love living in a climate with seasons is that it gives me the opportunity to change my wardrobe and accessories from to time.

Which is one of the reasons I headed to Target after the Apple Fest.  I walked to work on Friday morning with a light sweater and flip-flops, which I’m sad to say is no longer appropriate clothing for this time of the year.  I was in the market for a new light coat and of course Target never disappoints, so I’m now not so frozen on my morning commute.  The other reason I wanted to swing by the store was to load up on some Halloween decorations…I realize it might be a bit early and all but Scott and I both are fans of decorating and we needed more spider webs and lights to create the mood we were going for.  After pulling out all of our decorations from last year and utilizing a few extension cords and a box of tacks, our apartment became spookified once again.  We even decorated our back balcony and the dinner guests we had over last night seemed more impressed with our Halloween spirit than weirded out by how early we were decorating, so clearly we associate with the right kinds of people.

Sidenote:  Saturday night was also the long-awaited performance of my celebrity crush on SNL and I just want to put it out there that he parodied the stripper film Magic Mike in the opening sequence…meaning he did a strip show of his own.  Pretty much the best SNL ever.  That is all.


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At Long Last

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Friday has arrived!

My neck feels better (somewhat…still not 100% but I’ll take the current 83%), I’ve remembered my wallet for the past two days and most important, my uncle is feeling better and will hopefully be able to leave the hospital sometime in the near future.  So thanks for all the good wishes, as I fully believe they worked!  I also had a fun book club last night with my literate lady friends (recap to follow next week) and I got a free doughnut this morning in the lobby of our building (people were giving them out as a promotion, it’s not like I found it behind a plant) so things are looking up.  Add to that the fact that my favorite season officially starts tomorrow and I have a laid-back weekend on the horizon…well, not even a crappy work day can bring me down now.  Take that, stupid Excel sheet with 14,000 cells for me to review!  And the cherry on the no-longer shit cake?

He has had my heart since Angels in the Outfield

Joseph Gordon Levitt, the only man Scott knows I could possibly one day leave him for, is hosting SNL this week!  Consider my Saturday night plans set in stone.

C’mon, 5pm!


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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

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…it’s a movie being shot in my building!

Apparently, parts of the new Superman movie are being shot here in the Tower Formerly Known as Sears.  To be specific, The Daily Planet headquarters that Clark Kent works at will be filmed within these walls although they’ll be using the Chicago Board of Trade building as the exterior.

Do phone booths even exist in this city for him to change in?

I figured something was going on last week when a few huge semi trailers stationed themselves in the alley I take every day between the office and the train.  The trailers have all sorts of electrical looking equipment inside and there are also now a few bored looking men standing around with security hats and bright yellow vests, presumably to make sure no one hijacks the semis.  Which would probably be pretty difficult to do, in all honesty.  Anyway filming officially started on Wednesday and I’ve already seen cameramen working with the Tower security guards on locations and lighting and this morning I saw a large wardrobe rack on the lower level, which I can only assume was full of costumes.  I tried to spy the Superman suit but they shut the door before I could get a good look.  Sneaky bastards.

I guess it’s pretty cool that this is going on but I’d probably be more excited if it was a movie I was really into or featured actors that got me excited.  Where’s Joseph Gordon Levitt when I need him?  I’m not huge into the comic book movies but this might be one I have to see, if for no other reason than to say “Hey I work there!” or “Hey I once sneezed on that wall!”.  This isn’t the first movie to be filmed here in recent years (The Dark Knight, Transformers) but it is the first one to be filmed while I myself am working in the downtown area.  So it’s a little out of the norm and it’s a little exciting but unless it somehow causes me to earn a little extra money (which it won’t), I’m not too impressed.  And if they completely shut down the alley that I save myself precious minutes by walking through, I’ll be pissed.

Of course if JGL makes a special cameo appearance in my office all will be forgiven.  You hear that, Superman?

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In My Dreams

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Last night, I had a dream that I was matched with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the dating site, OKCupid.  We had dinner and he fell madly in love with me before the meal was over.


Yesterday morning was full of rain and thunder and yet I had a harder time getting out of bed today.

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As of right now (October 13, 2010 2:51pm CST) 20 of the trapped miners have been successfully extracted from the ground.  There are 13 left to go and they’ve been at it for 17 hours and 32 minutes.


Welcome to fresh air and sunlight!


I, like many others, have been following this for a while.  I think it’s incredible that this is all being viewed live over the internet, though I’m not sure I’d have wanted the whole world watching if I was getting pulled from a mine and reunited with my family.  The rescue is going well and I’m so glad these guys are getting out of that hole and being reunited with their loved ones!


Here's the cat in question again, just because she's so darn cute


In other news, I’m feeling much better about my diabetic kitty.  The awesome dream I had featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt last night helped my mood, I’m sure, but I think I’d be feeling a bit better even without that.  I spent a fair amount of time freaking out and blubbering around yesterday and now that I’ve calmed down I realize that this isn’t exactly the end of the world, it’s just something that’s going to change our routine from now on.  It’s okay though because we’ll manage.  I gave her the first insulin shot last night at the vet’s and the first one on my own this morning…yesterday’s went really well but I think it was because she was too scared to try anything.  Today she fought me but I’m sure it’ll get easier for both of us as time goes on.  This whole ordeal has also reminded me that I have some really amazing friends – thank you all for your support, you rock!

In other, other news…I no longer have a full time job.  My last day was scheduled to be this Friday but I was called into my bosses’ office this morning and told that since there really isn’t much for me to do anymore, I could go ahead and leave and they’d still pay me through the end of the week.  Score!  So it is 2:30pm and I am sitting on my couch with Catsby and drinking a beer.  I plan to celebrate today and start freaking out about the job search tomorrow.  This afternoon will be filled with a little more beer, some reading and/or guilty pleasure TV watching and perhaps even a nap. I can allow myself one day to revel in unemployment, right?  Especially if it’s a day I’m still getting paid for!  Don’t you love rationalization?


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Happy Friday the 13th!

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I sure hope none of you out there have triskaidekaphobia, parakevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia (both President Herbert Hoover and Napoleon were said to be sufferers).

Fear the Evil 13

Where does this fear come from?  Well, allow me to copy and paste you some possible answers (give me a break, I’ve had a long week):

“Apparently, this fear goes back to ancient times. Friday the 13 superstitions are rooted in two separate fears. The fear of the 6th day of the week, and the fear of the number 13. When these two things are combined, you have one seriously unlucky day.

According to National Geographic, Friday the 13th is rooted in a Norse myth. 12 Gods sat down for dinner, when a 13th uninvited guest, Loki arrived. Loki, the god of mischief, convinced Holder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder, the beautiful god of joy and gladness.

Some people also trace Friday the 13th back to the last supper. Again, 13 people sit down to dinner, and one eventually dies. Judas, the apostle who betrayed Christ, is said to be the 13th person to the table.

According to Time Magazine the 13th law is omitted from Babylon’s Code of Hammurabi, which shows that many cultures were afraid of the number 13.

And Happy Birthday Jason

Another theory about Friday the 13th superstitions, is that 13 is unlucky because it follows 12. 12 is considered by many to be a complete number. 12 months in a year, 12 zodiac signs, 12 gods of Olympus, 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles of Jesus.

According to Thomas Fernsler, an associate policy scientist in the Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center at the University of Delaware in Newark, the fear of 13 “has to do with just being a little beyond completeness. The number becomes restless or squirmy.”

As for Friday, many people believe that Jesus was crucified on a Friday, or that Eve tempted Adam on a Friday, or that Cain killed Abel on a Friday.”


And a little more:

“Triskaidekaphobia can even be seen in how societies are built. More than 80 percent of high-rise buildings lack a 13th floor. Many airports skip the 13th gate. Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room number 13.

On streets in Florence, Italy, the house between number 12 and 14 is addressed as 12 1/2. In France socialites known as the quatorziens (“fourteeners”) once made themselves available as 14th guests to keep a dinner party from an unlucky fate.

DePauw University’s Dudley said nobody really knows why Friday the 13th has spawned so many superstitions.”

Source #2

So…don’t eat dinner with 13 people tonight.

Since it was a scary kind of day, we had Halloween Friday here at work.  We typically try to have some kind of theme on Fridays for the kids (and staff) to dress up for.  Some of the highlights of the summer have been pajama day, winter in July day, hat day and favorite color day.  Yeah, we’re super creative.  Today was especially fun though and we had staff that dressed as a flapper, Snow White, a hillbilly, Harry Potter, a hippie and a witch.  I was the witch, because I was too lazy this morning to do anything more elaborate.  This was not the smartest of costumes, as wearing black from head to toe when it’s 90+ degrees outside isn’t much fun.  As for the kids, we had a fireman, a mermaid, Batman, a chef, Mario and a wrestler.  Mario was my personal favorite (don’t tell Luigi).

And that’s about it for my Friday post.  But wait!  I haven’t forgotten about the last installment of my Joseph Gordon-Levitt Photo-A-Day.  How could I?  Today’s picture is from his latest film Inception, which was the movie that reminded me of my fondness for the guy to begin with.  Take a look:

Badass yet beautiful. And yes, I mean both of them.

Seriously, go see this movie.

Just as seriously – have a great weekend!

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Angels and Mariachis and Angels in the Outfield

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The first part sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?  Eh, a rock and roll themed Mexican restaurant is close enough.

I sat here!

I went to Angels and Mariachis last night to have dinner and drinks with some friends of mine.  This lovely couple has been in my circle for years but it’s only now that we’re living in the same city that we’re getting to see more of one another.  Since Angels has $3 margaritas on Wednesday nights, we figured we should give the place a try – and I’m so glad we did!

We sat outside and while the service wasn’t the greatest, it was at least somewhat entertaining.  I’m not sure if it was a prerequisite for employment or not but both the hostess and our waitress had on super long false eyelashes.  That, combined with their oversized t-shirts, extremely short shorts and ample jewelry, provided sufficient rock star attire.  After we finally got our drinks we began to peruse the menu, which wasn’t huge but did look tasty.  Chips and two types of salsa came out with our drinks and we ordered a queso to go along with it.  The queso was delicious but I find it’s hard to go wrong with cheese.  For dinner, I had an asparagus taco.  Yeah I know – I was a little concerned about the taste of the thing myself, but it was surprisingly good.  Asparagus isn’t something I would normally think to add to a taco but it worked!

Then we had a couple more drinks (it’s hard not to when they’re $3 a pop).  I had been enjoying the pomegranate margaritas but when I ordered my third one (shut up, they were small) it came back a different color.  Apparently they ran out of pomegranate so our server improvised and said that it was on her, even if I did like it.  Of course I liked it so I enjoyed my final drink even more because it was free.

I actually spent an insanely low amount of money overall.  My friends were gracious enough to cover the queso so my bill looked something like this:

  • Drink #1: $3
  • Drink #2: $3
  • Asparagus taco with beans and rice: $3.50 (so cheap!)
  • Drink #3: Free!

Total: $9.50 (excluding tip)

Can’t beat that!  Well, I suppose if everything were free that would’ve been better, but I’m not living in Neverland.  Spending less than ten bucks for an entire night’s worth of food, adult beverages and fantastic company was entirely worth it.

Later, I was walking home from the train when a car passed and honked.  I instinctively turned around, didn’t see

Does this really work? I think complimenting someone on their land legs would be a good way to get a date

anything and kept on walking.  I live in an area where people aren’t exactly shy about cat calling to ladies walking down the street and I usually just ignore it.  A moment later, though, I heard a shout.  I turned again and the guys who had just driven past had pulled over so one could get out of the car and chase me down.  Uh, what?  I stood guard, one hand on the pocket knife on my keychain (because I’m hardcore like that) and made sure I was plainly visible in the street lamp.  The guy just started hitting on me though, saying he thought I was cute and wanted to get to know me.  He even pulled out his cell phone as if I was offering my number.  Riiiight.  I actually know a girl who met her current boyfriend when he hollered at her from his car while she was jogging, but I’m not about to start dating just any dude off the street.  I made excuses, turned around and called my sister for the rest of my walk home.  And I laughed, because while his approach took cojones, it was also rather silly.  Perhaps it’s worked for him in the past and if so more power to him, but I’m just not that kind of girl.

So that was my night.  Oh, Chicago, how I love thee.

And in my second to last Photo-A-Day of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I bring you:

I see dead people...I mean angels

I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted a picture from his Angels in the Outfield days but another never hurts.  This movie also featured Danny Glover (yes, of Operation Dumbo Drop fame) as the tough baseball coach who winds up with a heart of gold and Christopher Lloyd as…well, head angel.

I pretty much know every word to this movie by heart.  If you ever want to watch it (and you think you can handle me reciting the entire thing) just let me know!

But you bring the tacos.

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Case of the Monday’s

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If you’ve checked any news source in the last two days, chances are you’ve heard about this guy, Steven Slater.

Back in his employed days

He quickly became a folk hero of sorts on Monday, when a passenger on the plane he was attending stomped on his very last little nerve.  Apparently, Steven had just intervened between two women having a hissy fit when one of them attempted to pull out her luggage from the overhead bins before the plane came to a complete stop.  Anyone who’s ever ridden an airplane knows this is a no-no, but the woman in question did not care.  Her luggage hit Steven in the head and when he asked for an apology, she became irate and started calling him every name in the book.

That was, as they say, the straw that broke the flight attendant’s back.

Steven grabbed the microphone, dropped a few f-bombs and called the lady out for being a jerk then grabbed a beer and used the emergency slide to depart the plane.  Wow.  Talk about quitting in style.

Who hasn’t thought of making a dramatic exit like that from a job that’s driving them crazy?  Kudos to this guy for having the balls to do it.  I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been a passenger watching all of this but I bet it was well worth the price of a plane ticket.  Oh, and besides witnessing such a dramatic show, they all get $100 vouchers from JetBlue for the “inconvenience”.

Yup, that's about right

Since his outburst, Facebook fan pages have popped up all over the place and this guy’s story has been plastered on the news, both web and in print (and yes, I realize I’m only contributing to this now).  He was bonded out of jail and will have to go to court to face charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing.  Apparently it costs about $25,000 to replace one of those emergency slide do-hickeys and it seems that they’re rather dangerous when deployed, so some people were upset that he put those on the ground at risk.  Chances are he didn’t really think about that during his impromptu getaway, though.

As funny as this is and as much as I really do understand it (I’ve worked in customer service and/or with the public for many years now), it’s not something I think I could ever do myself.  I’ve always given lots of notice prior to leaving a position (even the ones that didn’t deserve it) and I will most likely continue to do so until the very last job I have.

You know, once upon a time I considered a career as a flight attendant.  I figured it must be cool to travel every day and get sweet discounts on airfare.  However, taking a few international trips quickly changed my views on all that.  Passengers are panicky, rude, annoying and just plain mean and I don’t think I could handle that while thousands of feet up in the air.  Plus, if the plane was crashing I think I would rather do just about anything than try to smile and keep people calm.  I think people that work in the airline industry are tougher than most and flight attendants are at the top of that list.  While what Steven did might not have been the best way to handle the situation, it sure was memorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if JetBlue sees a slight stock increase because of all this publicity.

Oh and before I forget, here’s the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Picture-of-the-Day:

Oh the memories

This is a still from 10 Things I Hate about You, which came out while I was in high school and quickly became one of my absolute favorite movies.  Yes, I own it and yes, I still watch it.  If you want to make something of it I will direct you to the nearest emergency slide and you can let yourself out.

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Out of My Hands

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The Winning Entry? I can only hope!

I know I don’t often (ever) post photos of myself here on this blog but today I’m making an exception.  The items above are what I sent to the Museum of Science and Industry yesterday, in hopes of winning their Month at the Museum Contest.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you know this is what I’ve been obsessing about for the last few weeks, and to be honest I’m glad it’s out of my hands.  I worked very hard on this entry and I feel I put my absolute best into it so if nothing at all comes from it, I can rest assured in knowing that I truly tried.

The entry included a 500 word essay, a multi-paged application (which I hand wrote while using a ruler to stay in the

Because I'm a huge dork, here's the UPS confirmation of my application delivery

lines…this took me at least three tries), a headshot and a 60 second DVD stating why I should be the one chosen.  I’d never taken a head shot in my life but I have a friend who is familiar with the process so she helped me out.  I will admit it was a little awkward going into CVS to pick up a single ginormous photo of myself but whatever.  The DVD was a project that a few people helped me out with and these people will be getting recognition and/or cash money from me if I’m lucky enough to actually win.

Like the DVD cover?  In case you can’t tell, I’m holding a pillow and a mug while wearing my bathrobe and standing next to the Apollo 8 spacecraft.  The entry mentioned how cool it would be for the winner to hang around Apollo 8 in their pj’s so I figured asking a friend to Photoshop me on there couldn’t hurt.  I must say, I’m pleased with how the whole thing turned out.  And while I know that there are tons of others out there who are applying as well, I still can’t help but be excited about it.  My fingers are crossed and I’m going to try not to obsess until later this month when they start narrowing down their choices.  Here’s hoping I make the cut!

No Angels in the Outfield here

Other than that, I’m still breaking records with hits to this blog and I have JGL to thank for it.  Inception really did remind me of how much I appreciate his acting and last night I watched a film of his from ’01, called Manic.  It also stars Zooey Deschanel (yes, they were in a movie together before 500 Days of Summer) and Don Cheadle (Don plays their counselor).  It’s about a group of teens who are all institutionalized for one reason or another.  There are echos of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and it contains fascinating portrayals of mental health.  The movie is not all sunshine and roses but I really liked it and will probably have to watch it again.  Thanks, Netflix!

And thanks Joseph, for continuing to bring the masses to my blog.  However, in an attempt to not seem like a crazed stalker or other celeb-obsessed freak, I will only continue this Photo-A-Day thing through the end of the week.  And today’s photo actually ties in with this post, since I watched this movie and all just last night.  This makes me seem less nutso.  Right?  Right?! Of course, I probably wouldn’t have known about the movie if it weren’t for my schoolgirl crush on Joseph.  I guess I can’t win with this.

But it sure would be cool to win the Month at the Museum!!

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